Hair Extensions Without A Trip To The Hairdresser

by SHOPIFY API / 6. JUN 2011


    If you’re thinking of a good way to add a little something extra to your hairstyle you’re sure to have already thought about hair extensions – but did you know how easy it is to use clip in extensions? Lots of people are put off the idea of getting thicker, more luxurious looking hair because they are worried about having extensions put in and damaging their natural hair. Others are worried that they will have permanent hair extensions added and then change their minds. However, the great thing about clip in hair extensions is the fact that they are very, very easy to use without a visit to the hairdresser, very easy to remove and best of all, they don’t damage your hair.

    There are plenty of different clip in options too, meaning it can be very easy to achieve the look you’re going for, whether it’s for one night or something you plan to add to your look for a while. You can choose from full head sets – which are perfect for adding volume or length to natural hair and are designed to give you a consistent, all-over boost, or DIY sets that are designed to let you pick and choose to create a very distinctive look for yourself.

    Then there are double wefted sets, these are extensions that are ideal for people with thick hair or who want to add the most possible volume using the fewest number of actual extensions. Of course, if you just want to add a little extra to your hair in one quick go, you’ll find plenty of one-step fixes too.

    Hair extensions come in a huge variety of colours, so you should be easily able to match your natural colour, add highlights or even choose a dramatic contrast easily. You’ll can also choose from a number of lengths – it can be a good idea to choose clip in extensions a little longer than your desired length as you can always carefully trim them yourself if they are too long, but there’s not much you can do about it if they are too short.

    Hair extensions and DIY weave sets mean that you can apply extensions yourself – perfect if you’re worried about making a long-term commitment to a new hairdo or you’re keen to experiment with your hairstyle yourself. You’ll be able to go from daytime hair to party styles in a matter of minutes when you choose clip in hair extensions and give your hair a real boost.

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