Collection: Funky Bright Coloured Clip-In & Bonded Extensions US

Coloured hair is a major trend at the moment, which is why Cliphair have developed a range of colored hair extensions for those who’ve gone for a bold look. You’ll find bright color hair extensions that match some of the most popular colours, from purple to pink and blue to red, and you can use them to add length and volume. Read More


Coloured Hair Extensions Give You an On-Trend Look

Coloured hair has been a huge trend in recent years, whether it’s a full head or just some bright streaks, so it’s no surprise our coloured hair extensions are so popular. Cliphair have created a range of extensions with many bright colours to choose from, including the most popular colours. Looks such as silver, pink and very light blonde have been all over Instagram recently, so we’ve created coloured hair extensions for those who want to keep their look on-trend.

Our Clip In Coloured Hair Extensions Change Your Look for the Night

If you have coloured hair, you’re no doubt someone who loves to experiment and try new things. Cliphair offer a range of clip in colored hair extensions that you can attach and detach at home, allowing you to get a whole new look for the night.

Ideal for parties and special occasions, it couldn’t be easier to use our clip in colored hair extensions. They come in a range of lengths, styles and multi colors, and we have videos on our site to show you how to use your clip ins.

Some of our most popular products you can buy online include pink clip in bangs, ideal for when you want to go for the dyed fringe look. Our full head clip in blue hair extension is ideal for those with dyed blue hair, or those who want to create an ombre effect, while the plum/cherry red clip in ponytail gives you a long, swishy pony for a fun party look. The great thing about using colored hair extensions that clip in is that even those without much experience of hairstyling can put them in, so anyone can change up their style.

You Can Find Funky Coloured Hair Extensions for Weeks of Wear

Some women want to rock their funky coloured hair extensions for longer, so we offer options for longer wear coloured hair extensions in the UK. You can choose colourful hair extensions that tape in, are sewn in or are fitted using micro loops. These extensions last from 6-8 weeks, or even up to 12 weeks in the case of micro loop extensions, so you can wear your long colourful hair for longer, with minimal maintenance on a day-to-day basis.

Cliphair Use High Quality Remy Hair to Make Our Colored Human Hair Extensions

While we may stock colours that aren’t natural, Cliphair only stock colored human hair extensions which are made from real human hair. Some retailers sell coloured extensions made with synthetic hair, but ultimately, this doesn’t hang and move like genuine real hair. Choose our colourful human hair extensions, and they match perfectly with your natural hair, so nobody will be able to tell you have extensions in. All they’ll notice is how amazing your hair looks.

Funky Hair Extensions Can Give You a Range of Different Looks

The great thing about our funky hair extensions is that they can be worn in so many ways, you can really let your imagination run wild

Our clip in hair extensions in bright colors can be worn as they come, or they can be styled in the same way as your own hair. While you may want to simply have them hanging loose for a swishy style, our colourful human hair extensions can also be curled with any curling iron, you can use straighteners (even GHDs), or you can braid and twist them and wear them in an updo. These funky hair extensions can be worn in so many ways, you’ll love experimenting with your long, beautiful locks.

You can find extensions at Cliphair in many different lengths, so you can experiment with this too. If you’ve never had long hair before, you can try shoulder-length, and can eventually go as long as 26” for a bold, dramatic look that’s bound to get you noticed.

Choose Coloured Clip in Hair Extensions to Suit Your Skin Tone

If you have natural, undyed hair, and want to add a pop of colour such as an ombre, you may be wondering what works for you. Our coloured clip in hair extensions come in lots of different colourways, so you can find the exact tone that looks best on you. Those with warm undertones tend to suit oranges, reds and warmer colours, while those with cool undertones can go for brighter, bolder colours without looking washed out. Think about the clothing colours that suit you and go for similar shades.

Not 100% sure if a colour will suit you? Our coloured clip in hair extensions are a good way of temporarily trying out a new colour. You can also try different tones and find one that lets you stand out from the crowd but also flatters your skin tone.

Dye Your Own Colored Clip In Hair Extensions, or Let Us Do the Work

Some people buy extensions and dye them at home. Because Cliphair use high quality Remy hair, it’s certainly possible to do this. But you can also buy ready colored clip in hair extensions in a range of unique tones.

If you have a common hair colour, then it’s easy to find colored clip in hair extensions in the right shade. You can even choose by length and between straight and curly options. But if you can’t find the right shade of colourful clip in hair at Cliphair, then you might want to dye them, and there are plenty of online tutorials that help you with this.

Some colours can be hard to achieve with dye, so choosing pre-dyed extensions is a good idea. For example, our double wefted silver/grey shade would be difficult to achieve at home, with lots of bleaching and dyeing needed, so buying pre-dyed extensions is your best bet. Please note, we advise against bleaching any of our hair extension products.

Find Your Fun Bright Colored Hair Extensions at Cliphair

When you’re looking for fun colored hair extensions in rich, vibrant colours, shop at Cliphair. As you can see from our customer reviews, we offer high quality products and excellent service, so you get real value for money. Browse our range of bright coloured hair extensions today and start enjoying experimenting with your look.


Can hair extensions be colored?

Yes, if you choose extensions that are 100% human hair, you can dye them just like you would with your own hair. However, you should wait for your own dye to settle and give it a few washes before you have your clip in hair extensions coloured, as your colour will naturally fade a little. We strongly advise against using any dyes that contain bleaching agents.

How do you attach colored hair extensions?

There are a number of ways you can attach coloured human hair extensions. Clip-ins are the easiest option, as you can do them at home, but if you want longer wear, you might want to opt for micro loop, a weave or colored tape in hair extensions, all of which can be attached at a salon.

What bright funky colored hair extensions does Cliphair stock?

Cliphair stock all sorts of bright coloured hair extensions in popular shades like purples, blues, reds and silver. You will find extensions that can be attached in different ways, from weaves to micro beads and coloured clip in hair. You’ll also find hair pieces like streaks and fringes to add a pop of colour.

How much do funky colored hair extensions cost at Cliphair?

The cost of Cliphair’s funky coloured hair extensions varies depending on whether you go for a full head or hair piece, want temporary colourful hair extensions that clip in or something longer lasting. No matter which one you choose, Cliphair offer excellent value for money with only high quality genuine human hair products offered.