These Killer Celebrity Fashion Trends Are STILL Influencing Your Style Today

Think you’re oh so modern for rocking an androgynous style? Or perhaps you consider yourself bang-on-trend with that balayage hair colour. Well, of course you are! But did you know these cutting-edge trends (and so many more) emerged in the 80s, 60s and even way back in the 40s?! Style is cyclical and one of the best things about rocking a trend is channelling the era that birthed it. Where did these trends come from? Celebrities of course! From silver screen starlets, such as Katharine and Audrey Hepburn, to 80s and 90s rebels – think Madonna and Kate Moss, we explore the most iconic celebrity fashion trends that still influence us today.  

Kate Moss

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The ULTIMATE trend trailblazer, Kate Moss spawned thousands of copycats during her heyday in the 90s and early 00s. Her rock-chick style and bedhead blonde hair colour graced the cover of glossy magazines week, after week. Where would all the indie-girls of today be without Mossy’s skinny jeans, black leather jackets, denim shorts and waistcoats? From exclusive nightclubs to muddy festival fields, Kate RULED the scene wherever she went. Her rebellious style lingers to this day with many It-Girls channelling her devil-may-care attitude. That famous long, layered, messy blonde hair seen on everyone from Sienna Miller to Gigi Hadid? It started with our Kate. Just add a black leather blazer, silky 90s slip dress and cowboy boots to impersonate Mossy’s classic rock n roll style. 

Cindy Crawford

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An icon of the 90s, Cindy Crawford was the EPITOME of glamour. Little black dresses, bold colours, body-con silhouettes and chunky gold jewellery – the supermodel owned EVERY catwalk and EVERY red carpet she graced. And that’s not even mentioning her hair. Volume, Volume, VOLUME was the name of the game for young Cindy, cemented in THAT famous Pepsi Max advert – the pinnacle of her cover girl waves. Her gorgeous chestnut brown hair colour with caramel highlights oozed sophistication and continues to make waves today with the likes of Eva Mendes and Lily James sporting beautiful sun-kissed brunette hair colours. Recreate Cindy’s vibe by donning a figure-hugging dress, voluminous blow-dry and huge gold hooped earrings – sling over an oversized boyfriend blazer for a 2021 spin. 

Katharine Hepburn 

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Katharine Hepburn’s assertive and independent personality permeated all aspects of her life, from the witty and intelligent characters she played on screen to her rebellious, androgynous style. The Oscar-winning actress dared to wear masculine-inspired clothing at a time when her fellow starlets were sporting ultra-feminine, sex-kitten ensembles. But it worked, Katherine’s boyish style ensured she stood out from the crowd and paved the way for androgynous dressing throughout the decades. Countless celebrities, from Janelle Monae to Emma Watson, often shun a glamorous gown for a sleek tux at award bashes. There’s a key to nailing this look however, team your tux with sleek, retro waves to soften the style. Extra points for sporting a light auburn, red hair colour, a la Katharine.


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Cone-shaped bras, pearls and crucifixes – Madonna REIGNED 80s and 90s style. Influenced by an array of eras from punk and disco to retro Hollywood, the Queen of Pop was also the Queen of Reinvention. Madge’s hair made waves in pop culture as much as her music and style, with many of her famous bonces still replicated today. Lady Gaga unashamedly copies Madonna’s style with her ice blonde hair colour and racy ensembles, whilst the Kardashians love a sleek pony extension - first seen on Madonna for her infamous 90s Blonde Ambition Tour. Perhaps her most current copied look is her punk-inspired dirty blonde hair colour of the 80s, now more commonly known as balayage or ombre, and sported by many a millennial, from Kristine Stewart to Hailey Bieber. 

Tina Turner

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A true force of nature, Tina Turner was an EXPLOSION of glitter, colour and tassels throughout the 70s and 80s. Flamboyant clothing that channelled her energetic performances and fiery personality, Tina’s style continues to be emulated by the pop princesses of today. What would Beyonce’s vibe be without Tina Turner? That golden mane and those metallic catsuits are directly inspired by the iconic diva. Tina loved a tassel and so does Jennifer Lopez, who rarely hits a stage without a glamorous fringed getup. Remember that time Rihanna sported a shaggy blonde bounce? It had TT written all over it. Most of us aren’t well endowed with Tina’s abundance of hair – so how to recreate the look? Hair extensions babes! Choose curly or voluminous styles in golden blonde hair colours for the ultimate 80s diva vibe.

Brigitte Bardot 

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Which came first, Bardot tops or Brigitte Bardot? The latter, of course, who made off-the-shoulder tops so iconic the fashion industry named them after her. Brigitte’s sexy 50s and 60s style continues to epitomise that renowned, effortless French glamour. Forget about cleavage and legs, a flash of shoulder hints at just the right amount of sexiness. Breton tops and high-waisted jeans were also key pieces in the French actress’s style arsenal - and are still a classic combo sported by many a hip lady today. Of course, you can’t discuss Bardot without reference to her bedhead tresses and sex-kitten eyeliner. Perhaps the most copied look of all time, celebs such as Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan have all put their unique spin on Brigitte’s 60s bombshell style.

Audrey Hepburn

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Timeless, elegant and oh so understated, Audrey Hepburn made a BIG impact on style with her minimal dress sense – a skill that is notoriously tricky to emulate. Yet women continue to mimic her sophisticated style today, perhaps because it is so wonderfully versatile. That simple white shirt and cropped tailored trousers ensemble? It works for the office AND everyday elegance. The famous little black dress moment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? It secured the LBD as the ULTIMATE wardrobe staple for like, every woman, everywhere. And what about her hair? Audrey’s modest brunette bob harmonised with her classic dress code, but that cute pixie fringe added edge. Why not imitate her chic style with a clip-in fringe in a glossy brunette hair colour?

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