Bubble Braid Tutorial: Get Griff’s Look 

The Brit Awards 2021 was a night to remember in the fashion stakes, after a year of lockdown the UKs finest musicians took full advantage of getting glammed up for the red carpet again. One of our favourite looks of the night was rising star winner Griff’s super long Bubble Braid hairstyle worn during her knockout performance of “Black hole”. The hair teamed with her cut out, ring detailed dress was giving us major warrior princess vibes and we could not wait to recreate the look ourselves! We’ve shown in a few simple steps how you can use Hair Extensions to produce this strong, eye catching style without the use of heated tools, all you need are some Clip-Ins, hair bands and a Backcombing brush and your all set. Read on to find out more….

How do I create the Bubble Braid at home? 

For this Bubble braid, unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with super long, thick hair (which most of us are not) you will need the help of Hair Extensions. Of course, you can totally create a shorter less bulky version without the added hair but today we are focusing on recreating Griff’s Bubble Braid Ponytail so we will be using the longest and thickest set that we have. The big Mumma of all our sets at Cliphair, the 26” Ultra-Volume Full Head! Along with the hair extensions you will need some clear elastic hair bands to create your “Bubbles” with and a backcombing brush to reinforce their shape. You will also need some kirby grips to secure the hair wrapped around the first ponytail, make sure to choose a similar color to your hair to conceal them. Then, If you’re feeling reeeally snazzy you can even embellish the hair by adding some hair jewels just like Griff did, we will be leaving this step out today but feel free to get creative with other hair accessories. This specific Bubble Braid takes around 15 minutes to create and does take a little skill but you can also make a similar, simple version in half the time which we have included below. 

Clear Elastic Hair Band

Clear Elastic Hair bands 

Backcombing Soft Brush 

Kirby Grips 

Step 1 - Section the hair and add your hair extensions

On smooth brushed hair, create a middle parting. Separate the 2 front sections from the parting to the ear and keep out of the way. Now section the top half of the back and clip it on top of the head away from the underneath section. On the lower half starting 2” up from the nape of the neck, add the 4 large Clip-In pieces into the hair in horizontal rows. Do not worry if the hair extensions do not blend naturally with the rest of the hair as you will be creating a low ponytail in the next step! 

Step 2 - Create your Ponytail base 

Now pull the underneath hair and hair extensions together into a low ponytail using a strong hairband the same color as you hair. With the remaining hair from the sides and top section neatly smooth this into the bottom ponytail securing with another hairband. Remember this is a slick, low ponytail style so make sure all bumps and lumps are smoothed out on the top of the hair, you can use your soft brush and some spray to help with this. What you should be left with at this stage is a sleek, low ponytail ready to be bubbled!  

Step 3 - Disguise the hairband with your own hair

Take an inch wide piece of hair from underneath the Ponytail and wrap it around the hairband. When the hair is completely wrapped around secure it with a couple of kirby grips, this will cover the hairband adding more sleekness to the style. 

Step 4 - Use backcombing to form your Bubbles  

Now to get bubbly! Using your soft backcombing brush gently tease the hair inside the top part of the pony tail nearest to the hair band. Try to avoid backcombing the area that will be on show and focus on the interior of the hair. Once you have created a nice amount of volume you can start to form this top part into a ball shape, about the size of a peach. Once you are happy with the shape pinch the area that you will be wrapping with a hairband and use your brush to very gently smooth over the top of the backcomb nest you have formed into a ball. Now secure your first bubble with a clear elastic band, you may only be able to get this to go over once which is fine as you don’t need the hair to be held very tightly. 

Step 5 - The Finished Look

Repeat this process until you have reached the end of the hair. In Griff’s Bubble Braid she has left a good 5inches of straight hair out at the end but we have opted for a little less left out. Once all your bubbles have been formed you can finish the hair with a spritz of shine spray for some added shimmer. We also added some flower hair gems which is a great trick to hide any lumpy parts or hairbands!

Here’s some relaxed variations of the Bubble Braid…. 

Kendall Jenner’s effortlessly sexy Bubble Braid made softer by pulling some hair out from around the front of the face. 

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