Getting the most out of your Clip in hair extensions

by SHOPIFY API / 15. DEZ 2009


    Human hair extensions are becoming a part of women’s everyday lives as more and more we look to achieve that glamorous and groomed look that many celebrities and women in the public eye appear to sport nowadays.

    With the introduction of clip in hair extensions, achieving these looks is even easier and much more hassle free. However there are much more to clip in hair extensions than you may first realise, and there is so much more you can get out of them to create multiple looks and styles.

    There is the hugely popular one piece clip on hair extensions which are great for adding length and depth, however at Clip Hair our choice of extensions goes a lot further.

    For starters, all our real hair extensions are made from human hair, making them blend into your own hair so naturally that only you will know they are extensions. This also means that whatever your hair type you can adapt your extensions to be the same.

    Curl them, straighten them and style them in exactly the same way you would your own hair, and when you want to change them simply wash and dry them a normal.

    For volume, and a change of style, we offer double wefted clip in hair extensions which add extra thickness and are also great for girls with very thin or thick hair. We also give you the option to create your very own extensions with our DIY sets, enabling you to make a subtle change or go for a wild and lively look.

    Whichever look you want to go for, Clip Hair can provide you with fast and effective real hair solutions with our fabulous selection of clip in hair extensions.

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