Brush Hour: The Ultimate Guide to Hairbrush Types

Brush Hour: The Ultimate Guide to Hairbrush Types

What are you tangling for? We all know the value of hair maintenance, and brushing is a BIG part of sustaining healthy hair. Perfect brush means perfect hair, right? But it’s hard to brush off the variation of products on the market. Not to worry! We’ve compiled a huge list of hairbrush types for each and every strand of hair. 

How Often Should You Brush Your Hair

How often you pick up the hair brush is very much dependant on your hair type. Brushing regularly helps to distribute essential oils and stimulate the scalp, keeping locks smooth and shiny. For straighter locks, aim to brush twice daily; curls and coils may only need brushing once a week to prevent build-up of shed hair. 

How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

Cleaning your hairbrush regularly will help to banish dirt, product residue, and scalp oil build-up on the bristles. No matter the hairbrush type, the same method of cleaning generally applies. Remove stray hairs before attempting to clean. Lather the brush with antibacterial dish soap or shampoo and warm water, be sure to scrub the bristles in one way only. After 30 seconds of scrubbing, rinse the brush properly. Ensure there is no residual cleaning product on the brush before drying face down. 

Hair detangler brush

The trusty detangler brush is a life saver for eliminating those knots. Useful for all hair types, these brushes can be used on both wet and dry hair. Their special design minimizes damage from brushing tangled hair, and their thin flexible bristles make knot-busting easy and painless. 

Wet hairbrush

Another tangle-teaser, wet hairbrushes are best used on – you guessed it – wet hair. They use fine, soft bristles to work through the toughest knots without causing damage. They’re also handy for heat-styling, with heat-resistant bristles that won’t melt or break when blow-drying.

Shower hairbrush

A type of wet hairbrush to use in the shower; this special design has vents for fast drying. Perfect for soaking wet hair, many come with a hooked bottom for easy hanging off your shower rail. 

Cushion brush

With soft rubber bases and stiff wire bristles, the cushion brush is great at brushing out dandruff or build-up from hair styling products.

Thermal brush

The famous ‘hair stylist brush’, Thermal brushes are round with a barrel made of a material that conducts heat, usually ceramic. Unsurprisingly, they’re perfect for blow drying.

Tiny boar bristle brush

Boar bristle brushes have the magical ability to redistribute the natural, healthy oils in the scalp to enhance hair health and promote smooth, shiny locks. They’re perfect for people with fine, thinning, or aging hair.

Nylon bristle brush

Nylon brushes are great for reducing static and detangling thick hair. Some brushes combine nylon bristles with boars’ hair bristles to provide the health benefits and natural shine that boars’ head bristles supply. 

Curved brush

Designed to fit the shape of the human head, the curved brush is made of lightweight plastic with vents to promote fast drying. Perfect for gym bunnies or wanderlust-ers.

Natural bristle brush

This vegan hairbrush uses no animal products, combining natural fibres, like agave, with synthetics to achieve a boar-like bristle without the boar.

Mixed bristle brush

Using a combination of nylon and boar bristles, the Mixed bristle brush enhances shine and scalp stimulation. They’re perfect for those with long, thick longs. 

Paddle brush

These wide brushes are perfect for those with long straight hair. They smooth strands quickly and seamlessly to achieve soft, shiny locks. 

Vented brush

With plenty of vents to allow hot air to throw through to each and every hair layer, the vented brush is the perfect choice for blow-drying wet hair. 

Anti-static hairbrush

Plastic is a non-conductive material, meaning the static in your hair will only get worse with a plastic brush. Using an anti-static hairbrush (conductive metal or wood) will guarantee luscious locks by allowing heat to flow through the brush, helping to eliminate static and frizz.

Round brush

Perfect for blow dries or styling loose waves, round brushes circular shape allows curls or waves to form through heat application.

Teasing brush

This small brush is used at the crown to add volume and texture to fine hair. This brush is a life saver for those suffering from hair loss as they create the illusion of thicker locks. 

Rat tail brush

Another teasing brush, these long, thin brushes are ideal for separating and lifting sections of hair. In this way stylists can tease strands and create more volume. 

Wide-tooth comb

Wide-tooth combs have thick teeth which are perfect for combing thick or curly wet hair. 

Straightening brush

A hybrid paddle brush/hair straightener, these handy brushes can heat up to straighten and smooth stubborn locks. They are less damaging than a conventional hair straightener. 

Smoothing brush

Perfect for creating smooth, sleek styles and eliminating unsightly bumps for up do hairstyles. These brushes usually use soft boar or nylon bristles to achieve their styling benefits. 

Best Brush for Hair Extensions

The single best way to care for your hair extensions is by brushing them frequently — but it’s equally important that you use the right brush. Opt for a paddle brush or a mixed bristle brush to tame longer, thicker locks. 

Best Hairbrush for damaged hair

Natural boar bristle brushes are ideal to promote shine and naturally condition dry hair. A ceramic barrel brush is perfect if you are a frequent blow-drier, as they transfer heat evenly to hair and prevents any one section from getting too hot and damaged. Opt for a detangling brush to get rid of pesky knots and tangles. 

best hairbrush for frizzy hair

Frizz is caused by lack of moisture. Opt for a mixed bristle brush to help restore moisture and enhance shine. Boar bristles are essentially the equivalent of a natural conditioning treatment, while a nylon brush head provides a solid grip for detangling frizzy hair with ease.

best hairbrush for static hair

Using an anti-static hairbrush (conductive metal or wood) will guarantee luscious locks by allowing heat to flow through the brush, helping to eliminate static and frizz.

Best hairbrush type for long hair

Mixed bristle brush enhances shine and scalp stimulation and are perfect for those with long, thick longs. Paddle brushes are also ideal. 

Best hairbrush for thinning hair

Boar bristle brushes are perfect for people with fine, thinning, or aging hair as they’re gentle and won’t rip out delicate strands. You can also use a teasing brush to create more volume at the crown.

Best hairbrush for curly hair

Use a wide toothed comb while in the shower to prevent frizz and breakage. For detangling, try a sturdy detangling brush with stiff bristles. 

Best hairbrush for straight hair

Paddle brushes are perfect for long, straight hair as they cover more volume while redistributing essential oils.

Best hairbrush to prevent breakage

Breakage usually occurs as a result of knotting. To combat this, opt for a detangling brush. For very brittle locks, use a boar bristle brush which is gentler on the hair. 

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