How To Make Your Clip In Extensions Last Longer


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    Great quality, human Clip In Hair Extensions don't come cheap so you’ll want to know everything you can do to get the most out your investment. Whatever your reason for wearing Clip-Ins, to add volume, length or even colour, there are lots of things you can do to extend their life span and protect them from general wear and tear.

    We’re often asked how long our clip ins last and how to make them last longer, this can depend on the usage and quality but the biggest factor is how well you care for them - that's why we’re here to give you a full breakdown of all the things you can do to treat your clip-in extensions right!

    How To Care For Clip In Hair Extensions

    How Long Do Clip In Extensions Last?

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    As all of our extensions are 100% Remy human hair, it’s not uncommon for high quality clip-in extensions to last up to 12 months. However, if they are overworn or not treated properly, they could need replacing anywhere between 3-6 months. It’s simple: the better you look after your hair extensions, the longer they will last. It’s also worth noting that exceptionally light shades will usually have a shorter life due to the chemical processing they go through during manufacturing, so keep that in mind when selecting your desired colour. If you need to know more of the ins and outs on how long your clip ins will last, our Hair Extension Lifespan blog will give you all the answers you need!

    How Can You Make Clip In Extensions Last Longer?

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    There are various ways you can give your clip ins a whole new lease of life, including washing techniques, drying methods, avoiding water, not sleeping in your extensions — and of course, keeping your extensions sleek and shiny with our Moisturing Silky Spray seen above — all of which we’ll be going into in further detail so you can get the most out of your new locks. The same also goes for our beloved Clip In Ponytails and Fringes, they also require the same care and maintenance, even though there is less hair to be dealt with.

    How To Wash Clip In Hair Extensions

    Over-washing your clip in hair extensions can lead to unwanted damage and significantly reduce the lifespan of your extensions. Luckily, washing them is a lot simpler than it sounds. It’s important that you do not shower with your clip in extensions in, but instead wash them separately from your natural hair. Aim to wash your extensions only when absolutely necessary, especially when you begin to notice build up, this is normally between every 10-15 uses.

    Before washing, make sure to brush your extensions. We recommend using Cliphair’s Detangling Hairbrush to remove any matted or knotted strands during the wash process, which will glide through your clip ins or any other attachment seamlessly without causing any damage. Secondly, ensure your hair extensions are thoroughly wet, before using our alcohol and sulphate-free Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Once you have shampooed and conditioned, rinse your extensions downwards towards the ends of the hair ensuring that all of the product has been washed out.

    To finish things off, try our Deep Conditioning Hair Mask to restore moisture, prevent damage, frizz and static. This is recommended only once every one or two weeks – depending on how parched your hair is. A deep conditioning mask can help maintain your hair clip ins and keep them soft, manageable, moisturised, and healthy. Just like conditioner, a hair mask is applied on the mid-lengths and ends on your tresses. Simply towel dry the extensions by squeezing or patting the hair, apply the conditioning mask and leave for 30-40 minutes, before rinsing once more.

    Need more guidance on how to wash your clip ins? You can read our step-by-step guide: How To Wash Clip In Hair Extensions.

    How To Dry Clip In Hair Extensions

    Clip-ins, ponytails and other temporary hair extensions can be left to air dry as they are not attached to the natural hair. For the best results, it’s best to gently towel dry your Remy extensions to get rid of and pat out any access water. Make sure to detangle them by brushing them through, then let your extensions dry naturally – this will also give your extensions a well-deserved break from heat and hair dryers. In doing so, your extensions should fall into loose waves which can then be manipulated and styled to your liking later in the day.

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    Avoiding Water Whilst Wearing Clip Ins

    It can often be a common mistake for first time extension wearers to assume you can wear your clip ins whilst showering, bathing or when going for a dip in the pool, but we advise to avoid water wherever possible! To keep your locks as healthy as possible, you’ll need to remove them before doing any of the above, unless your hair is tied up and secured in place, or you’re simply soaking up the sun nearby. Chlorine from swimming pools and salt water from the ocean can be damaging to your tresses. The more they are exposed to these forms of water, the more fragile they will become.

    To increase their lifespan further, avoid any major physical activity that involves moisture or excessive sweating. For gym or sports lovers, be sure to unclip them before you head to your workout!

    How Should I Store My Clip In Extensions?

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    Although it may tempting to leave your hair extensions lying around, it’s probably not the best idea! Make sure you have a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight to store your clip ins in a secure, neat way that avoids creating any mess or matting. Luckily, all of our hair extensions are shipped in immaculate packaging and boxing, giving you the perfect storage tool for your wefts.

    Hair extension hangers are also a great way of displaying your attachment in a neat and aesthetically pleasing way. This way, you can style your hair beforehand, place them on your hanger and then have them ready to attach straight away whenever you need to.

    For more advice on how to store your extensions, you can read our designated blog on the best ways to keep them in tip top shape when your not using them!

    Can I Sleep Wearing Clip In Extensions?

    Unlike professional hair extensions, we advise not to sleep with your clip in extensions in. We take beauty sleep seriously, that’s why it’s important to remember to remove your clip ins before you sleep to prevent any knotting or tangling. You need a sleeping beauty hair routine just as much as you need a skin or makeup one!

    If you’re unsure of the best ways to maintain or protect your natural hair, or whilst wearing other types of attachments when asleep, you can read our blog 10 Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping: Straight to Curls Edition which covers everything from plaits, twisted top buns, to low ponytails and French braids. You’ll also be pleased to know that a lot of protective sleep hairstyles also act as great heatless overnight styling methods, leaving you waking up with bouncier curls than before.

    And if you really want to feel like a princess, then a silk pillowcase wouldn’t hurt too! One of the main causes of hairline thinning during your slumber is due to the friction caused when tossing and turning during the night, particularly on cotton pillowcases, causing hair breakage over time.

    Can Heated Tools Affect My Clip Ins?

    Heated tools can unfortunately be the source of frizzy and dry hair if you overuse them not only on your extensions, but your natural hair too. Whether it’s straighteners, curlers, heated rollers or hair dryers, high heat levels run the risk of drying your clip in hair extensions out completely, which is why it’s important to properly care for them as often as you can. To protect and extend their lifespan, Cliphair’s Heat Protection Spray seen above is perfect for creating an invisible, protective barrier between your styling tools and extensions, whilst also adding texture, boosting volume, and improving hold for longer-lasting hairstyles. To preserve your extensions even more, we recommend using a lower or cooler heat setting as much as possible when handling heated styling tools.


    All your extensions need is a little TLC! Make sure to love and care for your clip ins, and they’ll last much longer. Implementing the best washing and drying methods, whilst also embracing basic haircare for your extensions will ensure gorgeous, enviable locks wherever and whenever you need.

    More importantly, here at Cliphair we care about you just as much as your hair extensions. Looking after your own natural hair will not only strengthen it to ensure it can tolerate the extra weight of extensions, but it will also help to give a natural looking blend, giving you the confidence and self-love you deserve.

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