Steal Her Style: Kendall Jenner

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    Once upon a time, Kim was our favourite lady to step out of the Kardashian household, but in the last few months there has been a new queen bee stealing Mrs-West-to-be’s style glory.Kendall Jenner – the once tiny tot teen – is all grown up, and more fabulous than ever! And, as usual, there’s only one thing we’re looking at, and that’s her perfect head of hair. Long, healthy, shiny and versatile, Miss Jenner’s locks are at the forefront of follicle fashion, and here are her best looks to date.

    Proving that being in the limelight isn’t all about high-maintenance hair, Kendall rocks this effortless mid-height pony to perfection.

    high pony

    The key to achieving this look is not to over style it – use curling tongs to gently tease a few loose curls or waves through your hair, tie it loosely at a height that suits you, and make sure the front is a little messy. If your ponytail is lacking lustre, try some volumising spray to add oomph, and fix with a natural hold hairspray. If your hair is too short for an impressive pony like Kendall, take a look at our amazing ponytail extensions!

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    With hair this gorgeous, can you blame Kendall for rubbing our noses in it?

    long, shiny locks

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    long, shiny locks 2

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    Her long, shiny locks cascade down her shoulders in this simple style, and she steers away from perfectly straight hair to enhance the natural look. Opting for a middle parting frames her face perfectly and keeps the look simple and understated. To do the same, run straighteners through your hair, but move them slightly back and forth or left to right to create a very subtle wave on your way down. Finish with shine spray, but leave any additional products out or you’ll inevitably lose the sleek and natural look you’re after.

    Red carpet extraordinaire Kendall nails the hair-up trend with this slightly scruffy top bun and fringe-out combo.

    top bun and fringe-out

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    top bun and fringe-out

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    Achieving this look is so simple – simply tie your hair in a bun of your choice, and tease your fringe out. Use curling irons to create soft barrels on either side of your face, and finish with a squirt of hairspray to hold. Understated and glamorous!

    Kendall looks

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    My oh my! Hair envy! Kendall looks extraordinary with this dramatic curled look, a more relaxed version of the Hollywood afro. It creates volume, interest, and is something a little bit different. To get the same look at home you’ll need to invest in very slim curling tongs, but from there on in it’s just a case of wrapping the hair round, waiting a few seconds, and releasing. We suggest spraying with hairspray as you go for better hold, and volumising spray or mousse at the end will help enhance the size of your ‘fro. This style is a little more relaxed because the top is very gently curled, and the serious styling doesn’t start until around eyebrow height. A little bit of experimentation should result in a style that’s perfect for you.

    Try out some of these wonderful looks today, and who knows – perhaps, like Kendall, we’ll see you gracing the catwalks one day soon too!

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