How to Achieve a Bouncy Blowout at Home

How to Achieve a Bouncy Blowout at Home

Creating a bouncy blow-dry at home can feel like a daunting task. But with the correct tools and process in place, you’ll have voluminous salon-esque hair in absolutely no time at all. Interested in how you can go about achieving this? Keep on reading to find out more…

An iconic blow dry has been the height of hairstyle fashion for decades. From bouncy bangs to backcombed up-dos, volumised hair has always made a statement. Just look at Adele’s recent comeback, where she is seen reviving the bouncy blow-dry and absolutely killing it – people have been left swooning. For years Adele has been known for her iconic up-dos and stylish blow dry’s – but this is a whole new era of modern-day vintage glamour.

Want to recreate that salon-fresh, Adele-inspired bouncy blow-dry at home? Here’s how you can perfect the look.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair – it’s all in the preparation 

We all know the saying "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" – well, the same applies to achieving bouncy blow-dried hair. If you haven't set the groundwork, then you're setting yourself up for failure! With the right preparation in place, it'll make achieving that salon bouncy look just a matter of time.

The foundation of a bouncy blowout lies in a volumizing shampoo and conditioner – one that suits your hair type and doesn’t weigh down on the hair. To make the most out of your volumizing shampoo and conditioner, avoid using conditioner on the roots and only add generously to the lengths and ends. Heat protection is also a must when working with heat styling tools to avoid any further damage to the hair - also be sure to use volumizing or styling cream to prevent any further frizz and create the style you’re after.

Get the right tools 

If you're looking to create a bouncy blow-dry at home on a frequent basis and your budget allows, it's worth investing in a quality hairdryer with multiple heat settings that will reduce damage and decrease your overall drying time. Also, be sure to opt for a hairdryer with extra nozzle attachments so that your hair dries evenly – or specifically an ionic hairdryer to give your hair that salon glossy finish. 

It’s a no brainer that the right brush is essential. Using a round or barrel brush (depending on your hair type and preference) will help you to create those salon-style waves from simply just added heat coming directly from a hairdryer and nothing more.

The process to a big and bouncy blow-dry 

Once you've prepped your hair and grabbed the right tools, you're now ready to blow dry your hair. Here's our step-by-step guide to achieving a bouncy blow-dry: 

  • Step one: Before drying your hair, separate it into small, manageable sections. This will ease the drying process and present you with more control.
  • Step two: Using your barrel or round brush to separate the hair, blow-dry against the natural direction it lays from the root to the ends. This encourages more volume and avoids hair falling flat against the scalp. 
  • Step three: Apply heat to your hair around the brush and repeat the process for each section of hair until dry. For extra volume, add some hair mousse to the roots before blow-drying. If you have naturally frizzy hair, applying an anti-frizz serum beforehand can help reduce it. 
  • Step four: Brush through your hair with a soft brush or your fingertips for a bouncy hairstyle. To keep your look in place, use a little hairspray. 

What are the different types of bouncy blow-dry hairstyles? 

Whether you’re at the salon or DIY-ing it at home, below are bouncy blow-dry hairstyles that will help bring your hair to life. Here are three of our favourite types of blowdry you can achieve: 

1. The Classic Blow-Dry – sleek and still bouncy, the classic blow-dry looks great with little effort.

2. Beach Wave Blow Dry – perfect for that effortless beach hair loose wave look. 

3. Bed Head Blow Dry – if you want to rock the “I woke up like this” vibe, the bed head blow-dry is for you. 

Blow drying hair tips 

Here are some extra top tips we have for blow-drying your hair: 

  • Towel dry your hair first to remove any excess moisture 
  • Use the right brush – if you have longer hair, a larger barrel or round brush is more suitable. For short hair, opt for a smaller round brush 
  • Make sure you have a good hairdryer- invest in quality tools and your hair will thank you over time
  • Always, ALWAYS use a heat protector to prevent any hair damage 
  • Be patient – if you have long, thick hair, chances are that it’ll take you a while longer to achieve a soft, fluffy blow-dry. Though once you’re done, it’ll look incredible!

How to blow dry with extensions 

When it comes to a blow-dry with hair extensions, they need to be treated with a lot more care to ensure that little to no damage is caused and that they remain soft and manageable. 

After washing your hair, brush through your extensions to remove any tangles. Be careful not to brush too hard and tug on the bonds. To avoid tangling issues read our article on "How to take care of tangled hair".

If your extensions use glue (keratin method), you will need to begin blow drying straight away to avoid leaving your bonds damp for too long – otherwise, bonds will become sticky if left like this. If the hair extensions use another method (i.e. tape or ring hair extensions), they can be left to sit and air dry before blow-drying. 

However, the blow-drying method itself works the same. Sectioning the hair and use a round brush, starting from the root to end, with the same styling products you would usually use.

Now you have all the tips and tricks for getting that fresh bouncy salon style blow dry without leaving your home. What are you waiting for? Bring some life back into your hair with that bouncy blow dry!

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