HAIR COLOUR FADING FAST? Here is how you can stop it

how to stop hair colour fading - learn tips & tricks to prevent your hair from fading

Dying Our Hair Is One Of Life’s Greatest Luxuries, The Freedom To Change Our Hair Colour And Reinvent Ourselves Is A Treat That We All Enjoy! Unfortunately, The Downside To Dyed Hair Is That The Colour Does Not Always Last And Can Fade Out Into A Washed-Out Version Of Your Previously Gorgeous Shade. This Is Especially Common In Vibrant, Rich And Funky Hair Colours. The Great News Is There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Lock That Colour In And Keep It Looking Fresh For As Long As Possible! Its Just As Important To Understand The Causes Of Colour Fade To Solve The Problem So Here At Cliphair We’ve Got All The FAQs and causes Related To Colour Fading Answered Below. We Have Also Created A List Of Tips And Tricks To Give You Longer Lasting Vibrancy In Your Colour, Which Can Be Used On Both Your Hair Extensions And Your Own Hair.


Why is my hair colour fading so fast? 

There are lots of reasons that hair dye fades off the hair the main reason for this is from using the incorrect shampoo. If you are using a cleansing or clarifying shampoo STOP! These types of shampoo are amazing for removing dirt, product build up and impurities. However, they also excel in stripping colour from the hair due to the high levels of Ammonium-Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Believe it or not a lot of hair stylists use these shampoos when a client’s hair is too dark to lift the colour, Stick to a low alcohol zero sulphate shampoo when treating coloured hair or extensions. Other reasons include environmental damage like sun exposure and hot weather that dries the hair out which in turn will fade and repel hair dye. 

Does washing your hair fade colour? How often should i wash my coloured hair? 

Yes, when you have rich or vibrant colours you should wash your hair as less as possible, 1-2 times a week is enough! With each wash colour will fade slightly, especially with funky colours such as pinks, reds and blues. The more you wash your hair the quicker the fading process will be. We advise for coloured hair to be washed 1-2 times a week maximum, this applies to both natural hair and hair extensions. Invest in a good dry shampoo and no one will ever know! This is also great for keeping your hair healthy as over washing can cause dryness and dehydrate your hair. 

Can the sun fade my colour? 

Yes! Just as the sun can effect our skin it has the same effect on our hair. We wouldn’t sit in 30 degree heat without sunblock on so we need to remember to protect our tresses too! Heat protection spray works as the perfect sunblock for our hair, using a wide rimmed hat will also give great coverage and stop the sun from lifting your colour! The sun also dries our hair out which can speed fading up, keeping your hair well conditioned in the heat will keep your colour fresher for longer, think of your conditioner as you think of aftersun. 

How long does Permanent hair colour take to fade? 

Usually you will need to top up permanent hair colour every 6-8 weeks depending on your regrowth, with vivid shades this could be sooner. This would also depend on various factors, the base colour before the dye was applied, the maintenance of the colour (washing), the condition of the hair before dying, brand of colour and the colour being used. As a general rule Permanent hair dye will last longer than other types, Semis are fantastic as they are less damaging and give amazing depth/shine but they will start to fade quicker with each wash. 

What hair colour fades the least?

The more natural the colour the less fade you will get. Vibrant, Rich and Funky shades will unfortunately always fade the fastest. Another point to consider is the base below the dye, if your hair was once bleached and you apply a dark colour the bleach will fight for freedom and eventually show through. Thankfully by using the tips in this blog you can massively slow this fading process down and experiment with as many shades as you like! 

How do I make my colour last longer? 

Keep your hair hydrated! Dry, brittle and weak hair will repel colour like there is no tomorrow, to keep that freshly dyed look use a colour lock conditioner in every wash to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Its also a great idea to once a week give your hair some extra TLC and much needed moisture, you can do this by applying a strong deep conditioning mask to your mid-lengths and ends. Leave this on for 30-60 mins and you’ve given your hair a hydrating treatment that’s sure to keep your colour looking fab!  

applying hairdye how to make your hair colour last longerhow to avoid your hair colour from fading in sunlight
how to avoid hair colour from fading
tips and trick to prevent hair colour fading
how to avoid sun from fading hair colour


- Wash your hair extensions as less as possible, the colour will fade with each wash so the less the better. 1-2 washes a week will do and Dry shampoo is your new best friend :D

- Only use shampoos that contain no sulphate or alcohol, these ingredients will strip colour from the hair.

- Never use a cleansing, shine or volume shampoo product on your coloured hair or hair extensions as this will strip the colour and dry out your hair.

- Use leave in conditioners after you have washed them to lock in moisture and prevent the hair from drying out, the better the condition of your extensions/hair the longer the colour will last.

- Use heat protection when styling your hair, heat can also fade the colour so creating a barrier will not only protect the hair from drying but also the colour from lifting.

- When washing keep the water temperature on the cooler side, this will keep the cuticles of the hair closed releasing less of the colour. We don’t recommend washing them completely with cold water but definitely not hot with these types of colours. A cold rinse after the conditioner is always good as well.

- Using a leave in conditioner or heat protection on holiday will also prevent the sun from fading your colour. There is a great range of sun hair blocks online to choose from!

- Wear a hat when your in the sun to shade your hair.

- For natural hair, not extensions. Invest in a good colour lock shampoo and conditioner, you can get a product that is suited to your specific colour for less than £10 these days.

Now that you’re a pro in maintaining vibrant, rich and vivid colours why not take a look at our range of bold and funky coloured hair extensions. We have a fantastic range to choose from, from pinks and reds to rich brunettes and silvers. Dare to be different this year and give your hair a exciting new look! All of our funky shades are made from 100% human hair so all the advice you’ve learnt today can be used on your hair extensions too! 

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