Get The Perfect Wedding According To Your Zodiac Sign: Part 2 - Fire Signs

by BRENDA L. / MAY 27, 2022

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    Fire signs, you surely have something to say! Bold, brash, creative, and daring; these are only a few of the words I could use to describe you. Nothing is left to chance when you tie the knot - and with your sanguine temper, your guests will have to be ready to dance until late! Getting ready for a big day? Let's have a look what the stars have to say.

    Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

    A Sagittarius bride is too energetic to keep it simple and stick to a quiet and sumptuous walk down the aisle - but don’t worry, your infectious optimism and sense of humour will soon enough brighten up the ceremony. In the meantime, keep an eye on these details if you’re looking for inspiration for your perfect wedding.

    Wedding Season: All Year Around

    As the zodiac traveller, your special day could happen any time - every season is in your favor! As long as you plan carefully and with great coordination, your Sagittarius wedding can take place in whatever month you prefer. Specifically, the months of August, December and January seem to be particularly indicated though.

    Wedding Theme: Fun, FUN, FUN!

    All of your Sagittarius energy needs to be channelled somehow, but your eclectic and variegated taste won’t put any limits to that. Just make sure that you and your loved ones are going to be able to dance and be surrounded by good vibes only. It might be a wedding party, but it won’t be different from a party party.

    Yes To:

    Bright colors, a non-traditional wedding dress, perhaps cupcakes instead of a big cake.

    Honeymoon Ideas:

    If you didn’t pick a destination for your wedding reception already, then consider travelling abroad for your honeymoon. Your adventurous spirit will thrive on a city-to-city road trip, or a motorcycle ride across the Mojave desert.

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

    Young, wild, and free; if this is how you’d describe your soul, then why would your hair settle for anything less? Think of long, straight and flowing hair - or a tapered, over-the-shoulder style. If you’d like to adopt a more “adventurous” look, then go for braids and hair jewellery.


    Leo (July 23 – August 22)

    Just like the big cat this star sign takes its name from, Leos are naturally attracted to the spotlight and basking in its warmth, like lions under the sun. Confident, protective and definitely a big thinker: this is your Leo energy wrapped up in a few words. As your world gravitates around self-love, be careful not to end up becoming too demanding – focus on enjoying yourself!

    Wedding Season: Late Summer/Early Autumn

    How would a queen Leo skip her birthday or have it just a couple of weeks before their own wedding? Although summer is famously known for being the wedding season, a Leo has to find time to celebrate properly both events. This leaves September as the best time to all the Leos tying the knot to enjoy mild temperatures and show off glorious dresses.

    Wedding Theme: Royalty

    The beauty of a Leo is naturally regal, and as a Leo it is expected of you to go a little extra – especially on such a big day. Sassy, extravagant and elegant; are the perfect words to describe a Leo-centred wedding ceremony.

    Yes To:

    Glamorous gowns, ballrooms, golden details.

    Honeymoon Ideas:

    Leos are naturally prone to have fun more than anyone else: think of a destination where this sign can soak up some sunlight, but also benefit from the opportunities of an active nightlife and make a pitstop at the local spa. Greek islands, Hawaii or California are the perfect spots.

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

    Golden highlights, oversized updos, big retro blowouts, and the evergreen messy bun; how many options are there? You can add a bit of color with balayage hair extensions – without committing to bleach and brush – and achieve plumpness and volume for your hairdo in a matter of minutes.


    Aries (March 21 – April 19)

    Well my dear Aries, this kind of goes without saying: you’re the boldest of them all! The audacious ram sign marks the beginning of the zodiac roster, uniquely marking the starting of Spring. New beginnings, rebirth, new adventures ahead! Your energy is pure fire and by channelling it properly you can go a long way.

    Wedding Season: Spring

    The best wedding dates to honor the house of Aries would be in Spring. This is the season that marks a new natural year, and Aries people love a new beginning as much as they love being number one. And for individuals that are competitive by nature, having a head start in the wedding season and setting the potential trends of the year is a juicy opportunity.

    Wedding Theme: Extravaganza

    If you swear by your star sign, as an Aries you will want to give your guests something to talk about - they’re not just there to stand and look pretty after all!

    Besides having a great time with your friends and family, as an Aries you may want to add that little je ne sais quoi that will spice up your wedding game and take it to the next level. Extra everything, and you’ll make it a memorable day for everyone.

    Yes To:

    Vintage touches, glitz and glamour.

    Honeymoon Ideas:

    Something fun, spontaneous and adventurous to enjoy with your partner. Think of breathtaking hikes, camping, sailing and trying new cuisines from the world!

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

    A messy updo, or a fiery braid. Get the job done with clip-in hair extensions to support your hairdo with volume and texture, and finish with hair jewels of your choice.

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