As Seen On TV: 10 Hairstyles Inspired By, Emily In Paris

As Seen On TV: 10 Hairstyles Inspired By, Emily In Paris

If you, like me, can’t live with your regular movie night at home, then you’re probably familiar with Netflix – the American streaming and production company that any good cinephile has a subscription to.

Between the countless shows featured on their website and app (yes, you can use Netflix to watch your favourite shows on the go, during your lunch break, and even to kill time during a flight!), one of their most recent productions has been on a lot of lips lately. What am I talking about? But of Emily In Paris, of course!

The show follows the adventures of, quelle surprise, Emily - a driven American twenty-something from Chicago who moves to Paris for an unexpected job opportunity in Savoir, a prestigious French marketing firm. As she is tasked with bringing an American point of view to the company’s social media strategy, Emily faces a few challenges as she struggles in adjusting to the Parisian way of life.
As the show aims at being a fresh and vivacious “feel good” rom-com, Emily (portrayed by one of my favourite actresses, British-American star Lily Collins) is paired with an eclectic bunch of friends, a work rival and – obviously – a made in France love interest, blue-eyed chef Gabriel.

Whilst Emily juggles between her career, her new friends, a complicated love life and her broken French, there’s two main things that she loves doing: a) taking pictures of her croissants and b) fashion - therefore it’s not surprising that wherever she goes (whether it’s for a run along the Seine, for a fancy lunch break or to her office) she’s always rocking incredible outfits and perfect hair (how does one do that?!).

To celebrate season 2 of Emily In Paris coming out (and the confirmation of another two seasons coming up, whoop whoop!), here at ClipHair we brainstormed and decided it was definitely time to dedicate a blog post to Emily’s hairstyle. I mean, Valentine’s day is approaching too, and if you’re planning a romantic getaway (perhaps to the city of love?) you may want to rock one of these hair do's, as seen on Lily Collins on set!

Emily In Paris Hairstyles: The Hair Scarf

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Hair Scarf

If your go-to hairstyle was an elegant ponytail, why not spice it up with a beautiful scarf? This look will enhance your facial features and focus all the attention on the upper part of your face (we’re talking about those eyebrows on fleek!) and your eyes – so feel free to experiment with some intense eye makeup. The modernised beehive elongates the neck and gives your look a romantic retro touch. Thinking of getting this look, but your ponytail is not thick enough? You can use our mini wrap around ponytail to achieve it.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Hollywood Waves & Beret 

Lily Collins’ signature facial feature are her strong eyebrows, and a good beret that keeps her hair away from her forehead draws more attention on this beautiful characteristic of hers. Typically associated with the French and Spanish cultures, this soft, round, flat-crowned cap gives the perfect finish to a wavy, even haircut.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Ponytail Hairstyle

Emily In Paris Hairstyles: Ponytail

We love a good pony, and if you’ve been reading our blogs for a while you probably already know this. But if you’re new on ClipHair’s blog, let me tell you: ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyle, that pairs elegance and beauty with comfort and practicality. Win win situation, am I right? Emily rocker her softly curler ponytail high on her head, with the rest of her hair brushed back but not slicked. Paired with Breton stripes like in this outfit, this ponytail is simple, but absolutely never boring!

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Bouncy Waves Hairstyle

You probably gathered, Emily likes her waves. And so do I! She makes this hairstyle looks so effortlessly romantic, although there’s probably like 3 hairdressers shaking hands in the backstage with a satisfied smile on their faces. But let’s face it… These waves would make anyone fall in love! Bouncy, glossy, defined – they’re simply the best.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Braided Updo Hairstyle

This might be that one hairstyle you’re secretly fantasising about, but perhaps you’re a little intimidated by the idea of emulating it at home. Why not bring over a friend and let her help you out? Midway between a bridal look and a cheeky, elaborate hairstyle for a night out, this breath taking updo will certainly be able to glam up any outfit.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

How would we talk about Emily In Paris’ signature hairstyles without mentioning the evergreen, classy half up half down? This versatile, timeless classic hairstyle can be combines with so many other styles! You can add a fringe or a beehive, curl it, wave it or straighten it, wear it with a wrap-around ponytail or a bow. The choice is yours! And if you’re lacking volume, you can always add more with our double weft hair extensions.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - The Audrey Hepburn Hairstyle

If you’re a fan of classic movies, then you probably recognised who this hairstyle nods to: black and white cinema queen, Audrey Hepburn! The whole look is, in fact, a tribute to the old-school Hollywood diva, whom Patricia Fields (Emily In Paris’ costume designer) is a huge fan of. So she took one of her favourite looks (this is from Funny Face) and modernised it, adapting it to nowadays audiences. Well done! The hairstyle is a simple, slicked back chignon topped by a fine hair piece. But it works wonders.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Bucket Hat Accessories

Fashion repeats itself, therefore it was only a matter of time before we were to (like it or not) see the return of the infamous bucket hat. A prime choice for old-school Irish farmers and fisherman first, and for hip hop musicians in the late 70s, the bucket hat has officially made a comeback and has been spotted on and off the runways and the musical scene. Could Emily give up on sporting this accessory? Of course not.

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Hip-Hop Beanie

And since we’re talking about hip hop music, how could I not mention this style? Golden hoops and a tight, colorful beanie are an audacious wink at the early 2000s hip hop inspired aesthetic – think Gwen Stefani who borrowed the look in 2004 for her “Hollaback Girl” music video for example – and it’s a sporty, peppy look that can make you look trendy whilst also keeping you warm. 

Emily In Paris; 2020,  MTV Entertainment Studios, Lily Collins - Heart Shaped Updo

Last but not least, this look needed to be mentioned. Although it may not be for everyone, I was impressed by the whole ensemble: did the stylists think of a bright read, heart-shaped box of chocolates when designing this look? Wrapped in a red dress and adorned by a love-themed necklace, Lily looks absolutely stunning in this sophisticated outfit. It’s not surprising that her hairstylist had to go a little bit extra and provide her with an equally interesting updo: parted in the middle and braided all the way back, this intricated, almost bridesmaid-like look is then finished by sparkling accessories placed in the back of Lily’s head.

I hope you’ll love this selection of hairstyles from the tv show that we put together for you, and if you haven’t yet – pop your TV on and dive in this sticky sweet TV show. You won’t regret it!

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