August Hair Trends

by SHOPIFY API / 6. AUG 2012


    August Hair Trends – Summer is HEREEEEEEEEEE


    After probably one of the weirdest June/July weather wise it seems like the sun is finally arriving in Britain so we can get out our shorts, flip flops, summer dresses and wear some gorgeous summery hairstyles! Check out the ClipHair youtube channel to find out how to achieve beautiful braids, which are perfect for the nice weather!

    My inspiration over the past months has been coming from the beautiful girls on The Bachelor. All the girls on The Bachelor were chosen for their stunning looks, so it’s no surprise that they all have luscious hair for me to lust over. My favourite hair belongs to Khloe, Brandy and Renay. Khloe and Brandy both have blonde highlighted hair and use extensions. They have both been spotted with rollers in their hair which gives away how they achieve their trademark volumous locks. Renay has gorgeous long hair which she achieves using clip in hair extensions. To get her style, watch the video on how to achieve loose beach waves on the youtube channel.

    Another celebrity catching my eye this summer is ex TOWIE star Maria Fowler. Maria has recently been sporting blonde locks, which I haven’t been to keen on. I think that her hair looks gorgeous as a rich reddy brunette, so I was happy and excited to hear that she has returned to her copper hues. Maria tweeted a photo of her last summer with red toned locks and long extensions. She spoke of how excited she is to get fresh clip in extensions and return to her former length! Check out if Maria has inspired you to go RED, as ClipHair stock a wide range of raven extensions.

    Speaking of red hair, Jodie Marsh has been causing a stir with her steamy photoshoot featuring ex TOWIE star Kirk Norcross. She showed off her bodybuilders physique in the shots, which were made extra eyecatching with her full head of ruby hair. Amy Childs is still looking gorgeous as ever, sporting her trademark red hair extensions, which she uses rollers in to create bounce and volume.

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