Micro Ring Vs Nano Ring Hair Extensions: Pros & Cons

by BRENDA L. / 30. SEP 2022

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    When choosing permanent hair extensions, it’s easy to stumble upon micro rings hair extensions and their counterpart, nano rings hair extensions. But how do they differ from one another and most importantly, which one is the best for you?

    For this blog, I teamed up with our salon expert Abbey - the mastermind behind some of the hairstyles featured in our yearly campaigns - in order to write the ultimate “battle of the hair extensions” post.

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    1. Hair Extensions Application Method:

    “The application method for both types is the same,” says Abbey, “as they both consist of a small, individual strand of hair that is subsequently attached to the client’s natural hair with a ring or bead. The main difference between micro ring hair extensions and nano bond hair extensions is the size of their attachments, and the tips of the extensions. Neither of these systems use heat or glue in the application process, which means they are kind to your natural hair.”

    2. What Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Nano tip hair has a very small metal loop as an attachment for the extension. Nano beads hair extensions are almost twice as small as a standard micro ring (or micro bead hair extensions), which is what makes this system more discreet and comfortable. Nanos are a type of human hair extensions.

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    3. What Are Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

    Micro Rings are usually applied using I-Tip Hair Extensions, also known as “stick tips”. Just like with nanos, the tips of the extensions are clamped to natural hair using a ring or bead. The attachments in micro beads hair extensions are slightly larger and more robust than nano beads, and they can fit more hair - which is why they are more suitable for thicker hair types. Like nanos, micro rings are used on real hair extensions.

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    Abbey also explains how the tips of I-Tip hair extensions are also different from Nano Tip hair extensions, as they do not have a metal loop. Instead, the tip is made from keratin that bonds the hair together into a straight tip. This makes the hair easier to reuse. 

    4. Which Type Of Hair Extensions Is Good For My Hair?

    When trying to find a new type of hair product, whether it’s a new conditioner, a hairbrush, and even hair extensions, reviews and perfectly crafted product descriptions on the company’s website are not good enough. The truth is, there are thousands of different combinations of hair type, hair condition, and scalp type out there. What works for Abbey surely doesn’t work for me, and what works for me is likely to not be a good match for you.

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    However, there are a few general guidelines that we can use to find the right product for us. For example, in the case of permanent hair extensions, choosing between micro ring hair extensions and nano bead hair extensions is likely to affect your final results in quite a distinctive way. Let’s see how.

    Nano Rings hair extensions are designed for people that have thin or fine hair, as they are very small and easy to hide. This means you can apply them very close to the hairline without them showing through, making them the best option if you are looking to wear your hair up quite often. 

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    Nano hair extensions are not the best option for thick hair as they would take a very long time to apply, due to the small amount of hair that goes into each ring. It would be more time effective (and definitely cheaper) to use micro bead hair extensions on a thick-haired person who wants to add volume and length to their hair with discretion. 

    Micro bond hair extensions are best for medium to thick hair. As the rings are slightly bulkier they can be seen in thin hair around the hairline - thus, Abbey recommends avoiding using them on very thin hair. Just like nano beads hair extensions, micro rings offer discretion even when wearing your hair up, hiding in the natural thickness of your tresses.

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    5. How Much Are Permanent Hair Extensions?

    Micro ring hair extensions can vary in price, usually ranging around £80 per package. Nano ring hair extensions are usually around the same price: keep in mind that length, application, and the amount of hair you’ll need will impact the final cost of your new hairstyle.

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    When picking your hair extensions, always make sure that you’re buying from a certified vendor that provides you with ethically sourced, 100% Remy human hair extensions - and never settle for less!

    If you are looking to go permanent with your new look, find out more about our professional hair extensions range.

    6. What Hairstyles Can I Try With Permanent Hair Extensions?

    When volume and length come in impeccable discretion and quality, there are tons of hairstyles you can play around with to express yourself and always look flawless.

    If you need some inspiration, you can check our top 15 hair extensions hairstyles and find your new favourite hair look.



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    7. Micro Ring Vs Nano Ring: Pros & Cons

    Nano Rings


    • Most discreet extensions on the market 
    • Reusable 
    • Natural looking finish 
    • Can be applied close to the hairline due to their tiny size 
    • Great for super fine and thin hair as they are gentle on the hair 
    • Great for wearing the hair up 


    • Takes a long time to apply
    • Not as sturdy as Micro Rings. You may find more come loose in between services 
    • More expensive 

    Micro Rings


    • Natural looking finish 
    • Small and discreet
    • Re-useable and easy to apply 
    • Cost effective 
    • Great for wearing the hair up 
    • No heat or glue needed. Gentle on the hair
    • More secure than Nanos 


    • Not suitable for very fine hair as rings are bigger and less discreet 
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    8. Conclusion:

    Are micro rings hair extensions better than nano bond hair extensions? Yes? No? Why? As you can see, when talking about beauty and hair there are no black or white answers - on the contrary, grey areas are where your opportunities flourish as long as inclusivity. What’s your budget, how much time do you have, and what is your hair type? Once you have all the answers (and once you have considered where you might need/want to compromise), our hair experts will be more than happy to help you find the right hair extensions for you.

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