Everything You Need To Know About The LA Weave

by ABBEY WILSON / DEC 22, 2022

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    Discover the secrets of flawless LA Weave hair extensions with Cliphair's comprehensive guide! From optimal application techniques to essential aftercare tips, our expert insights cover everything you need to know to achieve stunning, long-lasting extensions, including sewn in options. Elevate your hair game with the perfect blend of knowledge and style.

    What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

    A hair weft or hair weave is a wide almost curtain-like strip of hair that can be applied in many different styles. Due to the variety of application methods that can be used it's one of the most versatile hair extensions on the market today. It's usually cut into smaller strips, sewn together then applied to the hair or made into bespoke clip-ins. Application methods include the sewn-in weft, glued-in weft, micro-ring weft and the most popular method: the LA Weave, sometimes called "celebrity weave". Cliphair's 120g hair weft is made from double drawn, AAAAA grade, Remy, human hair that’s thick and luscious from the roots to the ends, available in over 25 colours and 5 lengths. For more information on hair wefts check out our blog “Hair wefts and weaves: All you need to know

    What Are LA Weave Hair Extensions?

    The LA Weave is an application method of adding a hair weft or weave to the hair to add lots of volume, thickness, length, or colour. This system uses zero heat, zero glue and zero braiding making it safer than older, harsher weave techniques that caused a lot of tension on the natural hair. The weft hair extensions are applied using a row of micro rings and needle and thread to secure the hair. After 6-8 weeks the weft is removed and refitted, it can then be reused many times providing the condition is good making this extension type super cost-effective.

    @hairmaneman demonstrates perfectly how a LA Weave should look in the hair and how much volume it can add!

    How To Do LA Weave Hair Extensions?

    Neat rows of micro rings are applied to the hair in sections to act as a base or foundation for the hair to be applied to. The weft is then placed on top of the rings, held firmly in place by sectioning clips to avoid any slippage. With a special curved hair extension needle and thread, the weft is sewn to the hair by stitching the thread through the rings and over the weft and cast off securely at the edges.

    This method is far neater and more discreet than the original micro ring weft as the rings hide underneath the weave rather than on top. Older methods like the sewn-in weft use very tight braids such as cornrows to act as the foundation for the sewing, which is not only more time-consuming and difficult but also puts more pressure on the hair which can cause damage.

    LA Weave Before And After

    Check out this beautiful transformation by @hairbybellalorena using our Remy Royale Hair Weft in shade #30 Light Auburn.

    LA Weave Hair Extensions Pros And Cons


    • Quick and easy to apply. This is great for both the stylist and the customer; stylists can fit more clients into one day and customers don’t need to book out as much time to have it done.
    • The best option for big transformations. If you’re going from a shoulder-length bob to lengths reaching the bottom of the back a LA weave is the best choice.
    • Great for thick hair. As the wefts tend to be heavier and thicker, they are ideal for blending out thick blunt haircuts.
    • Simple application. You don’t need to know how to tightly braid to use a LA Weave as the hair is sewn into micro rings.
    • Cost effective. Due to the fast application time, the LA Weave is usually cheaper to have done than other more time-consuming methods like Nano Rings or Micro Rings.


    • Not suitable for thin/fine hair. As weaves can be quite heavy and bulky, they are not suitable for thin, fine or very weak hair types.
    • Less discreet. Due to the bigger seam, a LA Weave is less discreet than other methods and is more suited to people who mostly wear their hair down. If you or your client prefer to wear your hair up but would still like a weave you can consider using Nano Rings Hair Extensions or Micro Rings at the sides. To learn more, check out our blog “Stylist Secrets: Combining Hair Extensions”

    Do Weave Extensions Damage Hair?

    As long as you stick to the recommended maintenance schedule, you have the correct hair type and the hair is applied correctly a LA Weave should not cause damage to the hair. Wefts and Weave hair extensions are most suitable for thicker hair types, we advise not using them on very thin or fine hair as the weight could be too much for the hair and cause damage. All semi-permanent hair extensions should only be applied by a qualified professional, attempting to apply them on your own hair could result in irritation or hair loss.

    How Long Do LA Weaves Last?

    You should return to your stylist for a maintenance appointment after 6-8 weeks to have the weft removed and re-fitted. Providing the hair has been well looked after and it is of good quality you should be able to reuse it for up to 6 months and sometimes even longer with very good quality extensions. Avoiding your maintenance appointments can result in matting and damage to your hair extensions meaning you will have to replace them more often.

    Can You Wear Your Hair Up With LA Weave?

    You technically can however you may be able to see the extensions on the sides as the seams are bulkier than other hair extensions. You can find a way around this by replacing the wefts on the sides with smaller, more discreet hair extensions like I-Tips Hair Extensions or Nano Tip Hair Extensions, this way you can get the best of both worlds, a lusciously thick weave with subtle side extensions.

    How Often Should I Wash My LA Weave?

    We advise washing your hair no more than 1-2 times per week when you have a weave fitted. This will prolong the quality of the extensions and reduce the risk of slipping. You should always fully dry the hair after washing to prevent any bacteria forming around the roots which could cause irritation.

    Best Shampoo For Hair Extensions

    quench the thirst hair care

    Looking for the right shampoo for hair extensions to take care of your fresh new LA weave? Then look no further than the Quench The Thirst hair care collection!

    Starting with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions infused with Shea butter and rice proteins, Quench The Thirst sets the standard high for your tresses, replenishing your hair fibres with intense hydration and improving your mane with newly found softness, shine, and manageability.

    The trio also features a powerful and hydrating hair mask for hair extensions too, powered by Shea butter and enriched with Avocado oil, Coconut oil, and honey - Mother Nature's very own humectant, attracting and retaining moisture for a truly outstanding, hydration-locking formula that will revive parched and brittle hair.

    The Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture shampoo for dry hair and extensions is the ultimate beauty secret in your hair care routine to freshen up your LA Weave! Follow up with the Deep Moisture conditioner for hair extensions, and treat yourself to a weekly deep conditioning with our Deep Moisture hair mask for extensions.


    The LA Weave method offers a versatile and effective solution for achieving stunning hair extensions. From its application process to aftercare tips, this guide has provided comprehensive insights into the LA Weave technique. If you're ready to elevate your hair game with the LA Weave, explore Cliphair's range of high-quality hair extensions and accessories. Take the next step towards beautiful, long-lasting extensions with Cliphair today!

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