Are you ready for a ‘Spooktacular Halloween’ ?

by SHOPIFY API / OCT 23, 2012


    How Celebrities Dressed up Last Year

    It’s that time of year again – Halloween! Here at ClipHair HQ we couldn’t be more excited to get our ghoul on! Here’s the lowdown on the spookiest of hairstyles to get you in the spirit for this creepy time of year…



    You’re guaranteed to cause a stir with a wild hair colour, as Kim Kardashian and Michelle Trachtenberg discovered when they went to the red side for last years Halloween. Kim dressed as Poison Ivy and still managed to look gorgeous with a red wig, whilst Michelle looked super scary as a Tim Burton character with a dazzling orange wig.


    These Hollywood celebrities jump at the chance to dress up for Halloween, and are renowned for going as OTT as possible for the celebrations. Both Fergie and Gwen Stefani went for princess vibes last year with extreme up do’s topped off with a regal tiara. Gwen Stefani made use of a pretty braid to keep her tiara in place, with an on trend centre parting to style her fringe.



    Calista Flockheart and Jessica Simpson have both displayed huge manes of poodle curls of different lengths in an effort to scare! Jessica dressed as a mummy, complete with a ghostly white pallor and messy ringlets. Halloween is one of the few times frizz can be acceptable!


    Debra Messing and Miley both opted to style their hair with flower headpieces and also to add a grey tinge to their hair – great for zombie and witches alike! This can easily be recreated simply by sprinkling flour in your hair, or going overboard with the dry shampoo! If you’re dedicated to looking super spooky, you can pick up spray on hair colour at most healthy and beauty stores, such as Boots or Superdrug in the UK.



    Relying on the classic Halloween outfit of a sexy cat, Katy Perry and Pixie Lott showed off loose tousled waves under their headbands, and in Katy’s case, mask. A hairband is a great way to keep your style in check, and also adds an extra something to make you look really in character. A cat costume is a great idea if you still want to look pretty whilst getting into the spirit!


    Zoey Deschanel had big, voluminous hair for her Valley of the Dolls costume, while Holly Willoughby covered up her trademark blonde locks with a short geometric bob wig!

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