Sammlung: Professional hair extensions Remy Royale Weave Weft Hair Extensions

Ein wunderschönes 72 Zoll breites, doppelt gezogenes Haargeflecht, gleich dick und üppig von oben bis unten. Dieses schöne dicke Gewebe wird aus 100 % Remy-Echthaar hergestellt, wobei nur das beste Haar in AAAAA-Qualität verwendet wird, weshalb es geschnitten, gefärbt, gelockt, geglättet und gewaschen werden kann. Es kann auch geklebt, gewebt, genäht und/oder zum Einclipsen verwendet werden.



What is the life span of the Remy Royale Hair weft?

If looked after correctly, the Remy Royale Hair Weft should last between 6-12 months. This is also dependant on how it is applied, when applied permanently it should last at least 6 months, it will still need to be reapplied every . If the weft is made into Clip-Ins and worn less frequently it can last up to 1 year!

How many colours are there in the Remy Royale Hair Weft?

We stock a variety of 38 stunning shades in our Remy Royale Weft including single shades, highlights, ombres and balayage’s. We also have a FREE colour match service if your unsure which shade is best for you or your clients hair.

How many lengths are there in the Remy Royale Hair Weft?

There are 5 lengths to choose from in our Weave Hair Extensions range. Starting from a natural looking shoulder grazing 16” all the way up to super long 26” which reaches the very bottom of the back.

How to apply weave extensions?

Our Remy Royale Weave can be applied in many ways which is what makes this product so versatile. The most popular application method is the LA or Celebrity Weave which is where the weft is sewn into rings that are attached to the natural hair underneath the weave. It can also be sewn into a tiny braid, glued in, clamped in with rings and even made into bespoke clip-ins.

Do weave extensions damage hair?

As long as the hair is suitable for a weave or weft and it is maintained and looked after well there should not be any risk of damage to the natural hair. As weaves tend to be quite heavy, they are not suitable for use on very thin or fine hair, not only because it’s a little too much weight for this hair type but also as they will be more difficult to hide.