ClipHair Introduces Clip-in Ponytails Extensions!

by SHOPIFY API / 29. MAI 2012



    At ClipHair everyone is very excited for the launch of the new and highly anticipated ponytail human hair extension piece! The new ponytail is now in stock just in time for summer, and comes in the same wide range of colours that you get your regular extensions in!

    Human hair – The new ponytail piece is made from the same high quality 100% human hair found in the regular Clip in Hair extensions. This means that it can be styled with straighteners and curling tongs, and washed to keep it in immaculate condition.

    Easy to attach- The hairpiece comes with a easy to attach clip and two ribbon ties for extra support, ensuring your ponytail won’t budge, and no one will no your secret. This fixing also means that there is no tell tale ‘lump’ that is common with ponytail extensions and will blend perfectly with your own hair.

    Colour match service- The new ponytail hairpieces can also be matched in the same way as ClipHair extensions, simply send a photo of yourself in, or a hair sample. Find more details on this service see our Hair Extension Colour Matching page.

    Ponytails have been all over the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2012. Check out this one for example, from Donna Karen’s Spring/Summer collection. The tight slicked back style also has the added bonus of giving it’s wearer an instant facelift!

    Mid height ponytails have been given a preppy twist on the Ralph Lauren catwalks, where little styling has been given, adding a natural and relaxed touch to the look.


    For a really feminine and soft look, why not add a ClipHair human hair fringe to your pony, a la Rachel McAdams.

    Rachel here has used a large barrelled curling tong to give her pony large waves. To get Rachel’s voluminous look, simply backcomb the upper half of your head before attaching your pony, which could be ready curled.Then clip on a fringe, and you’re good to go! Alternatively, for a more sharp and sophisticated look, keep your extension pony super straight, along with your fringe. Slick back your natural hair, clip on the ponytail and fringe and watch heads turn!


    The ponytail’s are so quick to clip in, it really couldn’t be simpler. To see how quick and easy it is, visit the ClipHair video tutorial page on YouTube – EllieClipHair.

    So  if you’re ready to keep up with Summer’s latest trend,  get your Clip-in-Ponytail-Extensions Now!!

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