Thin and Fine Hair: How to Choose the Right Thickness of Hair Extensions

by SHOPIFY API / APR 1, 2020


    So you’ve figured out which hair extension colour matches your natural hair best. You know which length you’re after. Perhaps you even know which hair extension type you want. But one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best fit for you is choosing the right thickness of hair extensions.

    hair extensions for thin and fine hair

    If you have thin or fine hair, one of the first questions you should ask is “how much hair do I need?” The answer to this should depend on two things: how thick or fine your natural hair is, and what results you’re looking to achieve.

    While hair extensions are our favourite answer to making thin hair look thicker, we know sometimes you may find that the extensions simply feel too heavy in your thin hair. In this blog post, we will explain how to choose the right thickness of your hair extensions, whether you’re going for clip-in hair extensions, tape ins, or micro rings and pre-bonds.

    hair extensions for thin and fine short hair

    The understand how thick hair extensions are, you simply need to check the weight (grams) of the set. The heavier the weight, the thicker your extensions will be. If you have thin hair, you’ll need to choose the right amount for volume and length, while those with thick hair will need to choose a more substantial set of extensions for a seamless blend.


    Best Hair Extensions for Fine /Thin Hair 

    Clip ins and Hair Wefts

    hair extensions before & after - thin or fine hair

    Sometimes it can be a little tricky to fully hide the clips when you have thin hair. The clips can poke through your hair, may not clip in firmly due to the fine texture of your hair, so the appropriate choice for thin hair is getting 100-120 grams of hair or a full head set to add length or volume that blends in perfectly. Each set comes with 8 pieces in total; two 8inch wide wefts, two 6inch wide wefts, two 4inch wide wefts, and two 2inch wide wefts.

    If you wish to add more volume, you should think about which hairstyles will work best with clip-ins and wefts. While straight hair is a classic timeless choice, waves are great for volumising your hair. Create extra body by adding waves to your look. You can opt for wavy clip ins, use heating tools to curl (use heat-protectant spray), or simply braid your hair the night before to achieve the most natural-looking thick hair appearance. Whether you’re going to a wedding, a night out, or even going to work, waves are appropriate for any occasion.

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    Tape ins

    hair extensions for volume - thin and fine hair

    We recommend tape in extensions for thinner hair as they’re thin and lightweight, so they won’t be too heavy for your head. Getting tape in hair extensions also gets rid of the struggle to hide clips, as the tapes lay flat on your head. To get even coverage, one pack (100 grams) will be enough, and the extensions should be placed evenly, so it’s always best to get a professional hairstylist to fit them in for you. The tape in extensions are connected to your natural hair with tape, so it looks like an extension sandwich in between your strands of hair, leaving no damage to our hair when taken out.

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    hair extensions for thin & fine hair - Tape Hair Extensions

    As tape-ins easily blend with your hair, they are very versatile when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. Because your own hair hides the tapes, you will get great results with most hairstyles, whether you’d like a ponytail, a braid or even a half up – half down hairstyle.


    Micro Rings / Pre-bonded

    Thin and Fine Hair How to Choose the Right Thickness of Hair Extensions

    For micro ring/ pre-bonded extensions, two to three packs (of 100 grams) are the perfect option for a full head of hair for thin hair. Anything more than that will become too heavy for your head. Typically, these will be fitted in your head in seven to eight rows, though every hairstylist is different. It is also important to consider how much space you’ll have in your head should you wish to get more weight. Bonds are small enough to hide, making them a good choice for fine hair.

    Micro loop hair extensions are one of the easiest types of extensions to style with as you can apply heat to your extensions and style them in different directions. Just make sure that you don’t brush too deeply where the loops are, you don’t want to pull them out by mistake. Pre-bonded extensions are also easy to style as you can choose how you’d like to install the, however, you should remember to wait at least 48 hours to style, wash or dye the hair, to five the bonds time to strengthen.

    Quad wefts

    Thin and Fine Hair How to Choose the Right Thickness of Hair Extensions

    To add extra length and volume to thin and fine hair without too much effort, quad wefts are an easy option. We recommend just one pack (85 grams) for a full head. It may not sound like much, but quad wefts have four strips of hair firmly sewn onto one thick weft – making it almost as much hair as a full head set. They are easy to clip in and blend with your hair.

    Hair extensions for thickness

    You need not worry about hairstyles with quad wefts as they offer just as much versatility as other wefts. As the extensions are great for body, you should go for hairstyles that allow the hair to do the talking for you. Add thickness to your ponytails with quad wefts (leave out some strands of your own hair at the hairline to frame your face). Or perhaps curl the lower end of your hair and wear it down for a glamourous and chic style.


    Thin and Fine Hair How to Choose the Right Thickness of Hair Extensions 

    Top Tip: If you wish you add a little bit of colour, add some highlights to your hair to add more depth, making it look healthier and thicker.


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