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14" Mini Straight Up Wrap Around Ponytail

14" Mini Straight Up Wrap Around Ponytail

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Introducing the 14 inch Mini Straight Up Ponytail. This length is perfect for customers with shorter hair who just want to create that simple sleek look without the longer length and weight. Combining simple application, ease of styling, and premium quality Remy human hair in three lavish lengths; your new updo will make Ariana green with envy.

  • Silky Soft 100% Remy Human Hair & Naturally Tailed Ends
  • Clip and Velcro Closure for Secure Application
  • Can be Safely Styled, Toned, or Dyed as Desired
  • Wrap Around Hair Strap
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It’s time to wrap up your look with the queen of all wrap-around ponytails, our 14" Mini Wrap Around. 

Created using our finest quality Remy human hair, our ingenious clip and Velcro design couldn’t be easier to apply, with built in combs that grip under your bobble and Velcro straps to secure your perfect pony in place.

How to Apply

Our Straight Up Ponytail couldn’t be easier to apply, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Style your hair into a ponytail or bun, placement as desired.
  2. Clip in your ponytail: secure the built-in combs to grip under your bobble.
  3. Secure the Velcro wrap around the base to secure your ponytail extension in place.
  4. Tightly wrap the Remy human hair wraparound strap securely at the base. Pull tightly and secure over the hairpiece.
  5. Pin securely with a hair grip or bobby pin.


Hair Type : Luxury Quality | Silky Soft 100% Remy Human Hair | Naturally Tailed Ends

Hair Style : Straight and Sleek

Number of Clips : 1

Set Weight :

14 Inch 100g
20 Inch 120g
24 Inch 140g

Lengths: 14" = Mini / 20" = Classic / 24" = Mega

Application: Clip and Velcro Closure for Secure Application

Application Time : 5min

Lifetime : 6-12 months

Usage : Can be Safely Styled, Toned, or Dyed as Desired

Type : Ponytail

Do's & Dont's

Our extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair; however, they must be cared for slightly differently than your own hair. Please see a Do’s and Don’ts summary below. For detailed instructions, please check our hair care page.

  • You can curl, tong & straighten them
  • You can use your GHDs on them without any problem
  • You can wash human hair extensions
  • You can dye human hair extensions.
  • Don't use products containing alcohol as they can dry out the extensions
  • Don't use shampoo designed for volume or for dyed hair
  • Don't bleach or lighten the extensions
  • Don't wear your extensions to bed; always take them out first
  • Don't wear your extensions for swimming and try not to get them wet in the rain .
› Read Full Care Instructions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Ponytail Extensions last?

When ponytail extensions are made from human hair they can last up to 18 months! This will also depend on how well they are looked after and how often they are used. As the extension does not directly come into contact with the scalp the need for washing is reduced which in turn gives the hair a longer, happier life.

How do you style Ponytail Extensions?

Genuine human hair ponytail extensions can be washed, dyed, and straightened just like your own hair. This gives you the freedom to switch up your ponytail look each time you wear it! Braid it, Wave it, Curl it or even twist it into a bun the choice is yours, just remember to use heat protection spray before heating.

How much do Ponytail Clip In Extensions cost?

Synthetic Ponytails are cheaper than those made from human hair. This is because they do not last as long and have a more unnatural appearance, its worth investing in a human hair ponytail as you will get more use from it and it blends better with your own natural hair.

What are the most popular Ponytail Extension lengths?

The most popular ponytail length is 20” which gives a long but natural looking finish. At Cliphair we also have a 14” option for a short and sweet ponytail, perfect for thinner hair and a 24” option for those looking for a dramatic transformation.

How many shades and colours can you get in Ponytail Extensions?

We have a wide range of colours in our Clip-In Ponytail collection including browns, blacks, blondes, reds and even highlighted shades. If you need any help at all in choosing your perfect shade feel free to use our FREE colour match and advice service. Our experts can also provide information on fitting, maintenance and washing that can all help to extend the lifespan of your human hair ponytail extension. For an easy to fit, natural looking, long lasting and undeniably beautiful human hair ponytail extension, look no further than Cliphair.

How often can you wear Ponytail Clip Ins?

Our clip in hair extensions for ponytail styles can be worn every day. If you want to make them last as long as possible, you can save them for nights out. Removing and refitting our ponytail hair extensions only takes a matter of minutes.

What’s the difference between the Wrap Around Ponytail and the Classic Ribbon?

Our Classic Ribbon Ponytail was our first ever Clip-In Ponytail Extension that has a slide clip with ribbons to attach the ponytail. The Wrap Around Ponytail is a new and improved version of this which is 3x more secure, less visible and uses a thick strand of hair instead of ribbons to hide the attachment.

Real or Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions which is better for ponytails?

Ponytail extensions are usually made from either synthetic or genuine human hair. If you choose an acrylic hair extension ponytail, you might be able to save money on the initial purchase price. However, you can take it from us that cheap acrylic extensions don’t last long. Even worse, they are often easily noticeable, which is the last thing you want when strutting your stuff around town. Most importantly of all, you won’t find any ponytail extensions that look as authentic as our quality products.