How To Change Your Wardrobe To Suit Your Hair Colour

Thinking about a change in color or just fancy switching up your look? It might feel a little daunting knowing which styles will suit your face shape, your skin tone, not to mention your wardrobe! 

We all know how amazing you can feel in that killer piece in your wardrobe that fits in all the right places and makes you feel a million dollars. But don’t worry, celebs go through this too. As consultant to the stars, George Brescia once said “Every single article of clothing you wear says everything about you and it also impacts how you feel. Finding the wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful is an important part of living a life you love, because how you feel impacts everything you do.”1 And at Clip Hair, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the best wardrobe choices for your hair color. Whether you’ve got brown, black, blonde or red hair, there’s a tone and style that’ll leave you feeling incredible! 

Brunette Hair: 


When sporting such as a pure and intense color, dark brown hair needs a lot of consideration on color choice, to ensure it stays as shiny as powerful as it is.

There are three ways you can do this – choose other bright and vibrant colours that complement your dark brown color like fuchsias, reds and turquoises. This way you’ll always stand out in a crowd, for all the right reasons. 

If you fancy being a bit more understated then neutral tones like black, grey and white will work with your locks seamlessly. Beige shades, on the other hand, may drown out the color from your hair, washing out your complexion too. This is why you’ll also need to be cautious of your pastel shade choices, but peach, lavender and baby pink can work so well with darker skin tones. So basically, the world in your colorful oyster! 

Blonde Hair

The light and airy tones of blonde hair pair perfectly with navy blue, camel as well as other earthy colours like khaki.

 If you’re leaning into a summertime wardrobe, light blues, baby pinks and peaches are perfect for your hair tone and will only highlight a carefree and boohoo-inspired theme in your wardrobe. Because we all know blondes have more fun right?

 Black and darker tones may seem like a safe go-to plan on off-duty days, but also run the risk of washing you out. Larger patterned pieces are also not your allies. They can easily become overbearing and drive all the attention to them, as opposed to your gorgeous, glossy hair.

Red Hair

If you’re a natural red-head or you’re planning to take the plunge to join the red side, your hair will do a lot of the talking, so you’ll never have any problems with standing out from the crowd. While this works wonders for your self-confidence, what you’ll need to be careful of is how you style yourself so you don’t overdo it. 

Looking at the color spectrum, red and blue are complementary colors, so swap any ‘safe’ black outfits for a navy-blue hue instead. Earthy and softer tones are the perfect juxtaposition to the bold red hair. Think chocolate, coral, forest green and camel. It also may seem a little obvious, but orange and reds are your friend. 

Pastels on the other hand will dull down the vibrancy of your red hair. Especially looking at pale yellows, this can lighten your complexion and wash out your hair. And no one wants that!

Your intense, dark hair color should be celebrated through your wardrobe, so it’s no surprise that we’d suggest bold tones to further accentuate your look. Try black, white, blue, coral, purple or green tones or even bright and bold patterns when selecting your next wardrobe go-to. Funnily enough, some very light pastels such as mauve and baby pink can provide incredible contrast to your saturated black hair color. Otherwise, we think going bold is better and skipping out low-saturated colors will stop you looking washed out.

Platinum Hair

It might seem like all blonde hair is the same, but if you’re more ice blonde instead of beach blonde, there are a few things you need to consider. Where softer blonde tones lean into softer color choices, platinum hair gives you the opportunity to go bright and bold. So always try rich colors like black, navy, purple or white. You can even complement precious stones like sapphire-blue and ruby. 

With these tones, be sure to avoid ivory and green pigments because this will reflect in your hair, making it look yellow or even as if there is a tinge of green in it. We know how hard it is to upkeep a platinum color, so don’t put all that to waste with a wardrobe faux pas. 

Bright & Bold Hair

When opting for funky color tones, you’ll definitely be a stand-out. A muted toned wardrobe can work in your favour, choosing white and grey other neutral colors that let your hair do the talking. 

Though, we think you might be a bit of dare-devil already and up for a bit of experimenting, so why not give some color clashing a go? If you’ve got pink hair, wear green, or if you’ve got aqua hair, wear orange. The same goes for patterns, an on-trend color-clash could really make your personality shine through.

Whatever your hair choice, there’s always a wardrobe option that’ll do wonders for heightening your self-confidence. And we know at Clip Hair that a happy day starts with a good hair day. Those long, gorgeous locks of yours deserve to be celebrated so that you to feel like a super star day-in-day out. So, what are you waiting for? It looks like we’ve got some shopping to do!