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    For those of us with woeful locks (and believe us – we’re not a rare breed) extensions are something of a saviour. They add length and volume in seconds, and open up a whole world of hairstyle possibilities – without hair extensions, what would any of us do? So naturally, once you’ve secured yourself a luxurious set or hairpiece, you’ll want to keep them in the best possible condition in order to preserve and extend their life as much as possible. We’ve compiled a refresher guide for taming those tearaway extensions.

    Brush regularly– keeping extensions free of tangles will extend their life. Brush with a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends and working your way up.

    Store appropriately – keep your extensions in an airtight bag or something similar to stop any dust, dirt, or moisture having an effect on them. Make sure they are brushed and healthy before storing.

    Condition them – there are plenty of nourishing leave-in conditioners on the market that can infuse renewed vibrancy into your extensions if they start to dull after wear.

    Avoid tangles – if you really can’t take them out when sleeping, be sure to tie them back into a low ponytail in order to stop them from matting. Where possible, extensions should always be removed before sleep.

    Be careful with heat – it goes without saying, but heat causes a lot of damage to hair extensions. Blow-drying should be avoided, or used on a low or cool setting if unavoidable. If you’re using straighteners, you may want to consider heat styling serum or spray to avoid damage. Only ever use heated styling products on completely dry hair.

    Real hair extensions do, of course, need some cleaning, but not as much as your own hair. Wash hair extensions every four or five uses to keep them smooth and healthy.

    • Gently detangle with a wide tooth comb, paying particular attention to the ends
    • Hold the extensions by the clip and allow mild temperature water to flow down them. Do not tangle in any way.
    • Wash with a mild shampoo, and be careful not to be rough. Softly massage the shampoo down the length of the extensions without tangling.
    • Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out any excess water, and pat dry with a towel. Do not roll or rub, or you’ll cause damage.
    • Detangle again with a wide tooth comb and allow to air dry, or alternatively blow-dry on a very low setting.

    If properly maintained, you can extend the life of your extensions by around 100-300%. Always be aware that the hair in your extensions doesn’t have the natural oils protecting it, and needs a lot more love and attention than you might think. If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your extensions in tip-top condition for longer.

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