Reasons why you Must Try Clip-in Bangs

Bangs can be fun, striking images of youth. They’re bouncy and cute, and absolutely adorable with the right summer sundress or outfit. Wear them with your hair up or down, with accessories or without – it doesn’t matter. They’re simply dazzling. But there’s something you must remember. Natural bangs come with a commitment. 

Have you ever wanted to cut a cute fringe across the front of your forehead, but too scared to make the move? Well, If you’ve thought about it, you’re not alone. Many women want to try bangs, and many have cut them to suit their style. However, many have also wished they didn’t have them a few weeks later. So, what can a girl do?

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  • Taking Care of Natural Bangs
  • Why You Should Choose Clip-On Bangs and Fringes
  • How to Style Clip In Bangs
  • Layers and Highlights
  • Creating A Youthful Look
  • Alternative Styles and Colors
  • Why Are Fake Hair Fringes Lower Quality?
  • Remy Human Hair Fringes/Bangs at Cliphair

Taking Care of Natural Bangs

As you know, hair grows back, and bangs, yes, they eventually blend back into your natural hair length over time and after many trims. But, why not try bangs one day and go back to a uniform hair length the next? This is the best option of all, and the main reason why you should try clip-on bangs. If you like them, then wear them all the time, if you don’t then at least you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow back out, right?

If you don’t have bangs now, then you may have forgotten just how much work goes into keeping them looking fabulous. There are several things you must remember when wearing the fringe look.

• Bangs will need a trim, and they will need attention like this regularly. A trip to the salon every couple of weeks, at least, will be needed to keep your natural bangs looking fresh.

• Activities, like sports, will be different when you have natural bangs. For instance, when playing tennis for a few hours, your bangs will be plastered to your forehead unless they’ve been pinned back. And trust me, it’s difficult to secure the shorter fringe styles. Natural bangs mean having an oily mass of hair stuck to the top of your face every time you run, workout, or do the least bit of work if they’re not pinned back or held by a tight headband.

• Beware of the salon that cuts your bangs too short when getting that trim. IF you have natural bangs, and you desperately need a trim, this could happen. It’s especially risky if your regular beautician is out of pocket for a few days. A trim sometimes just cannot wait.

• You don’t just wake up in the morning and sport that natural fringe either. Most of the time, when you wake up, your bangs will be sticking out all over the place. It may sometimes be difficult to get them in place again. Styling your natural bangs will take some skill and the use of quality hair products to get them in the position you want. 

• And don’t forget the ‘cutter’s remorse. Yeah, that’s still hanging over your head, literally. After you cut your hair, you will have to live with the results until all the hair grows back.

Why you should choose clip-on bangs and fringes?

First of all, natural bangs, when you make the decision to cut them, are here to stay for a while. If you choose to maintain them, as stated earlier, you must trim them regularly, or keep them pinned to the side or curl them.

If you decide immediately that you don’t want them, you’re on a long road to hair-length recovery, my dear. It could take months to grow back your natural hair. It can be worse than cutting the back of your hair, as some women grow to really dislike their regrowing hair in the front of their face, as it falls in their eyes and irritates their skin.

Over time, the hair will grow back, but in the meantime, you’ll need lots of hair barrettes and clips to keep the growing hair out of your face. You’ll also need quite a bit of patience as well.

how to style clip in bangs?

Now, let’s consider the work that goes into the clip-on bangs. First, you clip them in, and then you style your hair. That’s it! Clip-in hair extensions are always easy to use, especially when it consists of one major piece.

This clip in extension can be placed right at the hairline, further back, or even to the side to imitate a natural fringe. Just one step and… Done! Now you have fringes that you can remove whenever you want, cut to any size and even style. You see, there are many positive aspects, and applying them to your hairstyle is just the first.

Here are a few examples of how fringes and bangs can take your look to the next level.

Glorious natural red fringes really accent the golden-red mane when clipped just at the hairline. These bangs flow long and part just slightly above the eyes for that classic ginger waif look.

If you feel like being a sexy brunette kitten, then wear those bangs cropped straight and slightly blow-dried with your hairbrush. This warm look is paired with a wide headband and long chestnut brown extensions.    

For a cuddly first date style, a close-cropped clip-on jet black fringe will sizzle and melt the hearts of many paramours. You can cut your bangs in choppy lengths, or just clip them on one side of your hairline to achieve this sweet/naughty angsty vibe. Cut them straight as well, if you want.

Best Clip In Fringe Bangs
Best Clip In Fringe Bangs
Black Clip In Fringe UK
Clip In bangs human hair black
Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - Tiefschwarz (#1)

Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - Tiefschwarz (#1)


With Remy Human Hair clip-on bangs or fringes, you can alter them to fit your style. If they’re too long, trim them down, or clip them higher on your scalp for the same effect. Many celebrities are wearing short-cropped bangs, and they seem to be all the rage.

If you feel like being a sleek and sassy diva, then sweep them to the side, and pull up your hair into a messy bun. Leave a few tendrils to cover your ears if you feel more comfortable this way. This is a casual yet super sexy look for a day out shopping or a night at the movies. If you aren’t keen on this look, then just take them out again, enjoying the sleek long uniform strands of Remy Human Hair clipped in the back.

There’s another magic trick with clip-on bangs and fringes. If you cut your natural bangs too short, you know, for an experimental look, and realize you hate it, then not to worry. 

Longer Clip-on fringes can even be worn over short natural bangs to hide your mistake until the short hair grows back out. Side fringes may not be the answer when covering these short bangs, but then again, with the right pins and barrettes, anything’s possible, especially with Remy Human hair clip-on at Cliphair.

how to wear clip in bangs

Layering Clip In Bangs and highlights

Clip-on fringes are easy to use. You can even layer them if you want, adding volume and height to your natural hair. It’s so simple a child could do it. But this time, clip-on bangs are for the powerful woman in you. If you rather have a splash of lighter color in dark hair, choose a clip-in with highlights or color just a shade lighter than the rest of your hair.

Creating a youthful look

Clip-on bangs and fringes not only add accents to your natural hair or your extensions but also create a more youthful appearance. Fringes can actually change the appearance in the shape of your face.

 If you have a round face but wish to create a more angular appearance of maturity, a clip-on fringe styled to the side can take years away and completely change the way you look. 

Paired with beautifully curled extensions, perfectly matched to your fringe, you can create any style you wish. One of the most glamorous looks is the upswept messy curl cascading in brilliant hues of brown and gold matching your sunflower summer attired.

Note: Chestnut brown with blonde highlights really accentuates darker skin tones and adds a golden glow that radiates in a welcoming presence. If you’re looking to turn heads, these clip-on extensions and fringes will do the trick.

If you’re using other clip-on hair extensions to camouflage gray, a chestnut brown with gold highlights can make gray hairs appear blonde as well. You can mix and match your extensions to create this gorgeous golden youthful look

Remember, you can cut and style as you wish, creating the effect your desire. Then when your tastes change, you can try many other colors to match your mood and fashion sense.

Remy Human Hair samples show you just how varied and interesting colors can be. Yes, there are traditional looks, but notice the wild card thrown in there, ladies!

Where to Buy Clip In Bangs?

At Cliphair we sell high quality real Remy human hair clip in bangs online and ship across America and worldwide. Check out our shipping information for more details.

Below are a selection of our clip in fringe range you can choose from.

    clip in fringe chestnut brown shade 6
    clip in fringe chestnut brown shade 6
    clip in fringe by cliphair™ UK - Light Chestnut Brown
    fake clip in fringe uk human hair
    Clip-in/on-Remy-Echthaar-Fransen/Pony – Kastanienbraun (#6)

    Clip-in/on-Remy-Echthaar-Fransen/Pony – Kastanienbraun (#6)

    natural red ginger red hair extensions usa
    natural red ginger red hair extensions usa
    red hair extensions usa
    natural red ginger hair extensions clip in fringe
    Clip-in/on-Remy-Echthaar-Fransen/Pony – Flaming Ginger (#350)

    Clip-in/on-Remy-Echthaar-Fransen/Pony – Flaming Ginger (#350)

    Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - BlondeMe (#60/SS)
    Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - BlondeMe (#60/SS)
    Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - BlondeMe (#60/SS)
    Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - BlondeMe (#60/SS)
    Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - BlondeMe (#60/SS)

    Clip in /on Remy Echthaar Fransen / Pony - BlondeMe (#60/SS)

    clip in fringe purple shade 100% human hair
    clip in fringe purple shade 100% human hair
    clip in fringe, human hair extensions
    purple fake fringe clip in 100% human hair
    Clip-in/on-Remy-Echthaar-Fransen/Pony – Lila

    Clip-in/on-Remy-Echthaar-Fransen/Pony – Lila


    Alternative Styles and Colours

    Bangs aren’t meant to be boring schoolgirl looks or harsh cropped coifs only worn by the serious and the queen of the power suit. Oh no, Remy Human Hair bangs/fringes can be fun. As a matter of fact, they can be downright crazy and wild if the moment strikes you. 

    Clip-on fringes are not just sets of straight-cut bangs. Oh no, these extensions come in several colors to style in any way you please. Of course, there’s a large range of hair colors available – it’s not just your traditional colors like brown, black, and blonde either. No, don’t just try our traditional colors. The bright purple, the deep red, and pink hues bring out the fairy goddess in you.

    Colour Matching Service

    Our Cliphair color matching service is free. We want you to be sure you have the right shade clip on fringe to match your hair color shade, whether it’s your natural hair or our Remy Human Hair clip-ins for the whole head. If you feel confident enough to match your bangs to your own hair, then use the color of your roots or mid-length as opposed to the ends of your hair length. This provides the closest match.

    Why are fake hair fringes lower quality?

    Clip-on fake hair fringes and bangs are lower in quality, and it shows. With fake hair, clip-ons are stiff and much harder to style. They are uncomfortable and obviously look fake when taking a closer look. These fringes are usually made with acrylic hair, which can also become damaged much easier by the elements. They’re also harder to comb or brush.

    Remy Human Hair Fringes/Bangs at Cliphair

    Real human hair is the answer when it comes to clip-on fringes and bangs. Not only do they feel smooth, easy to style, and comfortable. They are also clipped in a more natural formation. Instead of being cut straight across, Cliphair cuts and styles fringes in more natural cuts tapering into tendrils on the side to blend with the rest of your hair. When you run your fingers through our hair, it feels just like your own.

    Clip-on bangs can be worn short, long, swept to the side, or parted in the middle if you feel adventurous. They come in various colors which are striking and bright, while others are more muted tones, interspersed with streaks of other colors to add highlights and interest.

    The reason why our fringes are of such great quality is that they are constructed of real human hair, not just because we say this, but because it’s true. These clip-on bangs are so realistic, you can even curl them, or shape them any way you like.

    So, what are you waiting for? Don’t run to the salon and cut off your real hair. Try Cliphair clip-on fringes and bangs to get the style you want. You don’t have to make a commitment, just enjoy.

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