Go for glam with clip in hair extensions

by SHOPIFY API / NOV 19, 2009


    Glamorous is the look of the moment, with celebrities and fashion magazines alike glamorising it up to the max. With oversized eyelashes, outfits and hairstyles all being must have items, faking it the professional way is the way to do it. When it comes to choosing an alluring hairstyle, the rule of the moment really is the bigger the better.

    The problem is that long and voluptuous locks do not appear overnight, that was until the introduction of easy and convenient clip on hair extensions. Hair extensions have been available for many years; however with hours of preparation involved and potential damage to your natural hair, they are not always a practical and feasible option.

    At Clip Hair we offer human hair extensions in various lengths and shades to give you instant volume and glamour. Create a longer, more dramatic look or a thick and luscious diva look for a night out on the town or a day out shopping with the girls.

    At Clip Hair we also offer double wefted sets. These real hair extensions are double the fun, with two wefts of hair being attached together to create maximum impact and a stunning hair style. The benefit of our double wefted sets is that they still only have one set of clips, so the look is still natural and realistic.

    So with glam and glitz readily available at Clip Hair, you can get the look you want, and only you will know which bits are fake.

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