Steal Her Style: Mila Kunis

She has a hot bod, amazing hair, A-list baby-daddy-to-be, and even with a schedule fit to burst with star-studded events and celebrity hangout parties, Mila Kunis still finds the time to look drop dead gorgeous. We aren’t jealous, obviously. Just when life couldn’t get any better for the gorgeous star, her latest film Jupiter Ascending has received gleaming reviews, and as usual the lovely lady looked immaculate the whole way through.

In celebration of the imminent arrival of baby Kunis-Kutcher, and of her Box Office success, we’re taking a look at Mila’s best looks to date.

Layered and Lovely
choppy-fronted locks
choppy-fronted locks2
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Ditched in favour of the uber-popular one-length cut, it’s safe to say layers have been swept under the carpet of late – and for far too long! Mila looks absolutely stunning with her choppy-fronted locks, which frame her face beautifully. Her dark hair always looks shiny and healthy, and the angle at which it curves to her face helps it catch the light and show off all of the amazing tones.
Length, Length, Length!
 long, luscious style
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Okay, we have serious hair envy. Mila looks a million dollars with her hair in this long, luscious style, and for so many reasons! The length is accentuated by how sleek and shiny her hair is, making the look tame and demure – she is the picture of relaxed, sophisticated glamour. Her blunt ends look healthy and full, and the added femininity of that layered front looks stunning. Mila chooses to throw the look over her shoulder, tucked behind her ear for a little mystique and huge red-carpet style points.
Bun Babe
low-slung and relaxed bun
bun/fringe combo
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Can she do no wrong? Just when we though Miss Kunis may well be relying on those long, shiny locks to do all the work for her, she hits us with an up-do and blows us out of the water! When it comes to pulling her hair back, the Hollywood babe knows how she likes it – plenty of volume on top, low-slung and relaxed at the back, and with a little bit of fringe to help frame her face. The good news is that a look like this is easily achievable at home with a little bit of backcombing and a whole lot of hairspray. (Disclaimer – you may not look exactly like Mila Kunis when finished. We tried.)
Curl Girl
loose curls
loose curls2
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Long, loose curls are probably the look that Mila is best known for – you’ll no doubt have seen her making her way down more than one or two red carpets with her trademark style. She often works an off-centre parting, straight roots, and loose curls from around ear-height down. With all of the gorgeous colours she has running through her hair, curls work a treat for our brunette bombshell – if you have honey tones throughout your dark locks, try curls for yourself. Mila also looks unbelievably beautiful with this huge, voluminous mane of tighter curls – mixed with a choice of waves and straight-ish locks too for a relaxed, beachy vibe. She teams hers with a middle parting and straggly ends for a hair home run. We like.
Ponytail Perfect
 scraped back high ponytail
 scraped back high ponytail2
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Okay, we’re forever telling you this, ladies, but Mila has just proved our point for us. Ponytails are the secret weapon of all great hair stylists, celebs, and ordinary folk alike. Why? Because they’re the ultimate chic look and they take less than a minute! Nothing gives off that high fashion look like a scraped back high ponytail, long and straight at the back, and super shiny too. If you don’t believe us, just look how effortlessly impressive Miss Kunis looks working the trend – she even plays with a sassy mid-height pony and parting combo. Glamorous hair doesn’t always mean heaps of effort, products and time… it can be just as simple as this.
Feeling inspired? We hope so! Yes, she’s one of the most attractive women ever to grace the pages of OK! Magazine, but her hairstyles are easily achievable and they look fantastic. Give them a go yourself at home, and you’ll be surprised at how simple a Hollywood look can be!
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