The 10 Best Hair Accessories for Christmas 2021

The 10 Best Hair Accessories for Christmas 2021

Winter is dark, dreary and cold, and while we might be feeling a little flat on the inside - thanks to the distant summer memories - it doesn’t mean our hair has to follow suit. In fact, the winter months are a fantastic time to change up your look and try something totally new. 

Even better, there’s a whole host of winter fashion trends and hair care accessories for all types of hair, so you're guaranteed to find something to suit.

Glamorous and glitzy hair accessories for winter

From shimmer and sequins to faux fur and sparkle, winter fashion gets us excited every year. Plus, whether you’re heading off to your work Christmas party or having a relaxed weekend with loved ones, the below ideas will never look out of place. 

Silk head scarves text.

Headscarves hide a multitude of sins. Missed a hair wash day? Pop a headscarf on. Run out of hairspray? Hold your style in place with a head scarf. Outfit not turned up and you’ve been forced to re-wear an old dress to your next party? You guessed it, a head scarf will do your overall look wonders.

We’re not just talking about any old head scarf though, but a silk one. Popular with celebrities like Kim K, J.Lo and Rhianna and a firm favourite on the catwalk, these days you can even invest in ones that are pre-tied - giving you a flawless look for the entire day. 

ASOS have a particularly great range of items. The hardest part is choosing one. 

Shimmering hair slides

There was us, back in primary school, thinking that hair slides had only one purpose: to hold fly-away hairs down. Oh how wrong we were. Fast forward to the present day and hair slides are as much of an accessory as a handbag. Seriously. 

Don a low bun and clip back the sides. Leave your hair loose and flowing but secure it behind one ear. Or, attempt your very own Croydon Facelift and finish it off with a shimmery hair slide. 

Etsy has some fantastic hair slides and clips available, and the best thing about them is that they’re all handmade. 

Hair accessories with pearls

Clips, combs, bobbles and headbands - think of any hair accessory or head piece and we guarantee you’ll be able to find one with pearls on it. And for good reason. Not only is it bang on trend but it finishes off any outfit perfectly and gives you a romantic and feminine look. 

Soften slicked back ponytails with a few pearl clips, give off princess vibes and hold your flowing curls in place with a pearl headband or use a pearl claw clip to create a glamorous up-do for any festive event. 

We love this pearl headband from River Island too.

Winter fashion must-haves and matching beautiful hair accessories


They might be a winter necessity in the colder weather but hats can actually be a fashion statement in their own right. From beanie to bobble, fedora to fur, there’s lots of different types of hats to suit your face shape, hair color and even your outfit.

This month, why not style your hair around your hat? Long hair looks great tucked under a fedora. Shorter styles can pull off a beanie. And if you’re pushed for time, a sleek ponytail under a baseball cap gives off relaxed sports luxe vibes.

We’re really impressed with Accessorize’s range of winter hats and there’s something for every budget too. 

Color matching scarf

Wearing a matching scarf over your head isn’t anything new. After all, the Queen’s been doing it since the 50s. But if you’re going for more of the A-list look, then there’s a few ways you can do it. 

One of the easiest ways is to wear a thick, chunky scarf around your neck and pull the sides up over your head. Alternatively, invest in a smaller knit scarf and wear it in the same way as a silk head scarf. 

Next has a huge range of options and even sells a knitted snood, which is perfect for keeping your ears and head toasty.

Ear muffs

On first glance, ear muffs are great for keeping your ears warm. But, on second look, they’re also fantastic for keeping hairstyles in place when the wind is not playing ball - and that’s hardly ever in the UK. What’s more, ear muffs come in every color, size and even animal print meaning you can make a fashion statement this winter.

Whether your hair’s down, up or half up half down, simply pop on a pair of ear muffs to keep fly-away hairs at bay and stay nice and warm at the same time.

These fawn faux fur ones from Amazon are giving us all the cosy feels too.

Clip-in hair accessories for women in winter

Clip in hair accessories are a great place to start if you want to refresh your hair quickly and effortlessly. It’s not just flowers and hair jewels though as nowadays you can even get clip-in hair pieces to really transform your winter look.

Bling clips

Long gone are the days when hair clips were meant to camouflage into your hair. Now, they’re bigger, better and blingier than ever. Use them to keep baby hairs intact, accessorize a low bun with a few sparkling clips at the side or clip back your fringe and allow the rest of your hair to hang.

Even better, bling clips can help to brighten up any outfit and look great paired with a LBD and killer heels.

This one from Lemonade adds the perfect amount of sparkle for the darker days.


You might think that the addition of flowers in your hair should be kept for summer. But there’s plenty of floral clips that look great in the colder months too. From roses to daisies and even mistletoe, there’s lots of hair accessories - whatever your style and favourite flower. 

You don’t even need to go bold and big. ASOS has a beautiful set of clips that feature trapped flowers and will look great in all lengths of hair.

Bobby pins

Bobby pins are another hair accessory that have experienced a revolution in recent years. Of course, you can still get the traditional and more plain grips (which are still super handy if you don’t want them to be seen) but there’s also a huge selection of decorative pins too.

Choose from those with pearls, flowers, hearts and jewels - and clip back stray hairs, make a statement pony even more dramatic or soften up a low bun. 

You can even get a personalized message or your name turned into a bobby pin on Etsy

Small bulldog clips

Whether you want to clip all of your hair up or are going for a half up half down look, the bulldog hair clip has been an essential part of the haircare industry since forever. This winter, it looks set to stay the same too with the emergence of the smaller bulldog clips being very popular.

Short, medium and long hair styles can all pull them off and you could even mix things up and use a few together. 

Claires are selling multipacks in a tortoise shell style, which are great for dressing up and down this winter.

The best hair accessories and best winter hats for women

So there you have it. Our favourite hair accessories and winter hats for an on-trend hair style this winter While we don’t sell the above, we do have a huge selection of hair extensions and hair care products for every budget and occasion.

Not only are hair extensions a great way of updating your look this season but they can help to add volume and depth. We also have a color match service and advice service to ensure that you can find the most natural looking additions for your hair. So, what are you waiting for? Why not try a new style this season?

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