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Introducing Your New Favourite Clip in Ponytail Hair Extensions… The Straight Up Ponytail

It’s time to wrap up the year with the queen of all wrap-around ponytails. Introducing the Straight Up Ponytail, the must have clip in ponytail hair extension that’ll make Ariana green with envy. With three beautiful lengths, colours shades to suit you, and endless styles at your fingertips, our new ‘pony is sure to be a Cliphair family fast favourite.

Does your ponytail need some extra oomph? Are you lacking the volume and length to pull off your up-do dreams? Created using our finest quality Remy human hair, our Straight Up Ponytail is here to save your style predic-hair-ments.

The ponytail hairstyle is a crowd favourite, and while it makes the perfect quick fix for bad hair days, it’s also the answer to a killer statement look. Ponytails have evolved from a regular gym hairdo to an insta-worthy, red carpet go-to over the past decade. Que our wraparound clip in ponytail hair extensions.

Wrap Around Features

The Straight Up Ponytail is made from 100% Remy human hair. “Remy” is the best quality of hair extension available as it is “cuticle correct”, meaning all the cuticles on the hair shaft run in the same direction (downwards). This ensures the hair will stay shiny, soft and tangle free for months, even years if well cared for.

Our Straight Up Ponytail is available in three luscious lengths: 14"/Mini (100g), 20"/Classic (120g) and 24"/ Mega (140g). It is currently available in a large range of our most popular shades.

Our ingenious clip and Velcro design couldn’t be easier to apply, with built in combs that grip under your bobble and Velcro straps to secure your perfect pony in place. The wraparound design ensures your transformation is secret and seamless, simply wrap the special section of hair around your new clip in ponytail hair extensions to complete your transformation!

The weight of each ponytail varies depending on the length. If your hair is on the fine side, we recommend going with our smallest size to ensure your hair can hold the weight of the real hair ponytail extension. Otherwise, medium to thick haired wearers can size up as they wish.

How to Put in a Ponytail Extension

Our Straight Up Ponytail couldn’t be easier to apply, just follow these simple steps:

  • Style your hair into a ponytail or bun, placement as desired.
  • Clip in your ponytail: secure the built-in combs to grip under your bobble. 
  • Secure the Velcro wrap around the base to secure your clip in ponytail hair extensions in place.
  • Tightly wrap the Remy human hair wraparound strap securely at the base. Pull tightly and secure over the hairpiece.
  • Pin securely with a hair grip or bobby pin.

Wraparound Ponytail Extension Hairstyles

Low, Sleek Pony

The trusty low, sleek pony is a red-carpet worthy style, seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez. This ‘pony is popular because of how simple, polished and versatile it can be.

Make sure you hold your hair in a low ponytail and secure your hair using a tail comb, hairspray, hair gel and hair tie. After creating your low ponytail, grab a tiny section of hair from the underside and use a stronghold spray to ensure it stays in places with no flyaways. Secure your clip in ponytail hair extensions in place as instructed and tightly wrap this section around the base of your ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

Super-High Hair-Wrapped 90s Ponytail

The low ponytail’s sporty sister, a high ponytail gives us sassy 90’s vibes. Another extension hair style for versatility and low maintenance; match this look with bangs or braids to really create that wow-factor. Hair extensions can add the length and volume to really make a high ponytail pop, consider experimenting with wraparound ponytail hair extensions for a super simple transformation. Channel your inner Adriana by going smooth and sleek or switch it up with a sultry tousled evening look – face framing strands essential.

To get the look, secure a ponytail at the top of your head with an elastic band. Secure your wraparound ponytail as instructed. Then, take the separate piece of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic, and secure it with a pin.

The Textured Pony/Waves

Add some extra oomph to your look and turn waved tresses into THE textured pony. Prep your hair/ ponytail extensions into loose waves if your hair isn’t naturally wavy and wear your hair low and textured. If you have natural curls, then start with wet hair.

There’s no need for excessive gel for this look; simply tease your hair at the crown to balance out the volume. Leave out a fringe like Camila Cabello for a cute look. Be careful though, this minimum-effort style may easily become your go-to!

90s Retro Ponytail

Throw it right back with a ‘90s-inspired retro ponytail. As seen on celebs like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Ashley Graham, this chic look is perfect for a medium to long clip-in ponytail. Featuring a deep side part, the flipped-out ends are this hairstyle’s secret weapon while wrapping a side section of hair around the base of the pony gives it that retro vibe.

To finish off the look, make sure you use your straighteners to flick the ends, for a super cute ponytail updo ready to be worn for any occasion.

Bubble Braid

The perfect playful extension hair style, Bubble braids are a simple variation of a classic ponytail. Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with super long, thick locks, you’ll need the help of our wraparound ponytail Hair Extensions to construct the perfect braid. Rewind to the 2021 Brit Awards, we were blown away by rising star winner Griff’s super long Bubble Braid hairstyle worn during her knockout performance of “Black hole”. Paired with a cut out, ring detailed dress; we were itching to create this warrior princess look immediately.

Middle-Part Wrapped Pony

Opt for the half-middle-part style like beauty Bella Hadid. This killer look is glamourous, polished, and super easy to maintain. Get this look by setting your middle part first, then pulling the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

Attach your real hair ponytail extension as instructed, this look lends a high ponytail well. Be prepared to use lot of hair spray to lock the style in place.

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If you have any questions about human hair extensions, get in contact with our team for help. And don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to show off your looks.

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