Celebrity Of The Week – Nicki Minaj Hairstyles & Hair Extensions

by SHOPIFY API / JUN 6, 2013



    Nicki Minaj is famed for her wild outfit choices and wacky hairstyles. While her look may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s certainly a way to turn heads! Read more if you’re keen to attract attention and look bang up to date with a crazy new style!


    Nicki Minaj fringe hairstyle hair extensions


    A futuristic long bob looks sophisticated with a quirky edge on Nicki. The key to recreating this look is making sure your hair has a mirror shine, so make sure your straightening irons and shine spray are at the ready! To achieve the look simply straighten your hair, curling the straighteners under at the ends to create the look seen on Nicki. If you’re not keen on cutting such a daring full fringe like Miss Minaj, why not check out Cliphair’s range of clip-in fringes. Clip in fringes are favoured by celebrities everywhere because they can create a totally new image in an instant, without the need for scissors or commitment! They’re super easy to apply and you can trim yours depending on how blunt and Nicki-esque you dare to go!


    Nicki Minaj Blonde Hairstyle



    Bleach blonde barbie Nicki is another favourite look of ours. Notice how she rocks the same style, but slightly longer, and the ends seem to be in a more graduated long bob.
    To recreate this look, pop all your hair extensions in and then ask a friend to trim them starting from the back of your head and trimming off less towards the front, so the strands around the face are longer. An ideal look to try out on your old clip in extensions! You can of course get Nicki’s platinum locks with our lightest extensions in #60D.



    Again, Nicki works the full, blunt geometric fringe but this time softens the look with loose curls. To recreate these glamourous curls apply heated rollers to your hair extensions (either before or after application). If you love the flicks of colour that brighten up the ends of Nicki’s hair, why not try our streaks/highlights extensions in a funky shade. These are small strands of our standard extensions in a wide variety of shades which you can apply to give yourself flashes of colour without the commitment of hair dye!
    Perfect if your school or work can be strict on wacky hairstyles.


    nicki minaj curly blonde hair extensions


    Here Nicki looks a little more relaxed with this feminine and pretty style. Still eye catching with this stunning milky blonde shade, Nicki looks like a mermaid with these glossy waves and a loose quiff. Why not try our bodywave clip in hair extensions to get a similar look with zero effort – just clip in and you’re good to go! A little backcombing at the roots of your hair always looks good with a curly style. Alternatively, why not try a texturising powder – these can be picked up at most drugstores cheaply and a sprinkle of the magic dust can work wonders in creating big, beautiful hair!

    Would you try any of Nicki’s styles at home? How do you think she looks best? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, or why not tag us in your favourite photos of Nicki on Instagram?

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