Everyone’s Wearing These Top Summer Hair Accessories

Summer is a glorious time, but not so much for your hair… Frizz, dryness and grease are all hair horror stories we’d all rather forget – right? 

But what’s a girl to do? 

Enter hair accessories. 

These guys are your hair heroes during the balmier months. Not only do they cover a multitude of sins, summer hair accessories allow you to experiment with style AND switch up your look in an instant.

From luxurious scrunchies to retro headscarves, we take a look the top summer hair accessories of 2021 that are gracing the hair of every trendy tressed influencer this season.

1. Luxe Scrunchies 

Oh my, scrunchies have undergone the ultimate reinvention over the past few years, haven’t they? Once the epitome of tack, the scrunchy is suddenly the ultimate hair accessory. Once only seen in embarrassing school photos of ourselves from the 90s, now a staple of designer campaigns in glossy magazines - how did this flouncy bobble transform from cringe worthy trend to covetable trend?

The catwalk, of course. 

Everyone from Gucci to Ganni has been at it. Sporting a designer stamped scrunchy is the way to instantly modernise your look this summer. Choose luxe fabrics, such as satin and velvet, and sweep you hair into a messy bun or ponytail. Not blessed with a long mane? Our Clip In Ponytails ought to do the trick!

Perfect for updating any look, team your sophisticated scrunchy with anything from luxe sportswear to a classic short suit – extra points for matching it to your facemask! 

2. Exotic Headscarf 

Credit - Instagram: @dualipa

What do bold and colorful headscarves make you think of? 

For us, this exotic hair accessory conjures up scenes of balmy beaches, tropical cocktails and turquoise waters… hmm heaven! An eclectic accessory for beach days, the simple addition of a silky headscarf to your bikini getup gives you INSTANT Eva Mendes vibes. Who doesn’t want that?

Not only are headscarves super sexy, they’re also a lifesaver for concealing untameable frizzy bonces or greasy roots. Can you think of anything else that transforms you from sweaty mess to beach goddess in just a few seconds? Us neither… 

Another great aspect of this versatile accessory? It works wonders with any hairstyle. Create retro beach vibes by wrapping it around your head and leaving your locks long and loose. Our Quad Weft Pieces are great for creating volumised waves. Try our Lightest Brown/Bleach Blonde Mix (#18/613) for a sun kissed style. Alternatively, pile your tresses high for a funky style that will keep you looking and feeling effortlessly cool. 

3. Pretty Bow Hair-Ties

ALL the influencers worth their style salt are sporting this trend. The look is simple, yet powerful. Take a pretty bow hair-tie and sling it around a low, loose ponytail or messy plait for relaxed, yet sophisticated feels. Not blessed with long hair? Don’t fret – ClipHair has your back! In particular, our Medium Brown Hair Extensions (#4) look AMAZING paired with a contrasting black satin bow hair-tie for instant Insta-hair status.

A gorgeous, ethereal look for summer days, this romantic hairstyle is perfect for country jaunts and quaint picnics. Team with a floral maxi dress and wide brim straw hat for a pretty, bohemian aesthetic. More of a city gal? Bow hair-ties additionally work with a slick back, sleek pony and loose, tailored suit for an office-to-bar kind of situation.  

4. Bejewelled Clips

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Prettify your hair with these simple mini embellishments. Tiny clips loaded with gems, crystals, glitter or pearls have been all the rage since 2018. An effortless way to vamp up any dull hairstyle, load up your bonce with these chic clips for a dazzling summer style. 

Fashionable AND functional, these fancy fellas can be used as simple accessories for a long, loose hair style or to hold up a structured up-do. Pilling your locks high into a nonchalant bun and securing with a couple of glittery clips is a one way ticket to effortless glamour. 

Glossy, dark tresses offer a contrasting backdrop for these glistening clips. Try our Jet Black Hair Extensions for a beautiful and dramatic look.

5. Twist Hairband 

Credit - Instagram: @chrissyteigen

Say hello to this sunbathing saviour. Whether you’re hitting the beach or catching some park rays, adding a twist-style hairband to your bonce creates a sexy, Mediterranean vibe. Not only does it instantly beautify your look, but hides a multitude of hot weather sins. Greasy roots, frizz, lank hair – all gone. Also genius for hiding grown out hair extensions or dark roots – what’s not to love about this covetable hair accessory?

For a laidback-luxe vibe - Ibiza style - team a striped twist hairband with Balayage Hair Extensions to create a spent-the-day-at-the-beach look. Who needs to know you’ve been sunning yourself in the backyard all day? We won’t tell if you don’t!

6. 90s Claw Clip

ANOTHER 90s trend to score highly this summer, the humble claw clip has jumped straight from your mum’s head onto the hottest influencers and celeb bonces. 

And we can see why. 

A cool and nonchalant substitute to a ponytail, securing your locks with this retro hair accessory gifts you with instant sex symbol status. Artfully pull out straggles of hair around your face and neck for a beautiful, undone look. Now all you need is a silk midi skirt, cropped cardy and chunky sandals and you’ll be mistaken for Rachel from Friends… 

Wait… are claw clips too flimsy for long hair?

Maybe. If you’re blessed with a bountiful bonce, or wear long, luxurious hair extensions – go for a half up, half down look. Worried about extension clips or bonds being visible? If you choose our Nano Ring Hair Extensions, they’re virtually invisible! 

7. Statement Barrette Clip 

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A what now? A barrette clip is an accessory your Grandma may have worn… but don’t worry, the It Girls of NYC have given the clip a 2021 refresh by teaming it with messy hair, baggy jeans and white t-shirts. From designer logos to oversized gems, this maximalist hair accessory injects a dose of dazzle to any outfit. 

Channel the barrette trend by securing above the ear on long, loose hair or a boho bun style. Feeling a little extra? Load up your bonce with clashing barrettes and apply Wavy Hair Extensions for a ‘do you’ll undoubtedly see coming a mile off. For a fiery mane, the Wavy Full Head Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions in Light Auburn (#30) will work a treat.

What do you think? Will you be sporting any of these funky summer hair accessories this year?!

Now you're good to go… 

So, Now that you’ve explored the must-have summer accessories for 2021 why not have a browse through our collection? Here at Cliphair, our goal is to provide confidence boosting, affordable, gorgeous hair extensions for all, no matter the hair type or concern. We have a wide range of lengths and over 50 shades to choose from including our New Balayage colors! We have also got all the accessories and haircare products you need to apply and maintain them here. Whatever your after you will find it in our selection, and what’s more if you need any help choosing the right ones for you feel free to ask an expert and use our FREE Color Match and Advice service by clicking the button below!

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