50 Nail Designs to Try in Fall 2021

50 Autumn Nail Designs to Try in 2021

Fall has arrived, and our nails are here for it! Alongside countless tantalising trends of the season, super chic nail designs are cropping up all over our social feeds. Autumn nail designs this year are cool and crisp, celebrating Fall leaves and nude tones, animal print and retro swirls. Looking for an Autumn gel nails design that will get you through the coming chill? We've compiled our top 50 Nail Designs to try in Fall 2021. 

1. @kyliejenner’s Leopard Lovin’ Look

First up is this French-manicured leopard print masterpiece worn by our favourite to-be mom, Kylie Jenner.

Blue and White Swirls by @vwnails_

These two-toned royal blue and white contrasting swirls by @vwnails_ are a Fall nail design we’re obsessing over.

@nailsbysuman’s Nude Khaki Fantasy

Some of the best fall nail designs use 2021 trending colors: khaki, brown and nudes.

@heluviee’s Alternating Sage Nails

@heluviee uses this gorgeous sage color to create these alternating autumn nails.

@joelyoceannails’s Pink and Green Retro Swirls

@joelyoceannails uses contrasting shades Sage and Earth by @glossifyofficial to create a retro Autumn nail design Austin Powers would be proud of.

@joelyoceannails’s Cutest Pink Cuticles

Never mind the tips, this Fall it’s all about cuiticles. @joelyoceannails uses these pretty pink shades to create this whimsical Autumn nail design.

@sarahsgelnails Brown Retro Swirls

Fall is the time for Cappuccinos and Cinnamon Swirls. These decadent chocolate swirls are a real mocha fantasy. Mmmmmmm.

@daniellemetz Nude Tips

@daniellemetz shows off her alternating nude nail tips; super on trend, effortlessly chic, and a cute and easy Autumn nail design.

@katiealice_nail_design's Nude Raindrops

@katiealice_nail_design uses her nude @glossifyofficial colors to create this Autumn raindrop fantasy in trending tones white and brown.

@chaunlegend's Croc Print Tips

Autumn nail designs this year will be full of print. Just look acroc t these stunning croc print tips in true Fall colors by @chaunlegend.

@nailsbycaroline_’s Pina Colada Swirl Tips

We wish we were on the beach sipping a Pina Colada with @nailsbycaroline_ Autumn swirl interpretation. She uses @the_gelbottle_inc’s GelPot3, with shades of piña colada and tortie.

@danakindofday Red Feminine Sketch

@danakindofd shows off her Autumn nail design by @glamournailsfitchburg. These bright red beauties are painted with delicate feminine sketches.

@naileditbeauty Pumpkin Spice Swirl

@naileditbeauty transports us to Pumpkin Spice Latte season with these warm nude retro swirls. She uses colors from the Hollie Barker X Glossify collection.

@holliebarkernailartist’s Little Black Nails

Go sleek and shiny with these ultra chic black nails by @holliebarkernailartist. She uses this sultry black tone from @glossifyofficial.

@nailmailbykhlo Blue Sky and Smiles

We’re getting distinct day fezzie vibes with these blue sky, smily face creations by @nailmailbykhlo. She uses @candy.coat Pro palette shade Summer.

@pressedbycharlotte_'s Milky White & Bright White Swirls

These milky swirls are Autumn nail perfection. @pressedbycharlotte_uses @glossifyofficial shades milky white & bright white to create this look.

@naildbykimberley’s Black To Black Swirl Tips

This gorgeous creation by @kiaraskynails blends shades Pure White, Black To Black and Flower Child to create this sophisticated fantasy.

@pressedbycharlotte_ Soft Pink Snakes

@pressedbycharlotte_uses a pale pink base to paint on her snake like swirls in the stunning Autumn nail design. To recreate the look use shades from @glossifyofficial & @the_gelbottle_inc.

@paintbyjaz’s Ghost Glamour

@paintbyjaz is ready for spooky season with these adorable (and glamorous) ghouls. She uses shades from @salonsystem #GELLUX: Light Pink Builder Gel, Purely White and Black Onyx.

@beautybyelee’s Caramel Latte Nails

Dreaming of a caramel latte? This Autumn gel nails design by @beautybyelee has us running to the local coffee shop for a toasty Cappuccino date.

@tori.nailedit 60s Monochrome Swirl Tips

@tori.nailedit takes us back to the swinging sixties with this monochrome Autumn gel nails design. Feel like Cruella Devill using @glossifyofficial shades black & white one coat gel.

@nailsbykirstenchanel’s Nude Spectrum

This Autumn gel nails design uses a spectrum of nude shades to celebrate this fashion-forward season. Nudes are the new Colors this Fall.

@nails_byesther's Black and Tan Tips

@nails_byesther contrasts @valentinobeautypure shades in Glamorous Nude, Gel 051 & 048. Feel super chic this Fall with this sophisticated Autumn gel nails design.

@nails_byesther Cafe Au Lait

These whimsical designs by @nails_byesther take coffee and milk to a whole new level. Get this Autumn Gel Nails Design using @valentinobeautypure Gel polishes 112 & 011.

@ps_nailss’s Earthy Mosaic Tips

@ps_nailss uses fabulous earthy Autumn tones to create this cell-like mosaic creation. If you have a delicate hand, just paint the tips to make this look really pop.

@chloehayward_’s Hot Chocolate Swirl

Nail artist @bw.nails creates this mouth-watering dark hot chocolate swirl Autumn nail design that looks good enough to drink.


Nail artist @bw.nails creates this mouth-watering dark hot chocolate swirl Autumn nail design that looks good enough to drink.

@joelyoceannails Nova Check

This press on creation by @PressedByJ Gives us distinct Burberry Nova Check vibes. A super chic y2k design is perfect for 2021 Fall trends.

@kuypernailart's Nude Zebra

This alternating nude zebra Autumn nail design is giving us major safari vibes. Get the look using shades from @lightslacquer: ‘Mila’ ‘Matilda’ ‘Lyla’ ‘Emma’ ‘Alyanna’ and ‘Olivia’.

@Nails.by.zo_’s Mermaid Leaves

These Teal toned Autumn gel nail designs will make your friends leafy green with envy. The subtle monochrome leaves are skillfully etched in using shades from @kiarasky: Now and Zen, Pretty Fly and Pure White.

@Nails.by.zo_’s Autumn Mosaic

These Autumn mosaic tips are created using neutral earthy tone from @the_gelbottle_inc . Use matt nude shades for the rest of your nail to make this look really pop.

@overglowedit's Two Toned Tips

This easy Autumn nail design is super simple to create, using coffee and cream shades to create a two toned tip look.

@overglowedit's Caramel Patterns

This babe uses the @chinaglazeofficial Autumn Spice Collection to create these fabulous caramel nail designs.

@lightslacquer’s Checkerboard

@disseynails Creates these Mixed checks in white and red will spice up your coziest sweaters. For these exact colors choose @Lightlacquer shades Misfit Toys and Midnight Train.

@disseynails Yin and Yang

Feel Zen this Fall with this Yin and Yang design by @disseynails. Perfect this look using @lightslacquer shades Paper Snow, Tuxedo Mask, Emma and Jefa.

@disseynails's Groovy Baby

This Autumn gel nail design is Austin Powers approved. Feel groovy this Fall with this swirl flower patterns. Recreate the look using @lightslacquer shades Adaline, Yours Truly, A Temporary Madness, A Mysterious Affair, Midnight Train and Fiona.

@pop_polished's Autumn Leaves

This stunning Autumnal creation uses The China Glaze Autumn Spice collection To create these matt nails with gold foil.

@beautyworksbyamy’s Tortoiseshell

Make your friends green with envy with these tortoiseshell nails created using the NEW @the_gelbottle_inc Bottega Tortie Kit (Glass Yellow, Chocolate and Jet Black.)

@beautyworksbyamy’s Pink and Green Half Moons

These green half moons contrast beautifully with shiny pink nails. Get the look using @the_gelbottle_inc shade Peacock.

@beautyworksbyamy’s Dotty Details

A super quick and easy Autumn nail design to try this month. Go simple with dotty details using @the_gelbottle_inc in shade BIAB Teddy Jet black.

@nailsbymilee’s Green Speckled Details

These green speckled nails are super chic and give us major mini egg vibes. Switch up the color to experiment this Fall.

@lefevrediary's Simple White

This easy Autumn nail design features simple white nails. Try this look for a super chic and simple nail transformation.

@joydumpling's Nude Drip

These nude dripping nails give us caramel mocha vibes, an Autumn gel nail design created using @opi_professionals shades Coastal Sand-tuary, Endless Sun-ner and Cliffside karaoke.

@joelyoceannails’s Gold Swirl

Exude opulence with these subtle gold swirls. To create this look use @glossifyofficial shade Naturabuild Pink as your base, be sure to trace gold swirls delicately to maintain this lavish illusion.

@nailartbyqueenie’s Cow Print Tips

Western vibes incoming! These cow print tips have us moo-ing in approval. This Autumn nail design is bang on trend for 2021, pair with a Western hat and boots to complete this cowboy creation.

@cinziabayliszullo’s Nude Flame Tips

We love the flame nail trend, but this Fall let's keep it subtle. @anouskaanastasia creates these nude translucent flames that are the perfect Autumn nail design for 2021.

@sarahsgelnails’s Pink Halloween

Feel cute and spooky with these chilling designs by @nailz_by_dev @nailzbydevshop. To recreate this Halloween horror, use colors from @thegelbottleireland.

@sar’s ahsgelnails' Animal Print Swoosh

Animal prints are a must this autumn, we simply love these tip swooshes in nude animal print on a pink blush base. @thegelbottleireland creates this look using @glossifyoffial shades ‘𝘊𝘰𝘤𝘰𝘢’, ‘𝘊𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘭’, ‘𝘞𝘰𝘰𝘥𝘺’, ‘𝘏𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘺’, ‘𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘦’, and ‘𝘗𝘶𝘮𝘱𝘬𝘪𝘯’.

@sophiatuxford’s Au Naturale

Keep it natural with these sleek and shiny nude nails by @sophiatuxford.

@nailsbycanishiea’s Nude Patterns

Celebrate Fall 2021 with these super chic nude patterns.

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