Sammlung: Professional hair extensions Nano-Ring-Haarverlängerungen


Wir stellen vor: die Nano-Ring-Haarverlängerungsserie von Clip Hair – langlebiges, hochwertiges Haar der Güteklasse AAAAA, doppelt gezogen für zusätzliche Dicke, 100 % Remy-Echthaar, geeignet für alle Haartypen. Die diskreteste und am wenigsten schädliche wiederverwendbare Haarverlängerungslösung auf dem Markt, selbst in feinstem Haar nicht wahrnehmbar.

Eine Packung unserer Cliphair Nano Ring-Haarverlängerungen enthält 50 doppelt gezogene Strähnen, wobei jede Strähne 1 g wiegt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unten in unseren Nano Ring FAQs. Andere dauerhafte Haarverlängerungslösungen in unserem Sortiment umfassen Mikroringe, I-Spitzen und U-Spitzen. Lesen Sie unsere schnelle und einfache Anleitung zum Anpassen von Nanoringen.



What are Nano Ring/Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

Nano ring/tip hair extensions are small, keratin bonded individual permanent hair extensions, tipped with a tiny metal wire that is clamped to the hair with a miniature metal ring. Applied without the use of any heat or glue, making them the least damaging method available.

Other names for Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

The term “Nano Ring Hair Extensions” is normally used as a collective phrase to describe both the method and the physical components; however this is not quite accurate. The correct term for the hair extension strand is “Nano Tip” and “Nano Ring” is referring to the actual ring that the strand is attached to the natural hair with. Other names given to this method are “Nano beads” and “Nano bonds”. At Cliphair, we call our hair “Nano rings” and the rings “Nano Rings/Beads”.

How are Nano Ring Hair Extensions applied?

Without the use of any heat or glue, Nanos are one of the easiest and least damaging hair extension methods around. Your own natural hair is threaded through a tiny metal, silicone lined ring/bead, the tip of the Nano hair extension is then placed inside and the two are clamped tightly together with pliers securing your own hair in between. They can also be reused and repositioned every 6-8 weeks by simply unclamping and using a new ring, making this method super cost effective! Read our full guide on how to fit and remove nano rings.

How long do Nano Ring Hair Extensions last?

With proper care, our Nano Bond Hair Extensions should last you up to 6 months. As your hair grows you will need maintenance appointments roughly every 8-10 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. During these appointments the extensions are repositioned with new rings, this is not only important for the hair extensions but it prevents damage to your own hair as well.

Can you reuse Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

Yes! Nano Ring Hair Extensions can be reused again and again if you take good care of them. You will need to use new rings/beads each time but the tip of the hair will stay intact making this method very cost effective.

How often should you wash Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

We recommend no more than 2-3 times a week, remember to only use sulphate and alcohol free hair products to prevent the hair from drying out. Always avoid using any conditioner at the roots as this could loosen the rings causing the hair to slip out. Invest in a good dry shampoo to tide you over in between washes.

Do Nano Extensions ruin your hair?

No. Nano Ring Hair Extensions are one of the least damaging methods on the market due to their tiny size and gentle application. As they require zero heat or glue to apply and remove, the risk of damage to the natural hair is greatly reduced. They can be placed in even the finest areas of the hair, closer to the hairline than any other option as they are so discreet. Perfect for customers with thin/fine hair concerned about breakage or visibility.

What are the benefits of Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

The benefit of any individual hair extension is the freedom of placement! Due to their small size, (especially Nano Bond Extensions) they can be used to create all kinds of styles in the hair from fringes to face framing layers. As apposed to wefts that are restricted to certain areas of the head because they are bulkier and harder to hide. Individual strand extensions like Nanos, I-Tips and Micro-Rings may take longer to apply but they give a far more natural finish which is why they are the most popular method out there!

What’s better Micro Rings or Nano Rings?

Both methods have their own advantages and uses. Micro rings are slightly cheaper than Nanos however they are bigger so do not work as well in very fine hair. Nano rings take longer to apply as they are so tiny but have a more natural and discreet finish, this is why a Nano application usually costs more.

How do you sleep with Nano Bead Extensions?

To avoid any matting or discomfort whilst sleeping with hair extensions attached its advised to loosely braid your hair or put into a low ponytail. This keeps the hair all-together stopping it from knotting when you move in your sleep. Another benefit is the beachy waves that are left when you undo the plaits in the morning!

Why do Nano Rings fall out?

There are quite a few reasons why your Nano Rings may fall out. The top causes are: you could be using too much conditioner or applying it too close to your roots causing the Nano Tips to slip away from the rings. Secondly, brushing the hair when it is still wet or using the wrong brush can also pull out your hair extensions.

How long do Nano Rings take to put in?

This completely depends on how many packs you are having put in and on your stylist. For a standard half head (1-2 packs) it can take up to 2 hours, for a standard full head (3-4 packs) it can take up to 4.5 hours. For extra packs it can take even longer, we’ve also included the cutting/styling time. Applying extensions is an intricate, challenging job so it takes time for quality results, its best never to rush and remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!

Do Nano Rings show?

Nano Ring Hair Extensions are the MOST discreet, tiny form of hair extensions on the market today. The rings themselves are a microscopic 2-2.5mm in diameter! This method is perfect for anyone that has very fine hair and is worried about extensions showing through and for people who want to wear their hair up. Looking for Temporary Hair Extensions? Shop our best selling range of clip in hair extensions.