The Top 5 Celebs Venturing into Haircare


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    Throughout the past few years, some of the hottest celebrities have taken over the beauty industry, from skincare to haircare, no corner has been left untouched. Fanbases are rejoicing at their favourite singers, actors and entertainers launching their own consumer brands, with major household names being pushed to the side.

    With the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber making their mark in the skin and makeup sphere, it now seems that the hair industry has become the latest craze for Hollywood’s biggest and brightest to get their hands on, with Beyoncé being the latest star to throw her hat into the ring, unveiling her new haircare flagship, Cécred, earlier this year.

    Want your hair to look Bey-utiful? We’ll be showing you not only the top celebrity hair innovators right now, but all the Cliphair must-haves to add to your bathroom cabinet.

    Beyoncé – Cécred

    Embracing hydration and nourishment, Cécred is all about making your hair your legacy and looking after your ‘roots’. The global music sensation is now at the forefront of celebrity haircare products, not only with Cécred, but with her new stylish cowboy aesthetic. The release of her eighth studio album Cowboy Carter signifies the peak of the cowboy trend, with fans not only scrambling to buy themselves a sparkly pair of western boots, but wanting to recreate her luscious, ice blonde tresses.

    Want to know how to get Beyoncé’s hair colour? Cliphair has the perfect match. For those of you in your Snow Queen era, try our Ice Blonde Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions. You can become ‘Becky with the good hair’ with our Double Wefted Ice Blonde Clip Ins, all made from 100% Remy human hair. And if that’s not enough, you can reach your dream desired shade with our very own Silver Lining Purple Toning Shampoo, paired with our step-by-step Purple Shampoo Survival Guide.

    Priyanka-Chopra Jonas – Anomaly

    Having raked in an eye-watering $429 million in sales last year, Priyanka Chopra- Jonas has found herself nearing the top of the celebrity haircare product empire. Championing sustainability and eco-friendly haircare products from the get-go, Anomaly is determined to save the planet. Unlike many hair brands, being clean and plastic-free isn’t always a top priority, which is why we’re making it our mission at Cliphair to be paraben and sulphate-free, with a pledge to use 95% less plastic by 2025.

    Is your hair feeling a little thirsty? Restore and rejuvenate with our hair extension- friendly, paraben-free, sulphate-free Quench the Thirst Deep Moisture Shampoo. With a non-drying, moisture-locking formula, our shampoo is guaranteed to remove impurities and provide long-lasting freshness all day long.

    Jennifer Aniston – LolaVie

    I’ll be there for you… (and your hair, too). Friends star and world-renowned actress Jennifer Aniston has also turned her hand at tackling the hair world. Known for various iconic hairstyles as Rachel Green in the hit 90s sitcom, Jennifer is serious when it comes to getting the science right, with LolaVie focusing on smart, ‘unfussy’ haircare that solves your daily hair problems with easy solutions.

    Here at Cliphair, we know time isn’t always in your favour. Whether it’s dashing out the door to work or getting ready for last minute dinner plans, we’re all in need of a super quick hair hack. Having trouble fighting the frizz? Cliphair’s Silky Hair Spray will leave your locks tangle-free, eliminate any unwanted frizz and replenish all your hair’s natural oils and goodness, creating a shiny, silky finish without the need for any long-winded treatments.

    Hayley Williams – Good Dye Young

    A celebrity haircare products veteran, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams isn’t shy when it comes to bright and bold hair colours, both on and off stage. Founded back in 2016, Good Dye Young stocks a rainbow’s worth of different semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes.

    Whether you’re wanting to add dramatic length, chic new bangs or simply take your waves, curls, or pin-straight strands to the next level, you can cast your eyes over our versatile range of hair extensions. If like Hayley you enjoy vibrant coloured hair, take a look through our range of Funky Coloured Hair Extensions. With 7 exciting shades to choose from, you can transform your look and stand out from the crowd with anything from our Pastel Pink Weave Extensions, to Bright Red Clip Ins, to a Silver Clip In Fringe.

    Tracee Ellis-Ross – Pattern

    Curls, curls, and more curls! There’s only one problem – they sometimes require A LOT of heat. Tracee Ellis-Ross’s brand Pattern is making waves in the industry, promoting state-of-the-art curling irons, blow dryers and styling sets. However, using a lot of heat can be prone to causing damage, particularly for curly, textured hair. It’s crucial to reduce as much harm as possible, which is why Cliphair’s works perfectly for protecting hair extensions, but also natural hair. Designed to protect hair up to 230°C, our spray will give you the ultimate celebrity hair that requires that extra ‘oomph’.

    So, how do celebrities take care of their hair?

    Celebs are disrupting the hair and beauty sphere more than ever before. Ethically and aesthetically, they have taken the industry to brand new heights, but is it always worth the hype?

    Although celebrity haircare is growing in popularity, it also costs a small fortune. Want to achieve red-carpet-ready hair on a budget? Cliphair has the ultimate haircare collection for your locks without breaking the bank!

    For all the latest celebrity haircare trends and styles, we have our finger on the pulse. Our blog is the ultimate haircare bible, providing you with a wide range of products and accessories that will help you achieve your dream Hollywood look.

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