Collection: Dark Auburn & Copper Red Hair Extensions

Timeless elegance meets modern allure with a fresh, sophisticated twist. This enchanting shade blends the rich, spicy tones of auburn with a touch of copper, creating a mesmerising darker look that has rapidly become a fan favourite for both brunettes looking to experiment with red hair, and natural redheads alike. Luscious, deep, and dimensional, this retro, romantic hue is guaranteed to turn heads.

Choose Copper Red Hair Extensions In A Length To Suit You

When you have copper hair extensions, one of the most common questions to ask is: how long should I go? That’s why we sell auburn and copper red hair extensions in a range of lengths, so you can get the look you want.

Most of our copper red hair extensions come in the following lengths:

  • 14/16” – these extensions tend to give you shoulder length hair, perfect for when you want a natural look
  • 18/20” – these lengths tend to sit just below the shoulders for when you want long locks
  • 26” – opt for our longest extensions and you can enjoy hair that flows down to your mid-back – perfect for styling complex updos

It’s worth remembering that wavy or curled hair extensions will come up shorter than straight red hair extensions, so if you want a longer look, opt for extra length.

When you choose your length, think about how you want to style your hair. If you plan to wear it down all the time, then shorter extensions might be more practical, but if you’re doing styles with lots of braids and twists, then the extra length can make it easier.

Redheads Can Find The Perfect Dark Auburn Hair Extensions In The US At Cliphair

No two redheads have the same shade of hair, which is why our colour matching service is useful for those looking for dark auburn hair extensions in the US. You send us some photos of your hair, and we can recommend the correct shade, whether it’s medium auburn hair extensions or dark auburn brown hair extensions.

Some colours we offer for redheads include:

  • Light auburn hair extensions for those with subtle red tones
  • Dark auburn – this copper red tone is ideal for those with natural or dyed hair
  • Ginger hair extensions – this natural colour is vibrant and colourful
  • Mahogany red – this deep auburn brown is a rich colour
  • Plum/cherry red – a rich purple for those with dyed hair
  • Bright red – for those with extremely bright red, dyed hair, bright red is the perfect match

The key to getting natural extensions is the perfect match, so when you’re looking for auburn hair extensions in the US, shop at Cliphair. This ensures that your extensions match your natural hair beautifully, so nobody can tell the difference.

Our Copper Hair Extensions in the US can give you a Whole New Style

Everyone likes to experiment with their style now and again, and when you shop with us for copper hair extensions in the US, you can try lots of different looks.

If you have straight hair, try a full head of wavy auburn hair extensions, which will add body and volume and let you rock a curly look. Our range of copper hair extensions in the US also includes auburn hair fringes and ponytail extensions, which allow you to try a whole new look in seconds. Why not experiment and see what works for you?

Extensions are ideal for those who are a little bored of their current look and want to switch it up, and our beautiful range is ideal for those who want to make a bold style statement and turn heads.

Copper Red & Dark Auburn Hair Extensions That Clip In Are An Easy Option

One of the most popular ranges on our website are auburn hair extensions that clip in. You don’t need a technician to fit them, you can do it yourself at home, and once you get some practice, it’s very quick and easy. Each clip-in weft is a different size for easy application and positioning, simply attach them by neatly sectioning row by row and hiding with a layer of hair on top.

Auburn hair extensions that clip in are ideal for nights out or for when you just want to change up your look a little. We offer both light and dark auburn hair extensions to clip in, so you get the same natural look you get with all our extensions.

Even if you don’t have much experience of styling your own hair, you should be able to get to grips with clip-in extensions. We have lots of how-to videos on our site and the instructions are simple, so you can get a new look in seconds.

Find Dark Auburn & Copper Red Hair Extensions That Can Last For Weeks

Want your extensions to last for longer than one night? At Cliphair, you can find red copper hair extensions that can be attached for longer periods. Our range includes:

  • Tape in/weave red copper hair extensions – these last 6-8 weeks if you take care of them properly
  • Bonded red hair extensions – these can also last 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance
  • Copper micro rings hair extensions – the way micro rings attach to your natural hair mean these can last up to 12 weeks, although you’ll need a maintenance appointment halfway through

This means there are lots of options to have your cheap auburn hair extensions attached, depending on how long you’d like them for, and which method suits your lifestyle. It’s worth getting a consultation with a technician to discuss the pros and cons of each method.

Different methods will also take different lengths of time. For example, a weave is in one piece, so is fairly quick to attach, while micro loop extensions can take a couple of hours. If you don’t have much time to sit in a salon chair, then you’ll need to take this into account.

Dark Auburn & Copper Red Remy Human Hair Is The Best Choice For Redheads

Redheads often struggle with extensions, as artificial hair in red tones often looks unnatural. That’s why, when you buy products such as copper clip in hair extensions from Cliphair, you receive extensions made from Remy human hair. Remy hair is the best grade of human hair and is harvested in a way that keeps the cuticles intact for the best possible finish.

When you buy copper clip in hair extensions, or any of the extensions from our range, you can be sure of a natural look. The hair we use has been carefully selected to be high quality, with natural, thick hair, to give you the volume and length you need.

Another advantage of our auburn human hair extensions is that you can style them as you wish. Unlike fake hair, when you use our auburn or copper Remy hair extensions, they can be washed, blow-dried, curled with any curling devices, and even straightened. While you should avoid over washing any red/ dark auburn hair clip in extensions to prolong the life span, when you do wash them be sure to stick with an extensions friendly shampoo that doesn't contain any sulphate or alcohol.

Buy your Dark Auburn & Copper Red Extensions at Cliphair with Fast US Delivery

At Cliphair, we stock a wide range of extensions in all sorts of shades and styles that are made especially for redheads. Whether you choose our dark auburn clip in hair extensions or copper red human hair extensions, you can be sure that the highest quality hair is used. With a free colour matching service and free US standard delivery, Cliphair is the place to go for all sorts of extension products.


What colour looks best with auburn hair?

If you have auburn hair, it’s important to get extensions that match the shade of your hair. You can find light or dark auburn hair extensions, which ensure you get a natural look and means nobody can tell you are wearing them.

What is the difference between ginger and auburn hair?

The shade known as auburn is red hair with a coppery undertone, and many people with auburn hair find it gets darker as they age. The term ‘ginger’ usually refers to the lightest shades of red, from strawberry blonde to natural red.

What's the best length for copper red hair extensions?

The length of copper hair extensions you choose is entirely up to you and will depend on the look you want to achieve as well as what suits your lifestyle. Extensions usually come in lengths from 15” to 24”, which can create looks from shoulder length to lower back locks.

How big is the Cliphair range of auburn human hair extensions?

Cliphair offers a wide range of auburn brown hair extensions. This includes clip in extensions for temporary use, tape and sew in extensions, and micro bead extensions for longer wear. These all come in different lengths and a range of auburn and other red shades.