The 90s Blowout is Back - How to Get Fluffy Hair Like Clueless Cher

The glitter era is defined by tube tops and skater jeans, gingham co-ords (thanks Clueless) and strappy heels. 90s fashion is all too familiar in 2021, with renewed trends cropping up faster than the local bus in Jan de Bont’s Speed. The latest Cindy Crawford certified revival looks good enough to adopt from the pet-shop. Enter, Fluffy hair; the 90s hair trend that’s blowing up (or out.) Not only all that and a bag of chips, this 90s blowout hair is sure to spice up your life. Or at least, your locks.

What is 90s Blowout Hair?

So, what is all the fuss about? Coined 90s supermodel hair for it’s star-studded history - think Claudia Schiffer back in her prime - fluffy hair meant soft, shiny locks with no shortage of volume. It's classy and classic, with a “rich b*tch” vibe that's a pleasant change to the greasy ponytails we’ve relied on over the past year. Unashamedly high maintenance, you’re going to want to grab your blow-dryer and rollers for this look. 

Fluffy Hair without the Frizz

For the perfect fluff without the frizz, you’re going to need to perfect the blowout technique. "The '90s was all about a natural body and bounce without looking overdone or too structured," explains the Franck Provost team, Australia's number one rated hair salon. "Stay away from words like flat and smooth. The more volume the better." 

Cindy Crawford, @CindyCrawford @PEPSI

How to Get Fluffy Hair 

You Will Need:

  • A Heated Roller Brush or Velcro Rollers
  • Volumising Spray
  • A Fine-toothed Comb
  • Hairspray

A Step-by-Step 90s Blowout Hair Tutorial

  • Step 1: Prepare
    First up, ensure your hair is fresh and clean, blow-dried to about 70% dry. Be sure to use a volumising spray while the hair is damp. Clip up the top layer of your hair, we’ll start with the underlayer.
  • Step 2: Curling Time!
    In small sections, use a heated roller hairbrush to create big loose waves. Hold the heated roller for a few seconds before letting the curl out, try to curl from the bottom and away from your face, duh! You can use hair rollers if you’d prefer not to heat style – well done! – just spray some light fix hairspray onto your roller, start from the end and roll your hair under until it reaches your roots.
  • Step 3: Repeat
    Keep curling using the steps above for the bottom, and then top, layers of your hair. If using rollers be sure to blow-dry on high heat for 10 minutes once you’re done, this will ensure the curls stay put. Once heated, carefully release the rollers, and flip your hair over to shake out the curls.
  • Step 4: Add Volume
    Feel free to backcomb any flat hair at the root, to add some extra volume.
  • Step 5: Set in Place
    Once your curls are in place, flip your hair (back and forth?) and find your parting. A centre parting is more 90s, but it’s really up to you! Spritz with some hairspray, and voila! You’re a real 90s baby!

Models Veronica Webb, Claudia Schiffer, and Cindy Crawford in 1993, Getty Images

15 Top Tips on How to Make Hair Fluffy and Bouncy

If you don’t have the time or energy to do a proper 90s blowout – as if! – we’ve also got some quick tips to achieving the perfect fluffy hair without the maintenance. 

  • 1. Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down
    This one speaks for itself, a quick and easy gravity-defying blow-dry is sure to lock in luscious volume.
  • 2. Opt For Hot Rollers
    This method achieves heatless curls by increasing volume. No heat styling tools needed.
  • 3. Add Volume
    Use volumising hair products (we’ll list some below)
  • 4. Use Dry Shampoo
    Dry Shampoo’s help absorb oils, refresh your strands, and pump up the volume.
  • 5. Back-combing
    Need an extra boost? Try backcombing your strands at the root to add an extra oomph to your 90s hair
  • 6. Use a Hair Diffuser
    This handy hair tool is especially great for curls since it gently dries and fluffs out hair for maximised bounce.
  • 7. Tie Your Hair in a Bun
    Putting your hair in an up-do and then sleeping on it can work wonders for limp, fine hair.
  • 8. Dye Your Hair
    Interestingly, dying hair (especially bleaching) can thicken your hair strands. Use extra caution with this method to avoid hair damage from over treatment!
  • 9. Layer Your Hair
    Layering your locks is your stylist’s top trick for extra volume. Find a skilled hair stylist who can select the right layers for your hair type
  • 10. Use a Curling Iron
    If you’re no stranger to heat styling, add extra curls and volume using a curling iron
  • 11. Crimp the roots
    Similar to back-combing, crimping the roots of your hair can add extra volume to your locks.
  • 12. Use Root-Boosting Products
    Root boosting products are handy for increading volume at the root for hair that’s healthy and bouncy.
  • 13. Teasing
    Similar to back-combing, gently tease your hair at the root for extra volume.
  • 14. Volumising Hair Vitamins
    Want roll-out-of-bed volume? Add volumising hair vitamins to your routine to strengthen and thicken your strands
  • 15. Hair Extensions!
    How could we not mention them? Want extra volume? Just add extra hair! Clip in hair extensions are best for an instantaneous, temporary transformation. Just have a look and see!


Hair Products for Fluffy Hair

Keune Style Volume Powder

This matt, texturizing powder immediately gives you volume and strong root touch-ups with a spectacular backcomb effect. Gives a slightly matt effect and dry finish. 

Buy it here.

Kiehls Rice and Wheat Volumising Shampoo

This lightweight, conditioning rinse strengthens fine hair strands to add gorgeous volume and shine. 

Buy it here.

Bb.Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray

Add volume, lift and airy texture to your locks with this texture spray. Thickens lightly and instantly for a true 90s finish.

Buy it here.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Range

The extra body range gives fine or limp hair a weightless boost with a helping hand from volumising panthenol.

Buy it here.

Windle and Moodie Ultra Nourishing Masque

This miraculous mask promotes ultra-softness and 90s glamour with a specialist formula of White Tea, Monoi oil and Shea Butter.

Buy it here.

Celebrities with Fluffy Hair

We’re in love with this 90s It girl look. Following the oh-so-trendy resurgence of 90s pop culture, we’re seeing 90s blowout hair variations crop up across Instagram and Tiktok faster than we can keep track. Here are some of our favourite looks so far. 

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