80’s inspired hairstyle tutorial

by SHOPIFY API / OCT 22, 2019




    Halloween is just around the corner so  it is time to look for inspiration. Like many of us I have quite a lot of colour in my wardrobe. That means that 80’s halloween costumes are the most obvious choice for the end of the month. The decade that gave birth to ‘girls just want to have fun‘ is a great choice and so much fun. I will break it down in this step by step tutorial, se enjoy and #wearcliphair to show off your style.



    Step number 1: prepar for big hair

    That’s right, you want bigi hair for this look. In the 80’s the bigger the better. You can do this style on second day hair, it won’t have an effect, what matters is the body. Add your full set of cliphair extensions, targeted around your crown area. Make sure you create a side part before doing this so your extensions sit correctly. Backcomb roots and down the top 1/3 of your hair. Add some heat protecting serum and you are ready to go.



    Step number 2: Create your shape

    This is very different from a 1950s vintage look. Back then they preferred vig curs but in the 80s it is about much smaler curls and much more about volume. It is best to use a ½ inch curling iron for this. If you do not have a thin curling wand only use  the the narrow end of a larger curling iron. Start close to your roots to get the bounciest curl possible then hold it in your hands for a couple of moments to prevent the curl dropping. For the next section, go the opposite direction. This will help your curls look the most natural. Repeat this all over your head. Not the sectiont tat are directly next to your part or your fringe



    Step number 3: Finish the style

    Now you have a head of amzingly crazy curls it is time to make your shape you. Brush out the section either side of your side part. You are going to use a striaghtener but not for straightening. As you move down you fringe flip your straightener and continue to move down to create one big curve. This will look a little like the Little Mermaid’s fringe. Brush your curls out with your fingers.   Separate curls and add your hairspray, you are ready to rock halloween in style.




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