Cliphair’s Ponytail Extension – Different Hairstyles

Purchasing a Ponytail Extension is probably one of the best purchases that a woman will ever make. It is extremely easy to attach (click here to watch how) and not only does it look super elegant and stylish, however you can style it in a variety of different ways. In this tutorial, I shall be showing you a few easy styles which are suitable for day to day wear, however are also appropriate for more special occasions. I am using Cliphair’s Ponytail Extension in Bleach Blonde #613 which you can get over here. Quick and easy is my motto, and well, all you need to recreate these styles are rubber bands, bobby pins and perhaps some setting spray.
Make sure to add as many bobby pins as necessary, to make sure your style feels sturdy and secure.
I also thought it would be a good idea to show you how to conceal the ribbon of the extension by using a thick rubber band, and well, a quick method to get it off your back when you’re feeling too hot! I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and please subscribe for more videos! Also, do not hesitate to leave any queries in the comments section down below.

Written By: Davi Gouder

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