Pre bonded hair extensions

by SHOPIFY API / 23. DEZ 2009


    There are so many different types and varieties of hair extensions on the market at the moment, that then makes it extremely difficult to know which ones to choose or that will look good on you.

    Pre bonded hair extensions are one of the most popular varieties that you can have and give you an extremely natural looking head of hair.

    Whatever your reasons are for wanting hair extensions, whether it is to simply make your hair longer, or to add volume or thickness, pre bonded hair extensions can suit all budgets.

    Pre bonded hair extensions have what is known as keratin adhesive at the tips. This is then heated onto the hair, which then create very small bonds. Pre bonded hair extensions are made of the highest quality, ensuring that all the hair cuticles are in tact. Pre bonded hair extensions are extremely silky and do not tangle that easily, which helps to maintain them and last for longer usage.

    Some people are wary when it comes to pre bonded hair extensions and believe that they are highly damaging to your own natural hair. This can be true, but only if you do not take the correct with them or do not use the right process to remove them.

    Pre bonded hair extensions usually last for a maximum of three months, so when you wish to have your pre bonded hair extensions removed it can be done easily with a solution that is designed to break the bonds made by the keratin adhesive. At Clip Hair, we have hair extensions to suit all your needs.

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