Halloween Inspiration

by SHOPIFY API / OCT 17, 2013


    Spooky Doll Makeup

    This is an easy look which is a real headturner. The main focus are the eyes and the lips. To get the wide eyed dolly appearance, you need to blank out your brows and draw new ones on much higher.

    To hide your brows, you can either use soap or a pritt stick. Apply the soap (wet) or pritt stick over your brows – this will smooth them down so they’re flat on your skin and will hide their texture. Then apply foundation over your brows to ensure they blend with the rest of your skin, before drawing your new eyebrows on much higher. You can change the shape of your eyebrows depending on which expression you’d like your dolly to have – raised eyebrows for sad, arched for angry etc. Do the rest of your eye makeup as usual, applying large oversized false eyelashes. Underneath your eyes extend the whites of your eyes using face paint or white eyeshadow. Apply some false eyelashes underneath to create the effect of bottom lashes. You can add some cute dolly lips seen here, and don’t forget rosy red cheeks.


    Food Ideas

     Fancy a creepy snack? Grab a brain mould and fill with cream cheese, or any other fillings you’d like. Leave in the fringe to set and serve with a knife plunged in the centre! Why not use a pumpkin as a drinks cooler? You can even carve it first before filling it with ice or you can put a glass bowl in the hollowed pumpkin to hold punch or cider at a party.

    Fill syringes with jelly, or alcohol for ‘blood shots’!


    We love this awesmomely gruesome puking pumpkin – Halloween Guacamole!

    Take a clean glove. Fill it with water in it and freeze. Take off glove and you have a ice cold hand to keep your punch cold! There are so many great cheap ways to celebrate Halloween


    Costume Ideas

     We love this amazing pop art style, something different for Halloween – lots of dots, all features outlined like a cartoon, and confused sad eyebrows – amazing! You can easily recreate this look by outlining your features


    Thinking of going as a witch for Halloween? Why not add some funky streaks to your hair? We stock a range of funky colours including blood red and bright purple to add an edge to your hairstyle, without the need for hairdye!


    What will you be getting up to this Halloween? Why not share your photos and ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll add them to this blog!




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