Holly Willoughby Hair Extensions' Look Was Outrageously Cool

by BRENDA L. / 13. JAN 2023

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    Since her comeback on the This Morning show, Holly Willoughby has been the talk of the town. For those that are not familiar with the TV host and presenter, Holly has been in the hearts of British TV enthusiasts for quite a long time now – working in shows such as The Voice UK, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! And, of course, This Morning.

    Her iconic long bob has been a trendy choice for many out there, but since this last season, as long hair took over runways and social media, Holly Willoughby’s hair extensions look has been one of the most searched hair topics across the UK… Until she got it chopped off. What happened there?

    1. What Has Holly Willoughby Done To Her Hair?

    According to sources such as The Daily Mail and, well, Holly’s Instagram itself, the TV star got her icy blonde locks chopped off by her 8-year-old Chester! A rather brave choice, but I love the result. Safe to say Holly is back to her iconic lob, that is oh-so-trendy these days.

    “Chester decided it was time… ✂️✂️✂️… When your 8 year old gets hold of the scissors…” is her caption, as fans comment in disbelief and amusement.

    The video she posted shows how she and Chester enjoy this mother-and-son moment of bonding and creativity, with her hair expertly sectioned to achieve a new haircut. Impressive!

    2. How Has Holly Willoughby's Hair Grow So Much?

    Let’s take a step back and explore Holly’s long hair moment. Although a healthy hair care routine, good food and basking in the sun to get plenty of vitamin D surely are all very-well-known factors to help your hair grow long, shiny and healthy, these things alone are not sufficient to achieve an outstanding hair transformation in a short amount of time. You got it: whilst naturally achieving an overnight hair makeover isn’t possible, you can always resort to hair extensions to get that celebrity look.

    3. Does Holly Willoughby Wear Hair Extensions?

    Yes. Holly isn’t new to trying new hair trends, tricks and tips, and she never shies away from sharing with her followers her latest hair craze such as DIY hair dye, or getting a fresh set of ice-cold highlights in her naturally blonde mane.

    She declared that hair extensions are “so much fun to wear”, as they give her ”that pop without being too obvious,” concluding: “It’s like having a fresh start on my hair.”

    4. How Do You Get Your Hair Like Holly Willoughby?

    If you’d like to steal Holly’s style keep in mind that you’re likely to start with a bleach job – something that can be seriously taxing on your hair, especially if it’s naturally dark. Her shade of choice is a light, ice blond shade that you can pump up with ice blonde hair extensions.

    If you decide to go for a permanent solution such as nano ring hair extensions from a premium selection like Cliphair’s Remy Royale hair extensions, rest assured that your freshly bought locks will come in cuticle aligned and carefully selected to achieve luxurious thickness, volume and length made to last. But how do you take care of your own bleached hair? Let’s find out together.

    Hair Masks For Bleached Hair

    The first thing you need to know is that bleached hair will always be thirsty – and there’s not much you can do about it, you’ll need to give it all the nourishing moisture you can. Start with the right products, such as the Olaplex range to maintain your hair’s bond and keep your tresses plump, shiny and flexible. Find out more about Olaplex and its miracle benefits on our dedicated blog: Olaplex Review: Can You Use Olaplex On Hair Extensions?

    Keep The Heat Low

    Bleached hair is more prone to damage, becoming easily dry and brittle. To minimise the aftermath of a bleach job, keep your heat settings on low when you’re using heat-based styling tools such as curling wands, flat irons, and hair crimpers. Another important thing to do is incorporate the usage of heat protectant spray in your hair care routine. This applies to human hair extensions too, as they don’t receive any natural nourishment from your scalp and are easily dried out! Stock up on Cliphair's heat protectant spray to shelter your tresses during your styling process.

    If you're looking for heatless styling techniques to spare your hair from heat damage and look stylish whilst doing it, check out our blog: Heatless Hair: Curl Ribbons & Silk Everything Are The Latest Trend.

    Choose The Right Styling

    If your hair is naturally fine, chances are that it will tend to look a little flat. Besides boosting the volume up with products such as seamless hair extensions, that will give your hair a thicker appearance whilst hiding discreetly even in the finer or tresses, you can bring some movement to your mane with a texturising spray, such as Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray.

    On the other hand, if your hair has some natural bounce to it, enhance its natural shape with the aid of a curling cream. If you’re not a fan of overdone looks but still want to add body and give nourishment to your tresses, opt for Cantu Coconut Curling Cream on damp hair before going in with your diffuser.

    Get Regular Trims

    There’s no other way to say it: after a bleach job, you’re going to need a good trim, and keep up with it. Ideally, try to stay regular with your trimming appointments – on a schedule of around six to eight weeks.

    Reduce Your Washing Days

    A good practice to start taking more seriously is to reduce your washing days, yes, even if you have greasy hair. Buy yourself some time with the usage of a good dry shampoo, and experiment with hairstyles expertly designed to hide oily roots, such as braids and sleek ponytails.

    Cliphair's dry shampoo is an optimal choice whether you're wearing permanent hair extensions or not, so that your tresses can go an extra day without having to get wet again. When your hair is wet it is notoriously at its weakest, and with bleached hair, it's important that you don't overlook this as it could have a serious impact on your final look.

    Last but not least, if you'd like to wear your hair in a long ponytail to switch things up whilst hiding oily hair or try a fancy retro ponytail a la Bella Hadid, like many are since the beginning of the Y2K resurgence, you can always resort to ponytail hair extensions: plump, thick hair that will make you look as if you never gave your hair the big chop.

    5. Does Holly Willoughby Bleach Her Hair?

    Holly is a natural blonde, but in order to get to her iconic signature platinum shade she has resorted to heavy bleach jobs in the past. More recently, she opened up about how bleach has damaged her hair and didn’t work well with her busy schedule, often requiring the usage of heat-based styling tools and hot blow dries in order to be ready for work.

    As of now, Holly Willoughby prefers the occasional set of highlights and roots touch-ups instead of a full-head bleaching session. If you’d like to match your hair extensions to the popular Holly Willoughby hair colour you’ve seen on TV, explore our range of ice blonde hair extensions.

    6. Conclusion:

    From short to long, from long to short: Holly doesn’t miss out on an incredible hair transformation, ever! The British TV darling knows what she does on any occasion – from her expert colouring choices to her homemade haircuts.

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