Ombre Hair Tutorial

by SHOPIFY API / 13. MAI 2014


    Ombre Hair is one of the hottest trends at the moment, and bright colours really make a funky change to our usual look. In this tutorial I am using a vibrant purple colour, but of course, you may use any colour which tickles your fancy! Here we shall be dying the ends of our hair darker than the colour of the actual extensions, and I am using a blonde set of double weftedextensions to achieve this ombre look. As you shall see, I shall be showing you how to achieve a gradient effect rather than just a dip dye look, where the colour fades into a brighter shade at the ends!What you will be needed is minimal tools, which I have of course mentioned in the video and will list below for your convenience!
    • A plastic bowl
    • A hair dye brush applicator
    • Choice of hair dye
    • About 10 pre cut squares of aluminium foil
    • Hair Conditioner
    • A towel to protect the surface of where you will be working.

    I really hope you enjoy this tutorial. Do leave a comment if you would like to ask me any questions prior to taking on the task yourself and I will be more than happy to answer your queries!

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    Davi Gouder

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