Steal Her Style: Nicole Sherzinger

by SHOPIFY API / 10. APR 2014


    With her own range of clothing hitting the pages of Missguided only a few weeks ago, and looking absolutely fabulous in each and every piece, Nicole has shot to the top of our list of style icons in no time. And with every man, woman, and child (well… woman at least) aching to get the Scherzinger look, we thought we’d give a helping hand and run through some of our favourite hair looks from the gorgeous Pussycat Doll.
    Nicole's layered looks
    As one of the most sleek, groomed women on our celebrity radar at the moment, Nicole executes her hair with as much precision. This long, layered number looks healthy, bouncy, and oh-so shiny, and creating the layered look is actually incredibly easy with extensions. Simply trimming each section of your extensions to different lengths will give you a similar feathered effect, and will help them to blend more naturally into your own natural hair. Use straighteners on the ends to flick them inwards, and simply add some shine spray or serum for that glossy finish. The middle parting keeps this look demure and PG. We like!

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    Step aside Beyonce, Nicole just did your look – but better! These gorgeous caramel curls create a mane-like appearance around Nicole’s face, and add interest to an understated outfit. We love the heavy volume, the darker roots, and the full-bodied look. To do the same, we suggest a medium width curling tong. Simply section your hair with extensions in or out, and curl as usual. Fix with hairspray as you go to avoid the curls dropping. Around your face, try and curl whilst pulling slightly backwards so the style stays off your face, and finish with as much hold as you can!

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    Nicole's caramel curls
    Nicole's 80s look
    Top marks for Nicole with this throwback 80s look, and who better to sport this style than the woman with the glossiest hair in showbiz? Nicole simply forms a plait from the top of her head, finishes at the bottom with a clear hairband, and wraps a strand of hair around the base of the plait for a smooth transition. To create the look yourself, take a look at our ponytail extensions. Simply pop your natural hair into a ponytail, fix the extension in place, plait into your natural ponytail, and finish with hairspray. Super simple but amazingly hot.

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    It’s nice to see Nicole ditch the WAG look now and again and experiment with something new, and this fantastic pin-up inspired burlesque hairdo has us swooning! This look is so easy – all you need to begin is a straight hairstyle. Simply part down the centre, take a section from each side, and wrap around a curler, leaving for however long is recommended for your particular brand of curlers. Make sure your curls face towards your parting. When they’re done, just pin in place. The cropped full fringe is essential for this look, but if you aren’t quite brave enough for the chop, take a look at our fringe pieces – the cheat’s way to bag this look in an instant!

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    burlesque hairdo
    Make sure your look has the X-Factor, and mimic Nicole’s amazing hair this season.

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