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    When we think of hot property with gorgeous hair, our minds turn instantly to one person and one person only. She’s current, she’s young, she’s fun, and she’s absolutely gorgeous – that’s right, it’s Lorde of course! And as our hair crush of the moment, she’s had her work cut out giving us a whole range of styles to copy. We’ve picked a few of her best looks for you to have a go at too.
    Lorde’s trademark look

    This is Lorde’s trademark look, and for good reason too! Her natural mane of curls fiercely jazzes up her image, and the side fringe and exaggerated volume add sass and flair to a simple style. If you’re blessed with long, curly hair like our beau then simply blow dry with a diffuser and finish with shine spray. For any straight-haired ladies who want to try out this style, we suggest using a barrel curler, some thickening spray, and volume hairspray too. Half the battle of a curly hairdo is maintaining it, so make sure the hairspray you use is of good quality.

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    image 1 – Lorde’s trademark look: here

    We’re absolutely loving Lorde with this kitsch plaited ‘do, which innocently contrasts her dramatic hair and makeup. Luckily for everybody at home, this style is so simple to achieve and can be worn with anything. Simply part your hair down the centre, plait into bunches, and then wrap those bunches back around the front. Secure with pins- et voila! And if your hair is too short to wrap around then never fear – this look is just as simple for short haired ladies. Simply pop in some extensions, or alternatively plaited hairpieces are an affordable and incredibly easy way to make your style more versatile. We think this hairdo would look fab with some flowers entwined in the plaits too!

    Lorde's plaited hair band

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    image 2 – Lorde’s plaited hair band: here

    Lorde at Grammys 2014
    Ooh la la! Lorde channels vintage glamour with this stylish loosely curled hairdo, and her middle parting and unfinished ends make this look bang on trend for this year! Curly haired lasses will find this look fairly simple, either by brushing when wet and allowing to dry in a looser style, or brushing once dried naturally and using straighteners in a back and forth motion to create easy waves. Wave clips might also come in handy. If your hair is sleek and straight, we suggest investing in a large-barrelled crimper or waver to create these 1920s curls, or using your straighteners to the same effect. Start the waves around shoulder length for a relaxed look that works just as well on the beach as it does on the red carpet. Shine spray will work wonders on a style like this, or if you’re going for a casual approach try a squirt or two of salt spray.

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    image 3 – Lorde at Grammys 2014:

    Give Lorde’s effortless hairdos a go this Spring for style that packs a punch, and remember – despite what her lyrics might say – it is not buzzcut season! Keep it loose and long and you’ll be at the front of the pack when it comes to this season’s latest looks. Enjoy!

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