The Best Hair Products To Use For Bridal Hairstyling 

How should I do my hair for my Wedding? It’s one of the biggest decisions a bride will make for her big day, and she will of course look for inspiration and advice from her stylist. Choosing and creating the style is just part one of the task, the second part is making sure that hair will stay put for the duration of the day. Your bride’s hair will need to be sturdy enough to withstand LOTS of dancing, hugging and even bad weather.

The power of products will be your saving grace to secure your hard work. Products are especially important to use for hair that is fine, limp, straight or flyaway. In today’s blog we are going to explain the entire preparation process along with all the products you should use and which ones to avoid. From the week leading up to the special day, the night before and also once the styling has started, we’ve covered everything so you can rest assured your work will stay in perfect place. 

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Leading Up to the Big Day

  • When should the brides hair be dyed before the wedding? 
  • How many Hair Trials should a Bride have before the big day? 
  • Should Hair Masks be used on the Brides hair before a wedding
  • How to wash and dry the brides hair before a wedding? 

What Hair Products should be used for Bridal Hair? 

  • The Textured Bun 
  • The Curled Half up-Half down 
  • The Classic Neat Bun 
  • The Bridal Braid 
  • The Hollywood Wave 

Bridal Styling  Products FAQS

  • What is Hair Styling Powder? 
  • What is Hair Styling Mousse? 
  • What is Hair Texture Spray?
  • What is Silky Moisture Spray? 
  • What is Heat Protection Spray? 

Preparation is KEY 

Like with anything, preparation is just as important as the task in hand. To create a hairstyle that not only looks amazing when its finished but also lasts for hours is no easy feat, especially when working with fine or limp hair. To do this you will need reinforcements! Depending on the hair type and style you are creating will decide what products are used on the day. 

However, there are a few VITAL rules for the period leading up to the wedding – that apply to all hair types –that really will make your job easier on the day and keep that hair intact. 

Leading up to the Big Day… 

When should the brides hair be dyed before the wedding? 

When should the brides hair be dyed before the wedding?

We advise to finish any color work on your bride’s hair at least 7-10 days before the wedding. Strange fact – most people don’t love their hair color when its super fresh, it can take a week or two to settle and to get used to. Having the color done and sorted 10 days before the big day will give your bride time to adjust to the fresh shade, meaning on the day she will feel more comfortable and more like herself. 

Another reason for giving at least a week between the color and wedding day is to make room for error. If for any reason the worst scenario occurs and the dye goes wrong, you have enough time to fix it without causing an almighty panic to you and your bride days before the wedding. The same rule applies with haircuts, its best to have this finished at least a week before.

How many Hair Trials should a Bride have before the big day? 

We advise to have at least two hair trials before the real thing, even if the bride is someone you know well or have been styling for a long time. The first trial will be vital for you to get to know your bride’s hair, think about the texture and whether you will need to use hair extensions to add length or volume. If so, this is the perfect opportunity to color match your client and take some photos of her natural hair. This trial will also determine whether the style your bride has asked for is achievable in her hair and if it is likely to last, even with products its best to be realistic. 

The second trial allows you to practice the look with extensions if needed, decide how and where you will place them and if the colors work with the hair. For this trial, treat the hair as if it is the day of the wedding. Prep as if you need the hair to last as this will give you a great idea of how much and which products you need to use. If after the second trial you or the bride aren’t 100% happy with the outcome, plan another practice run. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Soft, silky, sleek hair is what dreams are made of right? Not today! Usually, hair that feels lusciously smooth and shiny is what most of us strive for. But when you’re creating a hair up or lots of volume, silky hair is not your friend. In the week leading up to your special day, you should advise your bride not to use any deep conditioning hair masks or very strong conditioners. This will make the hair super soft and difficult to work with, it can also stop curls or waves holding in the hair. Normal everyday conditioners are fine to use, but make a point of avoiding the root area - especially if your bride has thin/fine hair as any left-over residue can cause your work to drop.

If your bride does have particularly straight, limp, flat or thin hair, when washing the hair the night before the wedding we advise avoiding conditioner all together. This will give the hair even more chance of holding out. Its not a rule we advise to carry on as conditioner is critical to keep the hair healthy and hydrated, however for one day only the hair will survive without it! 

How To Wash and Dry The Brides Hair Before A Wedding?

The day before the wedding you should ask your bride to give their hair a wash as doing this on the morning of the day could make the hair very soft, flyaway and tricky to work with. If your bride has very oily hair you can use dry shampoo to freshen it up before the styling. This will remove any greasy residue and add some texture which will help to add volume.

After the hair has been washed, we normally advise for it to simply be brushed into place and allowed to dry naturally with no products or hairdryer. Drying with a hairdryer will smooth the hair out slightly which normally is great, however you want to keep as much body in the hair as possible. You can always smooth the hair out if needed on the day. 

What Hair Products Should Be Used For Bridal Hair? 

– In this section we are going to discuss the top 5 most used bridal hairstyles and which products, methods and tools are best to use to create them and keep them in. All the products mentioned here are linked below in our special styling products FAQS. 

The Textured Bun 

The clue is in the name with this hairstyle, ‘Texture’. The Bohemian vibe has made a huge come back in the past decade with more and more brides opting for a more laid back, textured look on their special day. We advise to tong the hair first, this will make it easier to shape the bun and allow you to pull soft, curly pieces of hair out around the face.

Use plenty of Dry texture spray to not only keep the hair in place but also add texture without weighing the hair down or making it stiff. This style works particularly well with naturally wavy hair and on shades that have a few different tones.

The Curled Half up-Half down 

This classic, simple style is a favourite amongst many women, not only for brides but also the whole wedding party. The beauty of this look is you have the best of both worlds, half the hair is down showing the gorgeous length and half is up away from the face for style and comfort. Of course, there are hundreds of variations of this style, but we have chosen a loose tousled, pretty style to focus on.

To achieve this look, curl the hair before putting up. Once the hair has been twisted and pinned into place you can use some Soft Texture spray to enhance the shape and volume of the hair. One you are happy with the shaping you can use a medium strength hair spray to lock in your creation to ensure the curls stick around throughout the day.

The Classic Neat Bun 

This look is one of our all-time favourites, classic and classy. Nothing screams glamour like a sleek bun. As this look can sometimes appear slightly flat it’s usually teamed with a voluminous crown area to add an extra dimension to the finish.

To achieve this style the hair should be blow-dried first with a round brush and mousse to put volume into the roots of the hair. It should then be backcombed to solidify the body and smoothed over again to hide any messy hairs. In the backcombing process you can apply small dustings of Volume powder, this stuff is AMAZING for keeping volume in but is very strong so a little goes a long way. The hair can then be pinned perfectly into the bun style and after sprayed with a shimmering shine spray. We find dark and brunette hair looks wonderful in sleek buns as the shine is incredible. 

The Bridal Braid 

This has become one of the most popular wedding styles of recent times, we are not surprised as it’s simply stunning. It’s also achievable on almost all hair types with the help of hair extensions! To create this look the hair should be curled before to add that gorgeous, boho texture and given a good dose of texture spray to separate strands. This look is simply made by layering small ponytails in the hair and pulling them apart, this is what gives the look of a fishtail braid. Once the look is complete it’s usually adorned with flowers or pearls. 

FUN FACT: Choose a hair extensions one or two shades lighter than your hair to give a Sunkissed effect to the ends! 

The Hollywood Wave 

The Hollywood Wave. This vintage style has taken the world by storm in the past year due to its simple method and stunning results. As a nod to the roaring 1920s, it is very often decorated with a jewelled accessory on brides to add even more glamour. To achieve this look the hair should be tonged in small sections, all aimed in the same direction then set into pin curls, spraying with firm hold hairspray at each step. This creates that classic ‘S’ shape. After the pin curls have been removed the hair is softly brushed out to create the glossy, fluid waves. We love to finish our Hollywood waves with a light spray of our Silky Moisture Spray to produce a glistening shine that will last throughout the day. 

Bridal Styling Products FAQS

Hair Styling Powder for a firmer hold 

Hair Styling Powder is also referred to as Volume Powder. It’s a relatively new invention that’s designed to give a firmer hold to the hair, especially for thin/limp hair. It comes in a ‘Dust’ or ‘Powder’ form and is simply sprinkled onto the hair in the areas that need body. Its best used at the roots after the hair has been backcombed, tap a light dusting then rub in with the tips of your fingers.

 However, this stuff is quite strong and can become sticky so it’s best to use only a tiny bit at a time and increase the amount if needed. We love the ‘Matrix: Height Riser Volume Powder’ which is great for all hair types and comes at a very affordable price. 

Thicken & add Volume with Hair Mousse 

Hair Mousse has been used for decades to add volume, retain hold and even add color to the hair. It’s a foamy substance that is applied to wet or damp hair before drying and styling. Using mousse before a blow-dry will enhance the volume and also make sure the style stays in for longer. Thickening mousses can also be used to give the hair a denser appearance as they help the hair to expand. We love the ‘Silhouette flexible hold mousse’ which doesn’t leave the hair feeling heavy but keeps it in place. 

Mouldable Hold with Hair Texture Spray

Dry Texture Spray is a fantastic innovation of Hairspray. It gives a softer, mouldable hold that separates the hair strands giving that gorgeous beachy, big volume look. This product is brilliant for people with limp, straight hair and can be used for all manner of hairstyles. Our favourite is the ‘Neal & Wolf: Dry Texture and Finishing Spray’. 

Style & Shine with Cliphair Silky Moisture Spray 

Silky Moisture Spray is a product that’s unique to Cliphair and loved by hair extension wearers! Essentially a shine spray and serum combined into a liquid mist that doesn’t leave the hair feeling heavy or greasy. It can be used whilst the hair is wet, dried in for added hydration when the hair is dry and styled to give shine and smooth the hair over. 

What is Heat Protection Spray used for? 

Heat protection spray acts as a barrier on the hair between the heat and the hair shaft. Overusing heated tools on the hair can cause it to weaken and become brittle over time, heat protections prevent this damage from occurring by over half. It is especially important to use this product on hair extensions when styling as they tend to be weaker since they are removed from their natural root. 

Getting in touch… 

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