Sammlung: Silver & Grey Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Whether you’ve indulged in a complex silver dye job or embraced your natural greys, chances are that you struggled in finding a good grey ponytail hair extensions set. To make it up for this gap in the market, we have worked to curate two lovely moonlight shades to make sure that grey connoisseurs like you would find the right product to elevate their ponytail look! Read more

Our wrap around silver ponytail extensions is the ideal product to step up your hair game in a matter of minutes. Do I have your attention? Find out everything you need to know about silver and grey clip in ponytail extensions! Read less

Shop the Silver and Grey Clip in Ponytail Collection

A silver ponytail can go a long way – and if you are embracing your greys instead, why not do it in style? Putting your hair up isn’t just a fashion statement – it can also help you maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. Whether you’re going for a sleek, tight ponytail to look super sophisticated or a flipped-out 90s short ponytail to keep that peppy energy going, our clip in ponytail collection will always understand the assignment and deliver absolutely astonishing results.

Why Buy Cliphair's Silver and Grey Ponytail Extensions?

Our grey ponytail extensions and silver clip in ponytails are highly sought-after by those who are either living life with naturally grey hair or are trying a stylish steel-coloured do. But why Cliphair? Here’s what makes our hair different:

Unparalleled Quality: Our hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, characterised by luxurious smoothness and silkiness. So obviously, it doesn’t come up as a surprise when our customers find out we’ve been chosen by countless salons across Europe and hair enthusiasts all over the world! With celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and even Ariana Grande experimenting with silver tresses – when it comes to a good updo, why not choose the best hair extensions?

Wide Range of Colours: Our ponytail collection offers an extensive selection of shade to match your every mood – and when it comes to grey, we have two remarkable variants to go with natural grey or glamorous silver.

Length and Volume: Are you aiming for a playful, peppy mini ponytail? Or do you prefer an ultra-long ponytail to be the star of the party? With our three available lengths, you don't have to compromise. Choose from mini, midi, or mega to achieve your desired style for any occasion.

How to Use Cliphair's Ponytail Extensions?

Make the most of your ponytail by fitting it the right way. Here’s the steps:

  1. Create a ponytail or bun with your own hair.
  2. Attach the ponytail extension by sliding the small clip attachment beneath your hair tie.
  3. Wrap the extensions around your natural ponytail or bun. To ensure a secure fit, wrap the additional strand of hair around the base of the ponytail extension. Use a bobby pin to secure it in place. And there you have it, the perfect ponytail hairdo!

For more detailed instructions on how to fit your new ponytail, check out our dedicated blog post: How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions.

Styling Tips, Haircare & Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty of your silver and grey ponytail extensions is a simple task – rule number one is: give it all your love! Keep in mind that unlike your natural hair, human hair extensions don't receive nourishment from your scalp’s oil. Therefore, to keep your ponytail looking fabulous, focus on using moisturising shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulfates, alcohol, and other drying ingredients. Additionally, spritzing your locks with a Moisture Lock Shine Spray will help seal the cuticles and retain moisture within your strands. It's hard not to love the results!

Just like your natural hair, heat damage is a real concern for human hair extensions. Always remember to protect your extensions by using a heat protectant spray and keeping the temperature settings of your curling iron or hair straightener on low.

Lastly, maintaining tangle-free and knot-free hair extensions is easily achieved with the help of a detangling brush. Remember to be gentle when brushing your added hair, as kindness is the key.

Now that you're well-informed about ponytail hair extensions, why not explore some styling inspiration in this post? 5 Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail… (And How To Slay Them)

Frequently Asked Questions

    • We teamed up with salon experts and hair colour professionals to help all of our customers to find the perfect shade for them. So, if you’re unsure of which colour will suit you best, get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to assist you and provide you with all the advice you need to bring your hairstyles to the next level.
    • Keep your hair extensions untangled with gentle brushing, and give them some good old TLC as needed – always by using products that are formulated with no sulfates, alcohol and other drying agents. Last but not least, make sure you store your hair extensions safely to protect them from dust and matting.
    • Technically yes, dyeing and colouring our Remy hair extensions is possible – even though we always discourage it. If you really can’t resist the urge, make sure you take them to a certified hair professional for a consultation and the eventual works. No DIY colouring jobs!
    • The first step is to make sure you nailed the colour: if you’re unsure, please get in touch with our team. Then, put the ponytail on following the instructions provided, so that the clip in attachment stays hidden! Look after your ponytail by regularly brushing it before wearing it, store it properly, and make sure it stays moisturised.