Add length to short hair

by SHOPIFY API / AUG 11, 2009


    Your hair is your crowning glory; it is your most natural and versatile fashion accessory. However, having those long beautiful locks aren’t necessarily that practical all the time. That is why many women often opt for shorter hairstyles; they are simply more convenient and easier to care for.

    But that does not squash the want for long hair and many women look at their favourite long haired celebrities enviously. You can have long hair; all you need are hair extensions and not just any extensions at that. You need clip in hair extensions.

    Loving long hair

    Clip Hair offers a wide range of clip in hair extensions to suit your hair extension needs. You can choose from various lengths and different colours to make your hair truly striking. We offer you products that are salon quality, so there is no compromise in bringing you the affordable prices that we do. Clip in hair extensions take the trouble out of having long hair.

    When you wash, dry and care for your hair you will be caring for your naturally shorter hair. This shortens your hair care time significantly and makes you hair more manageable in all respects. To get those long, luscious locks you dream about, all you have to do is put in your clip in hair extensions and viola! Long hair in an instant.

    Our clip in hair extensions are easy to use, fast to put in and remove and to top it all off, when used properly, they won’t cause damage to your real hair the way conventional extensions can do.

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