Collection: Red Hair Extensions

Red hair is beautiful, whether you’re born with it or dye your hair red. Our natural red hair extensions let you make the most of your fiery locks. When you choose Cliphair’s hair extensions in red, you get only 100% natural Remy hair of the best possible quality. Read More


Hair Extensions For Redheads from Clip-In, Weft/Weave to Full Head

Redheads have hair in many different shades, which is why we offer lots of different tones. This ensures you get the perfect red hair extensions to match your natural locks.

At Cliphair you can find: Read more

Browse our range of red human hair extensions above to see the wide range of colors that we offer. Read less

Use Our Color Matching Service For Red Extensions That Are The Perfect Match

Unsure which of our hair extensions for redheads are right for you? Don’t worry. Our color matching service can help you get the perfect match. All you do is send some photos of your hair, and we choose the right tone, whether it’s dark or light auburn hair extensions, so you can buy with confidence. Getting the right color is important when it comes to hair extensions for redheads, so if you’re unsure, don’t leave it to chance.

Choose Dark Red Clip In Hair Extensions For A Temporary Boost

Not everyone wants to wear extensions for a long time. It’s not always practical to have very long hair all the time, but you might want them for a night out. Our red clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution for when you want natural looking red hair extensions for a few hours. Read more

Cliphair’s red clip in hair extensions couldn’t be easier to use. Each one comes in a single piece, with three hair clips attached. You simply place it under your hairline and then attach the clips and you’re ready to go. Even if you don’t usually style your own hair, it’s easy to do.

While some red clip in hair extensions can look fake, our clip ins are just as high quality as all our extensions, with natural, human hair that can be styled easily and in a way that suits you.Read less

Find Red Hair Extensions For Longer Wear

Cliphair also offers lots of longer wear alternatives to our clip in red hair extensions. These should be fitted by a technician for the best results and last 6-8 weeks before needing any maintenance. Tape in or sewn in extensions are popular, as are our bonded extensions which are essentially clamped or glued-into the hair. A red human hair extensions weave can be fitted in as little as an hour and a half. Read more

Micro rings are the perfect red extensions for those who want to wear extensions for as long as possible. Each red human hair extensions weft is carefully looped into your own hair and clamped in place, so you get a full head of extensions that look completely natural. After 6-8 weeks of wear you will have a maintenance appointment and then you can keep wearing them for a further 6 weeks before needing a full removal or reposition.

Unsure which method to opt for? Speak to a hair extension technician. They’ll be happy to carry out a consultation to see what kind of extensions would work for your hair type and what you’re trying to achieve. You can then order from Cliphair and get your extensions within 24 hours, ready for them to attach. Read less

When Choosing Red Hair Extensions, Remy 100% Human Hair Is Best

There are many reasons that, when you are looking for red hair extensions, real human hair is best: Read more

  • Human hair wefts closely match your hair and move in a natural way
  • If you buy red hair extensions in the US that are made with artificial hair, they often look extremely fake, more so than other colors, as you don’t achieve the same natural depth of color
  • 100% Remy human hair is soft and comfortable to wear, and doesn’t make you feel weighed down
  • Human hair can be styled like your own natural hair. Each red hair extension can stand up to water, heat and products
  • Real hair has subtle undertones and highlights which you don’t see in artificial hair – human hair extensions blend in much better with your natural hair and catch the light normally

When you shop for natural red hair extensions to clip in or have attached as a weave, it’s tempting to go for the cheap options, but the truth is, the investment in real human hair is worth paying the extra to get the best possible look.

Buying red human hair extensions online can be risky, as not all of them are good quality. That’s why it’s important to use a reputable supplier such as Cliphair. Take a look at our reviews and you’ll see we have many satisfied customers that have used our red hair extensions and found that they work really well for them. Read less

Get Red Hair Extensions: Full Head or One Piece

There are loads of ways to wear our red hair extensions. Many people opt for a full head for length, or a half head if they just want some volume. These can be taped in or bonded, but we also offer clip in options that come in one piece, so they’re easy for you to fit at home. You can even try a hair piece such as a ponytail or fringe to try something new for the night. You can make small, subtle changes to your hair, or go for a dramatic look for a special occasion.

Shop At Cliphair For Your Perfect Extensions Today

When you’re looking for tape in, micro loop or clip in red hair extensions, browse the range at Cliphair and buy online. We offer fast delivery across the US, so you can get your red hair extensions quickly and get them attached for a whole new look. We select only the best quality human hair for our red hair extensions and offer many shades of red, so you can find a set that’ll get you noticed.


What are the most popular hair extension styles for redheads?

The type of red hair extensions you choose will depend on how long you want them for. Red hair extensions that clip in are ideal for a night out and can be attached at home, while weave in or micro loop extensions last a few weeks and are done at a salon.

How can I make my red hair longer?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your red hair longer is to look for real red hair extensions. These are ideal for when you’re growing your own hair out, and you can choose hair extensions that clip in, or ones that are attached to your hair by a technician.

How long do red hair extensions last?

The length of time that redhead hair extensions last will depend on the type you choose. Clip in extensions are designed to be taken out each night, while woven in red hair extensions can last up to 8 weeks. Micro loop extensions last the longest at 12 weeks, but you’ll need a maintenance appointment at 4-6 weeks.

What different types of red hair extensions do Cliphair stock?

Cliphair stock several different kinds of red hair extensions in the US. This includes extensions that can be temporarily clipped in, taped in or sewn in, or even micro bead hair extensions. We also offer red hair pieces such as clip in fringes that help you change your look without any hassle.