Earth Day 2024: Reduce, Reuse and Restyle


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    As the hair and beauty industry celebrates Earth Day, we want to shine a light on Cliphair’s efforts to go green. Not only have we delivered on all of our environmentally friendly promises, but we are also pushing full steam ahead in our future plans to achieve an even kinder, sustainable ethos.

    When is Earth Day?

    From reducing plastic, energy, and unnecessary waste to introducing hydrating, natural ingredients, Cliphair and others within the hair industry will be coming together on Aprill 22nd, paving the way for UK hair brands wanting to make a difference.


    Industry Impact

    There has been a noticeable shift over the past decade, with more and more companies embracing sustainable products, but as an industry alone, it’s estimated that we use up to 120 million units of plastic every year. That’s A LOT of plastic. Living in a trend-influenced world, it can become all-to-tempting to binge-buy from our favourite hair and skincare brands for the sake of a ‘shelfie’. Currently, we do not have the means in the UK to recycle everything placed into recycling bins effectively, meaning some of your bathroom beauty staples end up in landfill.

    According to Surfers Against Sewage, 1 in 3 fish caught for human consumption contains plastic, with an estimation of up to 8 million pieces of plastic entering the ocean each day. This means we’re on course for having more plastic in than ocean than fish by 2050!

    With all of this in mind, it’s clear that Earth Day is more important now than ever. It’s time that we not only invest in our hair, but our planet too. So, how has Cliphair made a difference?

    What We’ve Achieved


    A cause close to our heart, Cliphair is well on its way to making an impact with high quality sustainable hair products. Since 2022, we have significantly reduced the amount of plastic we use in our packaging for accessories and haircare by over 75%, a huge step forward for us, but also our customers!

    Through environmentally conscious practices, we’ve swapped 100% of the plastic on our Colour Rings for cardboard. Each tab is now made from a thin but sturdy cardboard strip which reduces our plastic usage, but also our carbon footprint. Our products are able to lay flatter in their boxes, meaning they will use less space in cargo.

    New colour ring

    Our Remy Royale individual extensions are also going green! You’ll find them packaged in significantly smaller, 100% recyclable pouches. Not only are they designed to reduce negative carbon impact but will also prevent excessive waste in homes and salons.

    On top of this, we’ve given our shipping bags a well-deserved makeover too. Made entirely from Corn Starch, they’re also 100% recyclable, biodegradable and are completely plastic-free.


    To save as much energy as possible, the Cliphair family have installed more energy efficient heating and air conditioning units throughout the office which reduces our energy consumption by 1000 KWH and improves the air quality for our staff.

    Our Future Pledge

    Plant Power

    We care about our roots, and yours too! That’s why our team are working hard to create vegan-friendly hair accessories and hair tools. We’re currently implementing a plan to raise our plastic reduction from 75% to 95% by the end of 2025, as well as provide a hair extensions recycling service to our customers so you can have a helping hand in our pledge to save the planet. 

    Become ‘planet-based’ with our Quench the Thirst collection. Paraben and sulphate-free, you can enjoy all of the goodness that our natural ingredients have to offer. Shop our Deep Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask.

    Hair Heros

    With a climate crisis already looming, the industry is determined to do the right thing. Here are some positive ways the hair industry as a whole is fighting back…

    Natural, Sustainable Hair Products

    Notorious for harsh, toxic chemicals, hair dye has developed a bad rep over the years, fortunately, it has become a lot kinder. Championing sustainability can often become a marketing buzz word for some retailers, but for these natural hair dye brands, sustainable hair products are here to stay!

    1. Garnier GOOD Permanent Hair Dye

    Consisting of a 100% vegan formula, natural shea butter, 45% less plastic, plus a cruelty-free guarantee, Garnier’s ‘GOOD’ range is leading the way in eco-friendly permanent hair dye.

    2. Naturtint

    Naturtint are committed to restoring your hair health with naturally better hair colourants. For more than 30 years, they have been acknowledged for their stunning biobased shades.

    3. It’s Pure

    Made only from nourishing, conditioning herbs, each of It’s Pure’s hair dyes are Soil Association COSMOS certified, meaning they are completely pure, organic and 100% natural. This also means no PPD, ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, or artificial additives of any kind.

    4. Josh Wood Colour

    Rich with professional vegan hair dye and haircare, Josh Wood Colour is at the forefront of salon quality colour condition straight to your home. Achieve A-List-style hair, guilt-free!

    Now that you’re up to speed with the best natural dyes on the market, why not pair one with our DIY hair hacks? Indulge in our hair and style blog for the latest homemade vegan, cruelty-free Hair Mask, Volumising Treatment, Serum, and Shampoo and Conditioner recipes for your locks.

    Green Salons

    Sustainable salons are on the rise, with hairdressers, technicians and extension specialists causing a ripple effect industry wide. Less packaging means less waste, which means eco-friendly hair! For many hair experts, it’s about turning waste into an opportunity.

    Many salons are introducing energy efficient lightbulbs, going paper-free, paying more attention to water-usage, using sustainable transportation, recycling, avoiding using aluminium foils, educating their clients, using organic dyes, and supporting ecological causes.

    Hair accessories tools

    Join Our Movement

    From April 22nd, 2024 until midnight, you’ll have access to our exclusive 10% discount when you enter EARTH10 at checkout. It’s essential that we all play our part – not just brands, but consumers too. It’s time to clean up our act, not just for a single day, but all-year-round. The future of hair is NOW.

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