Hair Tutorial: Big, Bouncy Waves

by SHOPIFY API / JUN 26, 2013





    This week at Cliphair we are obsessed with tousled, wavy hair. All of our contests this week will centre around the wavy hair theme – with prizes being our gorgeous BODYWAVE hair extensions. These gorgeous extensions have been treated to give them a permanent curl, which looks bouncy and never drops!


    If you don’t have bodywave hair extensions, there are a few steps you can take to make your own hair, or your straight extensions glossy and curly.

    It is important to make hair not only thick, but also very shiny for this type of styling.

    Preparation: You will need a small amount f hair product to make your hair thicker and more disciplined during styling while providing shine. John Freida Frizz Ease original serum is a great product for keeping your hair under control. Rub product in your hands. Apply to hair ends, move up to roots (it will not make hair heavier).

    Step 1: Blowdry hair. Lifting up hair with hands direct air to roots. Use a hair dryer with no attachment so the air will be disperse. This way of blow drying provides more hair body. Be sure not to overdry hair.

    Step 2: Brushing hair forwards, blow dry it. Put hair back and blow dry again. Strands will become smooth and will have more root lift. Be sure to direct air from ends to roots.

    Step 3: Take a large round brush (8cm diameter). Separate a large strand, apply brush to the roots. Slowly pull it up so that hair will stretch. Roll it around the brush and heat it up with hair dryer. Direct the air downwards from the roots. Slowly roll the brush out of your hair, letting the strand cool down. Using your fingers lift hair up near the roots and fix with hairspray.




    There are other ways to create waves, for example, with a heated curling tong. After curling each strand you can pin it into place until each curl has cooled, before fixing with hairspray.


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