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At Cliphair, we stock a wide range of weft hair extensions that can enhance your natural hair with ease. From weave hair extensions that can be worn for several weeks, to clip-in hair wefts for a night out, there are lots of options available.


Human Hair Wefts Have Many Different Application Methods

There are many different application methods that can be used with our human hair wefts. Most people choose one according to how long they plan to wear the extensions for, as well as whether they want to do the extensions themselves, or are going to take them to a salon.

Our human hair wefts can be:

  • Applied strand by strand – if you want the longest-lasting result, micro ring hair extensions are the best choice. They are looped through your natural hair by a professional, and last around 3-4 months.
  • Sewn in – these kinds of weave extensions in the USA are popular with those who want extensions for 6-8 weeks and are applied by a hairdresser.
  • Glued in – another option is to get your extensions glued in. While this method can last for around 3-4 weeks, it can damage your hair if not done properly, and you also need to ensure they are carefully removed. Glued in extensions aren’t as popular as they used to be, as they can be a difficult option to deal with and many hairdressers now prefer to offer ring or weave hair extensions instead.
  • Clipped in – want extensions you can do at home? Our clip in hair extensions are ideal for special occasions and nights out, and it’s easy to learn how to place and remove them. These are still made of quality human hair for the perfect finish.

This means you have lots of different types of ways to add your extensions, each of which has its own advantages.

If it’s your first time having extensions, then temporary clip ins are a good way to see if you suit extensions and if you like them, you might then want to try more permanent options.

Remy Hair Wefts Can Be Styled Like Your Natural Hair

Choosing Remy hair wefts from Cliphair means you get a product that’s made from real hair, with no artificial materials to be found. We use Remy human hair, which is collected in a way that keeps the cuticles intact, which is why they are considered the best human hair wefts in the USA. If you buy cheaper extensions from a non-reputable source, you may not get Remy human hair as advertised. But when you buy through Cliphair, you can feel confident you’ll get 100% Remy.

A big advantage of using real hair wefts is that you can style them as you would your natural hair. Whether it’s washing and blow-drying your weave, using your GHDs or a curling tong, or braiding your hair, our Remy hair wefts can be styled the same as the hair on your head. These highly versatile real hair wefts can also be used to create an updo for a special occasion or day to day wear. Because they are real hair, you can simply style your hair how you normally would.

A Remy Hair Weave Extensions are Perfect for Semi-Permanent Extensions

If you want extensions that last for a few weeks at a time, then a Remy hair weave is the way to go. Weaved in hair extensions are usually done at a salon, as they can be tricky to sew into your hair correctly, but once done, these weft weaves are simple to look after and give you 6 to 8 weeks of wear. Your hairdresser will be able to give you specific instructions, but in general, you simply wash your hair using extensions friendly products that do not contain alcohol or sulphates as normal once or twice a week. Some women find a small amount of scalp oil is also helpful to stop them getting dry skin underneath their weaves.

We offer a wide range of weaves, so you can find a Remy hair weave that matches your natural hair perfectly.

A Human Hair Extensions Weaves and Wefts Can Enhance Your Natural Hair

While most people look for a human hair extensions weave because they want longer hair, this isn’t the only advantage of adding a hair extension weft. Having a human hair extensions weave also adds volume to your hair, so if your natural hair is thin or lacks body, a weave can help you get the bouncy look you want. It essentially adds a whole other layer of hair, so you get a lush, thick look with little effort. Many women find they look more youthful with longer, thicker hair, as thinning hair is often associated with ageing. A permanent hair weft is more suitable for average to thicker haired people as opposed to those with thin/fine hair because of the weight of this type of extension.

Find Human Hair Weft Extensions for Special Days and Nights

The newest addition to our range is clip in extensions. Unlike human hair weaves that need to be sewn in, these human hair weft extensions come with clips attached, so you just clip them into your hair and style it as usual. Some people want longer hair for a night out or special occasion like their wedding, but don’t like having long hair all the time. Clip-in extensions allow you to change your style whenever you like.

Included in our range of clip in human hair weft extensions are ponytail hair extensions, great for those who want a sleek updo. You can also switch up your look with a clip in fringe. If you’ve always wondered what you’d look like with a fringe, yet aren’t brave enough to take the plunge, this is a great way to try one out, without the constant trips to the salon for a fringe trim.

Our clip in range is made of the same natural, carefully processed human hair as our weaves, so you can be sure of a great finish no matter which method you choose.

Use our Colour Match Service to Get the Perfect Human Hair Weft

One of the most important parts of choosing the right Remy weft hair extensions is getting the right shade, so be sure to use our free colour match service. You simply send us photos of your hair and we find the best match, so you can find a human hair weft that’ll look as natural as possible.

At Cliphair we offer a wide range of colour options, from blacks and browns to blondes and reds, as well as a range of brighter colours to matched dyed hair. If you like the dip-dyed looks, we also offer ombre extensions in lots of different colours so you can make a bold style statement.

Shop for Weft Hair Extensions in the USA at Cliphair

Cliphair sells a range of weft hair extensions in USA that allow you to get the hair of your dreams. Browse our range of wefts hair extensions above and order with ease, with free worldwide shipping on orders over £30.


How long do hair weave extensions last for?

Weave in hair extensions should last around 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed and re-positioned if they’ve been properly fitted and you’ve followed the care instructions. You should be careful not to leave weaved in hair extensions in for too long, as this can affect the growth of your natural hair, so make sure it’s removed within 8 weeks.

Can you wash your hair with weave hair extensions?

Micro loop hair extensions are added in strands to your hair. Your natural hair is pulled through the pre-attached ring, then a clamp is used to hold the extension in place. This small bead sits underneath your hairline, so the extensions can’t be seen and are comfortable to wear.

What is a hair extension weft?

Weft hair extensions are made from a collection of strands of hair, which are then woven onto a fine strip, ready to be applied to your hair in a variety of methods. This is easier than applying individual strands and lets the extensions move naturally with your natural hair.

How much do weave weft extensions cost?

The cost of hair weft extensions can vary depending on quality. It’s better to invest in real human hair wefts, as they are easier to style and maintain, and blend in with your natural hair. Sets can cost from around $88 to just under $150, plus the cost of having your weave sewn in by a hairdresser.