New Hair, Who Dis? Top 5 Winter Hair Colours to Consider

by SHOPIFY API / 8. NOV 2019


    It’s chilly, it’s cold, and it’s dark – winter is coming well and truly here. For the trendy, the change in season calls for a change in hair colour, but finding that perfect colour for the season can be quite the task. Here, we have the top five winter hair colours to warm up your misty mornings and dark nights.

    To go darker or to go lighter? Perhaps one of the most pressing questions when choosing a hair colour for the winter. But don’t fret, winter is a season of contrasts, so whether you want a cinnamon spiced shade, a fiery red tone, or an icy blonde shade, you’re spoilt for choice this season.

    Warm up with fiery red

    Although reds are perfect for any season, nothing says winter like fiery or rich red hair. No matter how cold it is outside, a red-headed hue always seems to warm up the room. Striking deep reds are a timeless option that compliment both pale and darker skin tones. If going for the full works seems a bit daunting, perhaps add some colour to your hair with some red toned extensions.

    Spice it up with auburn

    The brilliant thing about auburn hair is that it doesn’t contain as much bleach as other vibrant colours, therefore it’s much better for your hair. This colour looks sensational with long locks and it means that because the colour is a statement on its own. Pop in your Cliphair extensions and allow your healthy auburn locks to do all the talking without the fuss.

    Chanel your inner ice queen with silver grey

    Whoever said grey hair is just for the elderly? Silver grey has been trending as a cool winter hair colour this year, perhaps even going for the "hair colour of the year" crown. Transitioning to this colour may be a little difficult so we recommend mixing highlights and lowlights for blending. Slay the ice queen look and mix a silver hue with slightly darker roots.

    Get toasty with chestnut

    You can never go wrong with soft chestnut hair. This shade of brunette works with most people’s hair and is subtly versatile. Its primary colour is brown, but it contains flecks of red and blonde that change seasonally. In the winter, the hair may have some red undertones, especially in the sunlight and by the time its summer, you’ll start to notice some golden hues, making this a perfect transition colour.

    Get frosty with blonde

    If you have been enjoying your light blonde locks and are not ready to commit to darker tones, you don’t have to. You can even go lighter with a striking icy blonde colour – a guaranteed way to stand out from the crowd. It’s also a myth that this colour only works for paler skin tones, it works with both warm and cool skin tones. If you already have light blonde hair, and the thought of maintaining this shade seems rigorous, then opt for extensions to add icy highlights to your hair.

    Will you be changing your hair colour for the winter?

    Let us know @Cliphairlimited. If you’re dying your natural hair, remember to use products specifically designed for coloured hair to maintain your colour all winter.


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